A Quiet Place 3: Returning Cast

A Quiet Place has terrified and fascinated audiences for two consecutive horror films. One of the most successful horror films of 2021, A Quiet Place 2, was the first release of the post-pandemic era to earn over $100 million in the United States. Thus, it should come as no surprise that production has begun on A Quiet Place 3, and we’ve got the scoop on all the details you could possibly want. Check out details of A Quiet Place Part III to get a better idea of the new movie at www.tvacute.com.

A new A Quiet Place movie called A Quiet Place: Day One will be directed and written by breakout star Michael Sarnoski based on a plot concept from co-creator John Krasinski. Originally, Midnight Special director Jeff Nichols was set to pen the script and take the helm, but he left the project over artistic differences.   It’s obvious that the prequel/spinoff will feature new protagonists and storylines.

A leaked shot from A Quiet Place: Day One shows the first old cast character from the franchise, despite the fact that the film is deemed an offshoot from the original tale. Lupita Nyong’o posted a brand new shot from A Quiet Place: Day One to Instagram a little over a month after filming began. Djimon Hounsou, the first recurring cast member from A Quiet Place, is also visible in the photo.

Djimon Hounsou previously appeared in the closing scenes of A Quite Place Part II as the nameless leader of the island community of survivors. Although he only had a small role to play in the advertising for the sci-fi horror sequel, the character would explain how he and his people were brought to the island by the National Guard after they discovered the creatures couldn’t swim, only to have the chaos of boarding attract them and kill off all but two boats’ worth of people.

But he appeared to end abruptly when he was slain while driving Emmett and Regan to the radio station so that Regan might use her hearing aid as a weapon. Now that we know he’ll be back for A Quiet Place: Day One, we can probably assume that the prequel film will focus on him and his family’s efforts to get the National Guard boats and flee to the island, but whether he’ll be a main or supporting character is still up in the air. It will be fascinating to see if other franchise actors, such as John Krasinski’s Lee, Emily Blunt’s Evelyn, or Cillian Murphy’s Emmett, return given that we know at least one of the original stars of A Quiet Place will be back.

A Quiet Place 3 Cast Cillian Murphy

In A Quiet Place 2, Cillian Murphy appeared as Emmett, who became like a father to Regan as he aided her in her struggle against the aliens and onward to the island. Since both were seen off at the end of Part 2 and appeared to be doing fine, we can expect them to return together in Part 3.

A Quiet Place 3 Cast John Krasinski

John Krasinski’s flashback appearance as Lee Abbott, Evelyn’s husband and the father of Regan and Marcus, may return in the third installment of the A Quiet Place series.

The original worldwide release date for A Quiet Place: Day One was set for September 22, 2023. But Paramount Pictures disclose in late July 2022 that the launch date shifted to March 8, 2024.

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