Who will die in the Animal Kingdom Series Finale?

Animal Kingdom Series Finale Photos
Animal Kingdom Series Finale Photos: Episode 13 "Fubar"

Before the series finale of Animal Kingdom, the showrunner Daniele Nathanson forewarns of “Major Endings.” 

Animal Kingdom’s six seasons, (75 episodes) come to an end with Sunday’s season finale. Regular viewers might believe they are ready for the Codys’ final act, but executive producer Daniele Nathanson urges them to reconsider. She hastily reminds tvline that “anything may happen in the Animal Kingdom” as she describes the ominously titled “FUBAR,” which she co-wrote with the showrunner. Those who have seen all six seasons of the show are aware that big characters have significant endings. These people are criminals, and because they have lived in this world, it is impossible to predict how they will die. (Read more related articles on tvacut.com)

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Animal Kingdom Series Finale Photos: Episode 13 “Fubar”

Craig and Deran made plans to leave the nation after freeing big brother Pope from jail in the drama’s penultimate episode. Craig even went so far as to propose to Renn, Renn’s mother. However, nephew J also seemed to be preparing to deceive the group and escape with their entire haul.

Naturally, Nathanson won’t reveal the details of the finale of the series, but she will share his thoughts. She says, “I think we’ve given a conclusion that is worthy of all the fans who have been so loyal to the program, and that really has been the key priority. Shawn Hatosy has mentioned this. Who will die in Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13? Which character(s) will make it through Animal Kingdom’s climax? —Craig, Derek, J. Pope, and all of them. The answers to such queries will be central to Sunday’s Season 6 and Series Finale of Animal Kingdom on TNT (at 9/8c).

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