The Last of Us Episode 1×5 [Preview] Shows Action-Packed Episode

HBO’s newest worldwide popular show The Last of Us most recent third episode, “Long Long Time,” generated widespread praise for its portrayal of a gay couple’s relationship across 20 years after a deadly Cordyceps pandemic. In the fourth episode, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) of them share a hearty guffaw at the absurdity of the situation. In just one episode, we see that this duo has grown closer than they ever have before, trusting one another and having each other’s backs, which neither of them has felt for a long time. The continuing story of Joel and Ellie will be continued in The Last of Us Episode 5, which promises to be a more engaging installment in the series. will help you understand the episode better. What can we expect from the 5th episode? We’ll have to move on in order to see this.

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The Last of Us Ep 5 Cast

It is anticipated that other cast members will make their debut in Episode 5 of The Last of Us. Henry will be played for the first time by Lamar Johnson and Keivonn Woodard will make an appearance as Sam as was mentioned in the episode’s promo.

The Last of Us Ep 105 Spoilers

The episode 5 titled “Endure and Survive” promo suggests that it will be one of the most action-packed of the season, as Joel and Ellie try to make it out of Kansas City alive despite being constantly attacked by Yellowjackets Melanie Lynskey’s Kathleen and her hunters, as well as a large number of infected. Both Henry and Sam, Henry’s younger brother, will be featured heavily in the episode as they try to flee Kansas City. Although the trailer doesn’t give much away about their plot, it seems like the show will follow the game very closely in this regard, and we can probably assume that they’ll team up with Joel and Ellie to get out of Kansas City shortly. Aside from that, it seems like Kathleen will continue to go to great lengths to track them down, notably, Henry, which will lead to a huge battle with the infected. We’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see how that plays out. In order to find out how things pan out, we will just have to tune in this Friday.?? Below is the teaser trailer for the next chapter, which you may check out.

Watch The Last of Us Episode 1×5 Preview

 The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth episode of The Last of Us on Friday, February 10 at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT for an early showing on HBO and HBO Max in the United States. TLOU Season 1, episode 5 will show on Sky Atlantic, on Saturday, February 11 at 2 AM GMT, and will also be available on NOW at the same time. This coming Sunday, February 5th, will see the release of Episode 4. 

 The Last of Us Episode 5 Run Time Length

Episode 5 of The Last of Us will clock in at just one hour, making it the shortest installment of the series thus far. In comparison to Episode 4, which was 45 minutes in length, this will feel much longer.

Will new episodes of The Last of Us show be released on a weekly basis?

Yes! After the first episode aired on January 15, HBO stated that they want to air a new episode of “The Last of Us” every Sunday thereafter. there is a total of nine episodes. The following is the complete schedule for the first season:

• The Last of Us Episode 1 “When You’re Lost in the Darkness.” – 15 January.
Synopsis: After a global pandemic destroys civilization, a hardened survivor takes charge of a 14-year-old girl who may be humanity’s last hope.
• The Last of Us Episode 2 “Infected” – January 22
•The Last of Us Episode 3 “Long Long Time” – January 29th
•The Last of Us Episode 4 Please Hold My Hand – February 5
For their trip, the two borrow Bill and Frank’s truck. Ellie is navigating as Joel drives, but she has trouble reading the maps and complains. The vehicle eventually stops in what appears to be hostile territory, and an injured man approaches the driver, asking for assistance. Joel and Ellie are assaulted by bandits while traveling across Missouri to Wyoming, forcing them to take a detour through the ruins of Kansas City. Joel shoots two of them dead, but a third one manages to overwhelm Joel and almost choke him to death before Ellie shoots the man to death to save him. More thieves, led by Kathleen, discover the dead. Believing Joel and Ellie are in touch with Henry, a man she is chasing, Kathleen organizes a manhunt. Perry, Kathleen’s deputy, discovers signs of the infected digging their way into the city, but Kathleen instructs him to keep it a secret until they find Henry. Joel and Ellie locate a high-rise where they decide to spend the night while they look for a way to leave Kansas City. When they awaken, Henry and Sam are holding them at gunpoint.
•The Last of Us Episode 5 Endure and Survive – February 12 (on Demand Feb 10)
•The Last of Us Episode 6 Kin – February 19
•The Last of Us Episode 7 titled Left Behind – February 26
•The Last of Us Episode 8 When We Are in Need – March 5
•The Last of Us Episode 9 Season Finale – March 12

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