When will American Horror Story: New York City Episode 1 air on FX?

American Horror Story Season 11

Something bad is on its way. And this year’s Halloween season just got even better!

It won’t be long before “American Horror Story: New York City,” the eleventh season, debuts. The creators of this well-liked FX horror anthology television program are Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. 20th Television, a division of Disney Television Studios, is in charge of producing it. Given how fervently fans around the world have been profoundly committed to following the show over the years, many have been wondering about the premiere date and time slots of the episodes ever since the announcement. It is therefore very obvious why these questions have raised the stakes and aroused the curiosity of fans who tuned in to stream the earlier installments and followed various characters throughout each season.

(tvacute.com) We’ve gathered all the necessary details on American Horror Story: New York City’s impending release date, teaser, and other details, so if you’re one of those people wondering “What time will American Horror Story: New York City air on FX?” go no further. To uncover all of your answers, keep reading until the very end.

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When will American Horror Story: New York City’s first episode air?

The first episode of the season will air on October 19, 2022. Each Wednesday at 10 PM (ET/PT), FX will air the first two episodes of the season, which will then be available to watch the following day on Hulu. They will be followed by two episodes every Wednesday for the following weeks, for a total runtime of five. Since the beginning of the show, there has only been one episode per week; now there will be two.

Mysterious murders and disappearances are on the rise in the city, according to the series pilot episode. As a result of a doctor’s terrifying finding, a nearby reporter becomes tomorrow’s lead story. The show’s official Twitter account also posted some fresh updates with fresh images and videos along with the message, “Submit to the calling. AHS: NYC, a new FX series, debuts on FX in 3 DAYS. #AHSFX #AHSNYC Look at thebelow:

American Horror Story: New York City Cast

Joe Mantello plays Gino Barelli in the series, Billie Lourd plays Hannah, Zachary Quinto plays Sam, Russell Tovey plays Patrick Read, Leslie Grossman plays Barbara Read, Charlie Carver plays Adam Carpenter, Sandra Bernhard plays Fran, Isaac Cole Powell plays Theo Graves, Denis O’Hare plays Henry, and Patti LuPone plays Kathy. Rebecca Dayan as Alana, Kal Penn as Mac Marzara, Gideon Glick, Sis as Dunaway, Nico Greetham as Dennis Calliope, Dot-Marie Jones, Hale Appleman, Kyle Beltran as Morris, Clara McGregor, Matthew Bishop as Big Daddy, and Lee Aaron Rosen as Captain Ross is reportedly the guest star cast members of the series.  We advise viewers to visit the show’s official social media account to find out more about the cast and to view each member’s individual poster below:

When will the UK premiere of American Horror Story: New York City occur?

American Horror Story: NYC premieres in the US on October 19, 2022, but we don’t yet know when it will be available in the UK, where it is anticipated to stream on Disney Plus. Episodes for season 10, which was the first to stream on Disney Plus in the UK, were released once a week starting about two months after they aired in the US. While the season began on August 25 there, it did not begin until October 20 on our side of the pond. Episodes from season 11 could debut in December 2022 if the release schedule is identical to that of season 10. Once we know when the next season will actually start, we’ll keep this page updated.

Where can I watch American Horror Story: New York City online?

American Horror Story: New York City will initially be available only on FX, and then later on Hulu. All prior seasons will also be available on the streaming service with a variety of membership packages. The package you select, depending on the area and the viewing preferences of the viewers, will determine the video quality and the number of screens you can utilize to broadcast simultaneously.

How many Episode in American Horror Story: New York City?

The upcoming season will consist of a total of 10 episodes, each of which will last around an hour, according to FX Network. We now have the official episode titles and air dates, which provide some information about the season’s storyline. Look at the IMDb episode listing below, which we have provided for your understanding:

AHS NYC Episode 1: Something’s Coming – October 19, 2022
AHS NYC Episode 2: Thank You for Your Service – October 19, 2022
AHS NYC Episode 3: Smoke Signals – October 26, 2022
AHS NYC Episode 4: Black Out – October 26, 2022
AHS NYC Episode 5: Bad Fortune – November 2, 2022
AHS NYC Episode 6: The Body – November 2, 2022
AHS NYC Episode 7: The Sentinel – November 9, 2022
AHS NYC Episode 8: Fire Island – November 9, 2022
AHS NYC Episode 9: Requiem 1981/1987 Part 1 – November 16, 2022
AHS NYC Episode 10: Requiem 1981/1987 Part 2 – November 16, 2022

On the official show’s social media pages, a 0:42-second teaser with the slogan “Something bad is coming… ” was published. Hulu streams the 10.19 FX premiere of AHS: NYC. The eleventh episode of the acclaimed anthology series produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk is titled American Horror Story: NYC. View the official trailer down below:


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