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silo eps 9 recap

Silo Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: What is hard drive #18?

In 'The Gateway,' the gripping ninth episode of Apple TV+'s sci-fi series 'Silo,' viewers witness the fallout of Juliette Nichols' daring escape from the...
Silo eps 8- recap

Apple TV+ ‘Silo’ Episode 8 Recap

In an exciting development for sci-fi enthusiasts, Apple has officially greenlit a second season of this thrilling subterranean drama Silo, even with just two...
'Silo' Episode 7 Recap

Silo Season 1: Who is Gloria Hildebrandt?

The Wool trilogy of novels by author Hugh Howey served as the inspiration for Graham Yost's American science fiction dystopian television series, "Silo." Rebecca...
'Silo' Episode 7 Recap

Apple TV+ ‘Silo’ Episode 7 Recap: “The Flamekeepers”

The last episode of Silo left viewers on the edge of their seats with the most shocking plot twist yet, unraveling the show's central...
Silo Season 1 Episode 7

Apple+ Silo Season 1 Episode 7: Juliette asks her father for a favor

The mystery surrounding Mayor Ruth (Geraldine James) and Deputy Marnes' deaths is resolved in Silo Season 1 Episode 6. This exemplifies Juliette's dogged pursuit of...
Silo_ eps 6-

Silo Season 1 Episode 6 Recap “The Relic”

In the latest installment of the thrilling sci-fi series 'Silo' on Apple TV+, episode six titled 'The Relic' takes us on a journey with...
silo eps 6-

Silo Season 1 Episode 6: George’s Past

In Silo's fifth episode of the first season, our characters delved further into the enigmatic Silo, yet the revelations only served to deepen the...
Apple+ Silo Episode 3

Apple+ Silo Episode 3 Recap: “Machines” Is Mayor Ruth Dead?

In this thrilling dystopian tale of Apple+ Silo, tensions rise as engineer Juliette (played by Rebecca Ferguson) strikes a deal with the silo's mayor...
silo episode 2

Apple+ Silo Episode 2 Recap: “Holston’s Pick”

In the second episode which is titled "Holston's Pick," of Apple+ Silo, we delve deeper into the enigmatic Silo and its many secrets. In this...
Silo Episode 1 Recap-

Apple+ Silo Episode 1 Recap: Ending Explained! Is Allison Dead?

Graham Yost (Justified) adapted Hugh Howey's science fiction trilogy Silo into a 10-part series, and it features excellent acting and an unsettlingly enclosed...
FTWD series finale, Blue Flower

What is the blue flower’s significance in Fear the Walking Dead Series Finale?

Fear the Walking Dead, a series full of post-apocalyptic twists and interpersonal interactions, frequently incorporates symbolism into its story. One common theme is the...
Fixer Upper: The Hotel 1928

Fixer Upper: The Hotel Location: Where is Fixer Upper: The Hotel 1928?

Are you ready to start a journey of restoration and transformation? The dynamic duo of "Fixer Upper," a popular home restoration show, Chip and Joanna...
The-Murderer Thai Thriller

Netflix’s Thai Thriller ‘The Murderer’ Movie Ending, Explained!

"The Murderer" is a Thai dark comedy film that takes viewers on a suspenseful journey of a deadly night in a remote Isan village...
Chip and Joanna Gaines give preview of new Magnolia Network

Why Chip and Joanna Gaines Shut Down Their First Store

Firestone Tire salesman and Vietnam War veteran Joanna's father hired his post-graduate daughter to work in the marketing department of his car repair shop....
911 Season 5 Episode 16 - Will Bobby Nash die?

911 Season 5 Episode 16 – Will Bobby Nash die? Is he leaving 9-1-1?

911 Season 5 Episode 16 will release on 2 May 2022, on Fox.  Will Bobby die? He is on the verge of death. Is Peter...
Y The Last Man Season 1 Episode 10

Y: The Last Man Season 1 Episode 10 Finale – “Victoria” RECAP

Y: The Last Man is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series created by Eliza Clark based on the Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra...
Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 5

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 5: Release Date – Preview of “Sweet Surrender” – Learning...

The disclosure in episode 4 of Nine Perfect Strangers surprises everyone, but despite knowing they are being drugged by their therapist Masha, the group...


Saw X - jigsaw

Is “Saw” franchise character John Kramer a hero or a villain?...

A mysterious and ethically dubious character that sticks out in the dark and twisted universe of the "Saw" franchise is John Kramer, aka "The...

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