The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The third episode of HBO’s brought a new and refreshing tone to the series. The first two episodes of the new season of The Last of Us were distinguished by tragic events, and the third episode continued this trend. Ellie (Bella Ramsey) kills her very first Infected, and then the episode delves into the lives of Bill (Nick Offerman ) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) who had made up their minds to travel together but not before giving Joel one final help hand. Following the emotional episode that took place the previous week, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) continue on their road journey with Ellie appreciating all of the new sensations that the outside world has to offer, regardless of whether or not they are positive. She also continues to try to break through Joel’s stoic exterior by telling him stupid jokes. however, things get serious as they enter Kansas City, where a perilous barricade is waiting for them.  Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), is a new character introduced in the new episode 4. ( Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of  The Last of us Episode 4, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

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The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

We get a lot of dialogue between Joel and Ellie during this hour.    But he is also becoming increasingly irritated by her enthusiastic recitation of puns from a children’s joke book and embarrassed by her discovery of a male nudie magazine in the back of the car of their truck. They ride until nightfall, at which point Joel gets off of the main road and into the woods. They have just returned from Frank and Bill’s and are enjoying a 20-year-old can of Chef Boyardee while she begins to wonder why they can’t have such a campfire. Joel assures her that the infected are not a significant threat where they are, but that other people are, and that a fire could attract them. She suggests they might be robbed by those individuals. After getting into their sleeping bags, she asks, “Noone is going to discover us, right?” He gives her his word that they won’t get caught. She nods off to sleep.

They keep driving in the direction of Cody, Wyoming since this is where Tommy’s last message gets from. When Ellie inquires after Joel’s brother, Joel actually responds. As per Joel, Tommy joined the Army after graduating from high school because he had a hero complex and was sent to participate in Operation Desert Storm. However, he eventually abandoned his military career due to disillusionment. Joel tells Ellie that he decided to travel to Boston with Tommy and the rest of the group after Outbreak Day so that he could protect his brother from the virus. They found Tess in that group. Then Tommy ran into Marlene, who enlisted him to play with her band, the Fireflies. That is the same mistake he created when he was 18,” Joel sighs. He thinks he can save humanity. But Tommy is now apparently on his own after leaving the Fireflies.

After hearing Joel’s bitter account, Ellie finds herself wondering why he continues on, given that he obviously has no faith in humanity’s ability to change. In the end, you keep going because of your loved ones.  He agrees with her when she says that they are not related. Several vehicles, along with a tractor-trailer, have slid end over end across an overpass from outside Kansas City, blocking the highway, but Joel can see that the roadway is clear on the other side of the wrecks. Sighing heavily at the length of time it will take, he makes the executive decision to take a shortcut through residential areas and rejoin the highway elsewhere. That’s when things start to really go downhill. As they navigate their way toward the main road, the two become disoriented and lost in the city. And despite its proximity to the QZ, it feels eerily deserted. Right at that moment, a man hobbling on one leg comes up to the car and knocks on the window to ask for assistance.

However, Joel sees that the man has a companion hidden above them and realizes that they are being ambushed.  Joel crashes the truck into a laundromat while escaping as someone shoot at him and Ellie. he grabs his rifle and urges Ellie to hide in a hole. He kills two attackers before a third breaks through the door and overpowers him. Ellie comes out of hiding in time to stop the gunman from choking Joel. He loses his footing and tumbles off Joel. While crying that he’s lost, he falls off Joel. Ellie hides her pistol in Joel’s outstretched hand. She “gets behind the wall” as he orders. When Joel kills the man, his cries stop instantly. Ellie and Joel know they need to move to higher ground to find a safe exit after a non-FEDRA patrol appears.

Thereafter, we depart. At a FEDRA detention facility, Joel and Ellie run into Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), who is questioning an older man about where she can discover the person she is searching for. She can tell the man lies when he says he doesn’t know where Henry is because the record ends with Henry’s name. Kathleen then examines the cell they are in and wonders if it is the same one her brother was murdered by beatings in while in FEDRA custody. She’s distracted by the honking outside. Her group has tracked down the street where Joel killed those men. Team leader Perry (Jeffrey Pierce, who voiced Tommy in The Last of Us video games) claims that the perpetrators were not from FEDRA and were well-equipped and armed by an outside force (possibly mercenaries). Kathleen returns to headquarters and shoots the doctor in his chair, believing he was involved. Then, she tells the crowd, “This is Henry’s job, understand?” and orders them to find and kill any FEDRA collaborators.

Waiting for the patrols to pass, Joel and Ellie take cover in a closed bar before making their way to a high building four blocks away.  They both take a moment of silence and then ask each other if they are okay. A bit emotional over the thought of a child having to sacrifice so much for his protection, Joel confesses that he feels guilty that Ellie had to rescue him (Ellie had to shoot someone for him because he didn’t hear the last guy coming while they wait.) from the man who creeps up on him. After confirming her familiarity with the weapon, Joel returns it to Ellie and instructs her to store it in her bag; however, Ellie opts to keep it concealed under her coat. They go out.

At the same time, Kathleen and Perry discover an old house where it appears a child once lived; the walls are covered in drawings of superheroes. She says, “Henry won’t let Sam starve because the people they’re searching for have run out of food. she is certain the fugitives are nearby. We pick up Joel and Ellie, There is no danger for them as they ascend the tall building. They decided to make the ascent to the peak and wait for morning when sunlight would illuminate the area and reveal a path. As they ascend, she asks how he knew the man who pretended to be injured was part of an ambush. He says that he has done similar attacks before. He says a long ago he, Tess, Tommy, and their group did what we needed to do. While Joel chooses to ignore Ellie’s question about whether or not he murdered innocent people, his silence effectively responds to her inquiry. They make it up to 33 Floor before Joel gives up from exhaustion. Joel’s 56-year-old, the body needs rest. the two reach the top and get a room. Joel shatters glass and gets spread it close to the door to keep watch for intruders. They settle in for the night, with him trying to get her to talk about the person she had to kill and her refusing. He whispers that she doesn’t have to tell him anything.

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 4: Recap Ending Explained

she has observed that Joel has difficulty hearing out of his right ear. He attributes it to his experience with firearms. She cracks a lame joke for him. He chuckles, then denies laughing, for the first time in a while. In the middle of the night, Ellie wakes up Joel with a start because a young man is holding her at gunpoint; upon awakening, Joel finds that a child wearing a drawn-on superhero mask is also holding a gun to his head. The credits roll to Ashley Johnson’s rendition of “True Faith” by New Order, based on Lotte Kestner’s version, which was used in marketing for The Last of Us Part II. The song is a nice nod to the game, but it was released in 1987, which, like Tess and Frank’s radio code, spells trouble.

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