The Last of us Episode 3 Recap: Ending Explained!

The best episode of the first season of The Last of us focuses on a more intimate tale of survival than on Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie’s (Bella Ramsey) perilous journey across a post-apocalyptic America. In  Episode 3 of The Last of us,  Ellie and Joel make their way to Bill and Frank’s house, but it is obvious that they are both having a difficult time adjusting to life after Tess’s passing. A journey back in time allows us to observe how Bill (Nick Offerman) copes with the end of the world and how he first comes into contact with Frank (Murray Bartlet). Because this is the most compelling episode of the entire season, you should get ready for a lot of exciting moments.  ( Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of  The Last of us Episode 3, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

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The Last of us Episode 3 Recap

Since Joel and Ellie are at the outset of the episode, that’s where we’ll begin as well. Outside of Boston, ten miles, he erects a mound and treats the young man to radio silence as he mourns Tess. Ellie inquires about the time required to reach Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett). They embark on a five-hour hike during which she asks him many questions. He still refuses to give her a gun, by the way. The two make a brief stop at Cumberland Farms on the way, where he hid some of his belongings back in 2010. She discovers a trapdoor in the basement as he rummages around trying to recall where he put his stuff, and she plunges down into the pitch-black depths below.  Before she notices the infected person hiding beneath the cinderblocks in the corner, she discovers a box of tampons. She approaches him with the scientific zeal of a curious researcher, slits open his forehead with her knife. When she finally does come out, Joel has no idea why she’s carrying a bunch of tampons around like a trophy.

Walking farther, they come across a downed airliner, prompting Ellie to inquire about “Outbreak Day” and how civilization as we know it collapsed in a single day. They proceed with their trek. As they walk past the remains of a plane that crashed into the side of a hill, she is amazed when Joel bluntly tells her that he once took an airplane. They start talking about the origins of the Cordyceps epidemic. Who was the first victim of a bite? Could it have been a monkey? As it turns out, there is some uncertainty. Most experts agree that the fungus probably altered and spread across the food chain via a common element like flour or sugar. Because the outbreak occurred on a Friday, Joel has a theory that if you eat enough of it, you would become infected. Everything disappeared by Monday.

Joel wants to take a shortcut through the woods when they reach a specific point in their journey so that Ellie can avoid seeing some very nasty stuff. But she can’t help but follow her curiosity. However, when they come across a big number of bones in a field, even she is taken aback. A week after Outbreak Day, Joel tells her, troops rounded up residents of rural communities and told them they would be relocated to the QZ. Conditional on there is available space in the QZ. If they did not comply, the troops would kill them. Ellie exclaims with horror, “These people weren’t sick, were they?

“The Last of Us” Season 1 Episode 3: Meet Bill ( Timeline September 30, 2003)

"The Last of Us" Season 1 Episode 3: Meet Bill ( Timeline September 30, 2003)

Next, the episode flashes back to September 30, 2003, when soldiers converged on one such community. As the last person is placed into a vehicle, the camera pans to a house coated in them, where a guy watches feeds from underground monitors. Above him, he can hear the footsteps of soldiers, so he draws his weapon just in case. In spite of this, the soldiers are unable to locate him, and the town’s inhabitants are forcibly evacuated. The man, who has been hiding out in a doomsday prepper’s basement full of weapons and supplies, emerges from his hiding place, armed to the teeth and wearing a gas mask. Once he’s sure no one is watching, he removes his disguise and smiles. Bill will now be presented to you. To make the most of this opportunity, Bill has been planning for it for what feels like years. He robs a petrol station for fuel and a boat, raids a closed Home Depot for supplies, enter a natural gas plant to restore electricity, makes off with many cases of wine from a nearby winery, and repairs his own generator. Bill immediately sets to work constructing a protective fence around the settlement, producing crops, and tending to his livestock. Bill sits down to a beautifully cooked lunch that was only possible because of his efforts—a dish that almost should just not exist in the world that followed Outbreak Day. As he eats, we notice that he has installed more cameras around town to keep an eye on the border and the traps he has set to keep the infected out.

“The Last of Us” Episode 3 Recap: Meet Frank (Timeline 2007)

Four years later, Bill receives a signal informing him that someone is around; upon leaving the house, he discovers a guy has fallen into a pit on the property outside the electric fence. Frank (White Lotus’ Bartlett), as Bill points a gun at him, recounts that he and nine other people fled the Baltimore QZ (now “gone”) and were on their way to Boston when they were separated. Frank is the only one remaining. Bill provides Frank with a staircase and scans him as soon as he exits the vehicle to ensure he is not contaminated. Frank requests a snack. Bill complains to the waitress, “This is not an Arby’s.” “There was no free lunch at Arby’s. What was it?” “It was a restaurant,” Frank answers. Bill reluctantly lets Frank into the house so that he may take a shower, but that’s not the only reason Frank is taken aback when Bill serves up a gourmet lunch complete with wine. As they break bread together, their distinct personas become more apparent. Frank is a friendly and approachable guy. Bill is cautious, silent, and tense. Frank is going to leave once the meal is gone, but he stops short when he sees a piano in the living room. The request to play is granted by Bill. Frank starts singing a terrible rendition of Linda Ronstadt’s “Long, Long Time,” but he interrupts him when he takes out a songbook. And with that, Frank motions for him to play, adding, “And then I’ll depart.”

