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FX’s The Strain Official Series Trailer – View the complete season online now!

FX's The Strain is based on del Toro and Hogan's bestselling The Strain Trilogy. Ephraim Goodweather, head of the Centers for Disease Control and...
American Horror Story Season 11

When will American Horror Story: New York City Episode 1 air on FX?

Something bad is on its way. And this year's Halloween season just got even better! It won't be long before "American Horror Story: New York...
Mayans MC- Season 3 Episode 10

Is FX Renewing Mayans MC Season 5?

Sons of Anarchy ran for season 7, with the final episode airing on December 9, 2014, and an emotional ending. Fans bid goodbye to...
FX Comedy ‘The Bear’ Trailer is Out - Jeremy Allen White

FX Restaurant Comedy ‘The Bear’ Trailer is Out – Jeremy Allen White sharpen his...

Fx has released a new trailer for The Bear, a half-hour comedy starring Shameless alum Jeremy Allen White. In FX's The Bear, White plays...
Pistol Episode 6

FX on Hulu’s Pistol Season 1 Episode Guide | Release Date | Cast |...

Musical biopics seem to be all the new rage, so it's only natural that groundbreaking rock band The Sex Pistols would have their moment...
FX's American Horror Story Season 10 To Back To Filming In October

FX’s American Horror Story Season 10 To Back To Filming In October

The FX series American Horror Story team is ready to back to production in October. first, the series was set to start production earlier...


FX has ordered a fourth season of Snowfall, the drama series created by John Singleton, Eric Amadio and Dave Andron, it was announced by...
Snowfall Season 3 episode 8

Snowfall Season 3 Episode 8 Release Date 28 August 2019 On FX

Snowfall series follows the stories of several characters whose lives are turn out to intersect: 19-year-old drug dealer Franklin Saint, Mexican luchador Gustavo "El...
UFC 242 on fx

UFC matches will come back to FX

UFC matches will come back to FX – but not on a permanent basis. Walt Disney Plans UFC Broadcast for FX. ESPN has been showing...

FX Release New Photos for AHS 1984

FX has released some photos to promote the upcoming AHS 1984 that airing on September  18. https://www.tvacute.com/ahs-1984-season-9-campfire-promo/
Julia tv series MAX-

Is Julia (TV Series) on Max Based on a True Story?

HBO's "Julia" Max is more than simply a TV show; it's an engrossing exploration of the culinary world, a fascinating fusion of food and...
Fargo S5e3

Here Are All the Songs in Fargo Season 5:

Fans of American anthology black comedies and crime dramas have been enchanted by Fargo Season 5. This season, which featured ten episodes and was...
Fargo S5e3

Fargo Season 5 Episode 3: Release Date and What to Expect

Fargo Season 5 has exploded into the television scene with a promising start, capturing viewers' attention from the very first two-part debut. The show,...
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off eps 8

[Finale] Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 8 Recap: Ending Explained!

With eight engrossing episodes, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off elevates the iconic tale to new heights by giving it the anime touch. Under the direction...
Retreat mini series

What songs play in A Murder At The End Of The World Episode 1?

A psychological thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats is created in the gripping universe of "A Murder at the End...
Retreat mini series

A Murder at the End of the World Episodes 1 and 2 Recap: Darby...

In "A Murder at the End of the World," an American psychological thriller drama miniseries, the pieces fit together like a puzzle. Developed for...
Retreat mini series

Is A Murder at the End of the World or based on a book?

Immerse yourself in the riveting universe of "A Murder at the End of the World," a psychological thriller drama miniseries that has swept the...

Lexi Freiman’s New Novel: The Book of Ayn

With her critically praised works, renowned TV writer and author Lexi Freiman has left her mark on the literary world. Notably, her first book,...
david-oyelowo-lawmen-bass-reeves eps 1-

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 1: Did That Card Game Really Happen?

The ever-expanding realm of television gives intriguing stories the capacity to take us to new and exciting places and times. One such tale, "Lawmen:...
aaron-hernandez- mother

Who is Aaron Hernandez’s Mother? Where is She Now?

A fascinating new television series is poised to draw viewers into the wide world of American sports and culture. "American Sports Story" is a...

How to Watch American Horror Stories Season 3?

What better way to celebrate the beginning of Halloween than with a thrilling dose of horror? The third season of American Horror Stories is...
American Horror Story 12x05

[Mid-Season Finale] AHS Delicate Episode 5 [Preech] Promo & Release Date

The fourth episode of "American Horror Story: Delicate," transported viewers to a terrifying depiction of Hampton Court, England, circa 1955. The unanticipated flashback showed...
Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 13

[NBC] Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 13 “Appetite for Danger” Spoilers

Welcome, loyal fans of Magnum P.I. Stakes are higher than ever as we go into the thrilling world of Season 5, Episode 13. The...
AHS 12x4

[Delicate] American Horror Story Season 12 Episode 4 Recap; “Vanishing Twin”

To the world of American Horror Story: Delicate, where fresh horrors and mysteries are revealed with each episode. The story takes an unexpected turn...
You can watch Archer Season 14 Episode 8 on Wednesday, October 11 at 9:30 p.m. on FXX

Archer Season 14 Episode 8 [Series Finale] Release Date & Promo: The Spy Adventure...

The fourteenth and final season of Archer, the venerable animated series renowned for its irreverent humor and distinctive take on the spy genre, is...
AHS Delicate Episode 3

American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 3: Promo & Release Date

Fans of American Horror Story: Delicate are glued to their chairs as the terrifying plot develops, excitedly awaiting the discoveries that Episode 3 is...
AHS 12x2 Nurse

American Horror Story Season 12, Episode 2: Who is ‘Nurse Ivy’?

Enter the mysterious world of American Horror Story: Delicate, where every episode weaves a web of terror and surprises. The second episode, "Rockabye," delves...
Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Will Reservation Dogs Season 4 Released?

Do you like the ground-breaking television show "Reservation Dogs"? If you've been following Willie Jack, Cheese, Bear, Elora, and their exploits, the third season's...
welcome to wrexham S2E5

Welcome to Wrexham Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

'Welcome to Wrexham,' an engrossing American sports documentary series that has captured the attention of reviewers and audiences alike, is a universe unto itself....
Breeders _ Season 4 Finale

Breeders Season 4 Episode 10 [Series Finale] Promo & What to Expect?

After four seasons of capturing audiences' hearts with its dark comedy "Breeders" about parenthood, the story comes to an emotional close. The naming party for...


Saw X - jigsaw

Is “Saw” franchise character John Kramer a hero or a villain?...

A mysterious and ethically dubious character that sticks out in the dark and twisted universe of the "Saw" franchise is John Kramer, aka "The...

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