Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 Recap [Exodus]

In Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12, The Cody Boys carried out a major scheme that involves releasing a Pope. J visited Pope in jail. Craig and Deran did goodbye to Oceanside, catching waves and final fighting on the beach. J appeared to be betraying his uncles. he had permanent possession of the money, he put it into his own account at the end of the hour. Smurf forcefully pushed her daughter out of the house after learning that Julia had been taking advantage of her. Smurf visited Baz to guarantee he wouldn’t house Julia. Julia fell in with a druggie crowd. ( Here is the full recap of Animal Kingdom titled “Exodus.”   Let’s find out What happened in the penultimate episode.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

As the episode opens, J is at Julia’s grave. Then, Pope comes clean to the DA, claiming that he has spent his whole life as a professional burglar, robbing people of their property whenever he could. cording to his attorney, he is looking for a settlement and a transfer to a facility where his  Physical security can be ensured in exchange for his testimony in a number of ongoing cases. He has good reason to fear for his life, and his testimony could help them wrap up a dozen unresolved cases. Colby Bennett tried to intimidate Pope so he shot him in the face and buried him up on 76, Pope said, “there is another body,” but he could show them.

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Renn wants Craig to bring some of their son’s belongings, so they are on the phone. Craig inquires as Deran and J prepare their firepower, “Will they need that much?” Pope and the DA will be meeting, according to J. Deran inquires as to whether he is still talking about Baz visiting him and trying to influence his views. J claims it doesn’t matter because his opinion has changed. Deran informs them that Billy’s man is a real person who manages routes for prisoners and performs for logistics in the jail system. Craig doesn’t enjoy having to trust Billy’s guy, but they must. Deran enters the pub, opens the safe, removes everything, and then makes a thorough tour of the area.

Penny is aware that the Cody guys are actually selling everything and dividing the proceeds as they sign all the paperwork to dispose of their assets. Pope is at the location of the body’s burial together with Bill, the district attorney, and his attorney, who counsels Pope to speak less loudly. When they discover the body, Bill promises to begin the process of placing him in protective custody, but he will never leave. Three automobiles that Craig arranged for are ready and tuned up for them.

When we return to Smurf, she discovers that she is being shorted.  Julia gets home and finds Andrew waiting, she shows him the dress she just bought. Smurf is in her room, he informs her. When Julia enters her room, Smurf appears and inquires as to the value of the theft. She is told by Smurf that she has the freedom to do as she pleases and to leave her home. In response to Julia’s “fine,” Smurf snatches the car keys, the two fight, Julia is hit and called names by Smurf, who then drags her outside of the gate while Andrew observes, and Julia yells that she despises her.

When Smurf arrives at Baz’s house, she asks him how he likes the house, and he replies that it is wonderful. She first asks whether he wants to keep it before inquiring as to how much Julia gave him given that she was skimming. He maintains that he didn’t take any of it. Smurf claims that she has left, that she is no longer accepted in her home, and that she will never again be welcome here. She gives him a kiss on the lips and calls him a “beautiful boy.”

When J visits Penny, she remarks that things with his uncles appeared heated. She queries his decision to sell up all of his possessions. He explains to him that he and his uncles are breaking up because they need to be apart, he has never truly felt at ease working for them, and they don’t like or respect him. To the Virgin Islands, he claims to be travelling. She informs him that she recently moved in with him after divorcing her spouse. He is called an asshole by her. She claims she can’t just leave because she has a career and friends, but he still wants her to be with him. He implores her to say yes before declaring his love for her. Deran and Craig inspect the cars, and they are in good shape. In the backyard, Deran, Craig, and J are planning the breakout.

J pays Pope a visit in jail and brings him some pictures. Pope informs him that a settlement been reached with the DA. A tracking device for Pope was hidden within one of the images, just in case. When Deran and Craig have finished surfing, Craig encourages him to go find him since that was the joyful he has ever seen him.

When Andrew asks Smurf what will happen to Julia, she replies that it is up to her. Smurf then prepares Andrew anything to eat. When Julia arrives at Baz’s house and requests permission to enter, he grants it. She explains to him that Smurf evicted her and stole everything, leaving her with nothing and fear. He declines her request, explaining that Smurf had just passed by. She asks if she can crash there. Imagine what she’ll do if she finds out she was there after she was expelled by her. Pope has to leave, but Baz assures he will take care of her. She refuses the money he offers her and declares that he is worthless despite the fact that she once loved him, so she walks away.

J visits Penny and informs her that he modified one item on the document from temporary control to lifelong control. She claims that because it is a legally notarized document, she is unable to amend it. He continues by claiming that all three of his uncles are criminals. Because he is a loose end, they also want to murder him, which is why they have to depart. A man named Thorpe, who knows Baz, recognises Julia, who is homeless. He offers to open a case of needles and tell her that while she doesn’t look good, he has something to cheer her up, but she declines, stating that it is not her thing. He offers her his home as a place to stay, and they are currently ordering pizza. She adheres to him.

Pope creates an incision and inserts the tracker. Renn answers Craig’s phone and apologizes for freaking out, but it’s been a lot. The good news is that he intends to wed her in Thailand on an elephant, he says, adding that all is set up with 1.3 and that he is sorry he couldn’t bring more. Yes, she answers. J and Penny are having sex when he tells her that they will have a lot of time together soon and urges her to start packing. Deran informs Craig that Pope will be moved tomorrow. Deran sends J a message wondering where he is, but J chose to ignore it.

Smurf and Andrew are watching Television when the phone rings. It’s April, a friend of Julia’s, who says she spotted Julia on the beach and that she is seriously screwed up and needs to be picked up. Smurf advises her to phone a friend who actually cares because she doesn’t want to pick her up. Julia is dazed when April returns and tells her she needed to go to the hospital.

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It is difficult to say goodbye when J enters and reveals that he was at Penny’s house while Pope’s tracker is active. He declines Deran and Craig’s invitation to join them for a beer because he is going to bed. J enters and accesses the account with more than $5,000,000 and transfers the entire sum to another account. Only ten dollars are still in the other account after the transfer is finished. Pope is being moved; he boards the bus and is being escorted by police as he exits the prison’s gates.

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