Silo Season 1 Episode 6 Recap “The Relic”

In the latest installment of the thrilling sci-fi seriesSilo on Apple TV+, episode six titled ‘The Relic’ takes us on a journey with Juliette Nichols as she races against time to locate her deceased partner George Wilkins’ elusive hard drive. In the latest episode, Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson)  comes face to face with George’s former flame, Regina Jackson, in connection to the case. As she forges a professional alliance with Paul Billings (Chinaza Uche), our protagonist uncovers a major secret about the newly appointed deputy, bringing them even closer together. In this episode, Robert Sims finds himself caught up in George’s murder investigation when a crucial piece of evidence leads him to delve into confidential records. The thrilling episode concludes with tantalizing twists and turns. Read on at for a comprehensive breakdown of Episode 6 of Silo to learn everything you need to know.

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Silo Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: The Relic

Despite Douglas Trumbull’s conviction in the previous episode, Juliette is still looking into the deaths of Mayor Ruth  (portrayed by Geraldine James) and Deputy Marnes (played by Will Patton)  in Silo Episode 6. She believes that someone in a position of authority is involved and that there may be more to the story. She finds a memento in Douglas’ home that she recognizes as belonging to Wilkins, who had left it for her before his passing. The relic is uncommon, and its function is unknown. Knowing that holding a relic for longer than 12 hours is illegal, Juliette asks Judge Meadows for authorization to look into relics. She understands, though, that Sims is in charge of Judge Meadows and is probably using her for his own purposes. The corruption and manipulation in the system depress Juliette.

Because Juliette has discovered that following the rules enables people to take advantage of her and obstruct the truth, she wants to quit her position. To keep herself safe and make sure the investigation goes on, she planted the artifact that had been discovered in Trumbull’s home. Paul, who had demonstrated his dedication and had a family to support, was betrayed by her acts. Paul had concealed his syndrome-related illness out of concern for the reaction of the authorities and the possibility of being separated from his family. Juliette begins to question her commitment to pursuing justice and feels cheated by George Wilkins (Ferdinand Kingsley). She calls Martha and asks her to resign, but Martha tells her to finish what she’s started and to face the difficulties head-on.

George Wilkins was a self-centered individual who exploited others to pursue his goals, as Regina, his girlfriend, and a relics trader, confesses to Juliette. Regina also says that a mysterious individual who is aware of all that is occurring in Silo is threatening her. This individual appears to be a part of a broader plot and may have something to do with Mayor Ruth and Marnes’ demises. Juliette is fascinated by Regina’s statement of receiving a children’s tour guide from Wilkins that included pictures of Earth’s past.

The conclusion of the episode reveals that Juliette is being monitored by a CCTV camera, suggesting a broader conspiracy is at work. There are more secrets inside the Silo, and this unidentified individual might be attempting to hide the reality of both the abnormalities inside and the outside world. Juliette is still committed to finding the truth and apprehending the enigmatic offender. With Juliette recognizing she still has a lot of work to do in her investigation, the episode ends on a cliffhanger for viewers.

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