Netflix’s Thai Thriller ‘The Murderer’ Movie Ending, Explained!

“The Murderer” is a Thai dark comedy film that takes viewers on a suspenseful journey of a deadly night in a remote Isan village in Thailand. The focus of the narrative is on Sai’s English spouse, Earl Cunningham, and their visit to Sai’s family home. The night is filled with gruesome killings as a catastrophic storm approaches; Earl is covered in blood and blamed for the crimes. The police inquiry is being led by Inspector Nawat Banluecha, and Sai is the only one who saw what happened that night. The film eventually unveils the facts behind the deaths and the identity of the genuine perpetrator through a succession of flashbacks and witness testimony.

The Murderer Movie

The catastrophe takes place at Boonluck’s farmhouse, where seven people—including members of Boonluck’s family and a police officer—are discovered dead the following morning. Earl is the main suspect, but Sai doesn’t think her husband could have committed such horrific crimes. Sai, Earl, and June (Kai’s daughter) are all being questioned by Nawat as the events of that fatal night are being revealed.

During supper, there was tension among the family members, as seen in flashbacks. Kai, Phet, and Earl were making jokes while playing with a hammer, which led Boonluck to misinterpret and believe that Earl was plotting to murder his son. In actuality, Earl hurts himself after breaking a window by accident, which causes confusion and unrest. Parsuree dies after falling, and Earl is suspected of being the cause. The family alleges that Kai and June, who have both vanished, were injured by Earl.

Earl and Sai offer their own accounts of the evening as the investigation goes on, although they are deficient in certain facts. When Sai finds out about the life insurance documents he allegedly took out on her, her faith in Earl begins to dwindle. But when June is identified as the main eyewitness to the night’s events, the truth is revealed. With the help of the smartphone Earl and Sai gave June, she was able to record videos that helped solve the mystery.

Netflix’s Thai Thriller ‘The Murderer’ Movie Ending, Explained!

Everything is made evident at the conclusion of the movie when we get a close-up of June and can see what she has been up to. One day while playing with Charlie and Tukta’s son, she comes across a psilocybin magic mushroom. It can alter one’s perspective and cause hallucinations. Those who consume it will perceive a false reality. June has had enough of her family. She is aware that only Sai and Earl truly care about her. She overhears Jan and everyone else discussing how challenging it is to look after her. She decides to permanently get rid of them as a result. Some of those mushrooms are picked up, and she adds them to the soup.

Everyone eats the soup that night, with the exception of Earl and Sai who, based on appearances, don’t care for it. The mushroom’s side effect is what causes everyone to behave in the manner they do that evening. They all began to notice things. When Boonluck sees the ghost of his mother, who is truly June, standing in front of him, he passes away. Jan, on the other hand, manages to escape everything and is currently in the hospital. Cops are keeping an eye on her. The police determine that all of the erratic events that occurred that night were caused by the mushroom. Inspector Nawat, who was in charge of the inquiry, was unaware that a young child like June was capable of organizing such a terrible mass murder. In any case, June, Sai, Earl, and Tukta’s son depart from the community in search of a better life.

The movie eventually makes it clear that the killings weren’t the result of a single murder. Instead, the tragic events of the night were the result of a string of mishaps and misunderstandings. June mixes chopped-up mushrooms to her family’s dinner, drugging them and producing paranoia and hallucinations. June had previously ingested magic mushrooms with Sai’s son Jamie (Thanavisutt Chene Battiata) earlier in the day. The family’s mistrust of Earl grows, setting off a chain of incidents that end tragically.  Ultimately realizing the truth, Inspector Nawat releases Earl and Sai. After fleeing her hard background and finding a brighter future with her new family, June leaves the movie with Earl and Sai.

With its dark humor and sarcastic turns, “The Murderer” keeps audiences on the edge of their seats while eventually revealing a narrative of mistaken identification and the deadly results of misunderstanding and mistrust. The film is fascinating and thought-provoking to see thanks to its deft narrative structure and compelling character relationships.

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