Animal Kingdom Finale Season 6: Did J betray the Cody Boys?

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 8 - j tensions with the Cody boys

We had a strong feeling heading into Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 12 that there could be some major twists ahead; nevertheless, we did not know how insane the plot was going to become until it really happened.

This past weekend’s all-new episode featured arguably one of the most cunning betrayals that we’ve seen within the Cody family. J used his girlfriend Penny and her job at the law firm to effectively siphon money away from the Cody trust and into his own account. Did J ditch the Cody Boys? At the end of the episode, J enters and accesses the account with more than $5,000,000 and transfers the entire sum to another account. Only ten dollars are still in the other account after the transfer is finished. In essence, he is facilitating it so that he may carry out what he promised he would do back when he murdered Smurf, which is to say that he is prepared to take everything away from his uncles.

Animal Kingdom Finale Season 6: Did J betray the Cody Boys?
J betray the Cody Boys

Everything can be traced back to Angela, who was treated horribly in the past, and we’ve seen the chain of events that led to her being an addict and having to deal with a great deal of trauma. This is where it all started. Is part of the wrath that he is directing towards Pope, Deran, and Craig warranted? He seems to be placing some of the blame on them for their failure to intervene. Maybe. They might have been able to do more, but Deran and J were still young at the time; Pope, on the other hand, was completely brainwashed. Despite this, J wasn’t given the best treatment at the beginning of their relationship. He has a window of opportunity to act, and he is going to make the most of it.

The question of whether or not this plan will be effective in the end is one that cannot be answered at this time; however, he is putting his utmost effort into creating some mayhem right around the time that the major prison break will take place. Obviously, this is the second significant item that you need to get ready for before the series finale. Read the full recap of Animal Kingdom Finale Season 6 Episode 12 at

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