Bill settles in and performs a great rendition of the song from memory, soft and sweet. Who is the girl, then? Who is this mysterious female subject of your songs? Frank wants to know if/when Bill will be finished. Bill, on the verge of tears, answers, “There’s no female.” Frank adds softly, “I know,” as he places a hand on Bill’s shoulder and leans in for a kiss. A spark of electricity runs through the room, and Bill jumps to his feet to return the kiss. A few tears had been shed on both sides as Frank asks Bill his name. Frank instructs Bill to go take a shower after he introduces himself. Frank is already in bed waiting for Bill when he gets out of the shower. After Frank removes Bill’s towel, the two are left lying close and naked to one another. Upon Bill’s return to the bedroom from the restroom, he finds Frank waiting for him in the bare state. Bill had “slept with a female a long time ago,” but he is still a novice and gets the jitters easily. Frank reassures him, saying, “Let’s start with the basic things,” and adding, “If we do what we’re about to do,” in a low voice, that he’ll stay for a few more days. while the two hold each other lovingly and kiss softly. Given the current state of the world, this is probably a tender moment that the couple never thought they’d have again.

“The Last of Us” Episode 103 Recap (Timeline 2010)

Three years have passed, and the couple is still arguing loudly. Since “We are going to entertain friends,” Frank plans to improve the home and its surroundings. We plan to make new friends, and then we’ll have them around for dinner. Bill, ever dubious, asks, “Who is there left to befriend?” while Frank boasts that he has been talking to “a nice woman on the radio.” Tess is the name of that pleasant lady. She and Joel have both recovered from their injuries and become more optimistic about life. Bill and Joel still give each other an evil eye across the visit, but after a delicious supper, Joel adds that he understands Bill’s need to avoid people and that the QZ has things Bill doesn’t, like books and medication, so they can assist each other out. Joel is promptly reminded by Bill that he and Frank can get by on their own: I don’t want you and your pal to make things worse for us. Is that make sense? The fence, for example, is showing signs of corrosion and will need to be replaced within the next year, as Joel soberly explains. Even when Joel predicts that raiders, or bad people who are trying to steal or do worse, will arrive at night at some point, Bill remains unconvinced. They’ll be stealthy and well-armed, he promises. Bill says, “We’ll be OK” in a very confident tone.

“The Last of Us” S01E03 Recap: (Timeline 2013)

"The Last of Us" S01E03 Recap: (Timeline 2013) Bill and Frank

After three years, Bill further strengthened the fence by piling cars in front of it. Bill and Frank go for a jog around the block, and Frank claims to be hiding something. After trading Joel and Tess one of Bill’s pistols for a packet of strawberry seeds, Frank planted a secret garden. Bill’s giddy reaction to the taste of the fresh fruit, which he probably never imagined he’d enjoy again, serves as a reminder that it’s the little things in life that can help us get through the big ones. Bill apologizes to Frank, telling him that Frank is aging much more rapidly than he is. Bill then proceeds to insist that he had never been afraid before Frank came into his life. After hearing one other’s honesty, the two embrace.

At this point, we cut to a stormy night when raiders show up at Bill’s gate and some of them get caught in Bill’s traps, which end up setting fire to them. When Frank finally comes to, he finds himself in the middle of a fire and a gunfight, with no sign of Frank everywhere. After arming himself, Frank heads outside, where he encounters Bill sniping at invaders from the middle of the street. Frank takes Bill inside after Bill has been shot in the side. When Bill hears the gunshot wound, he assumes it’s the end of the world and begins detailing Frank’s life without him. Frank argues he isn’t alone because Bill is here, but Bill insists that Frank call Joel so that Joel will take care of him because Bill can’t stay here by himself. At this, the first time the two of them have ever been in any actual danger together, Bill is terrified, but Frank takes action to save his life.

“The Last of Us” S01E03 Recap: (Timeline 2023)

"The Last of Us" S01E03 Recap: (Timeline 2023) Bill and Frank get married

Ten years later, we find that both men have aged considerably and that Frank is now unwell and confined to a wheelchair. Frank has recently taken up painting and has already done some stunning works, but his illness is making it challenging for him to finish his current project, a portrait of Bill. At the following night’s dinner, we learn that Frank has been reduced to primarily drinking his meals because of his condition. Bill is responsible for helping Frank get ready for bed each night. Bill gets up one morning to discover Frank all dressed and seated in a chair, a feat he says took him nearly the entire night to achieve. He says, “Today is my last day.” Bill is heartbroken, but Frank insists that his mind is made up. After some time, Bill and Frank sit down together; Bill has obviously been crying and asks if there is any chance of finding a doctor. I’ve spent more happy times with you than with anyone else. He begs, “Give me one more good day, and we’ll go shopping for new clothing, get married, have dinner, and then I’ll put all my medications in my wine and fall asleep in your arms.” Bill’s tears have started to fall.

Frank, however, asks Bill in a soft voice if he loves him, and Bill answers in the affirmative. His response? “Then love me the way I want you to.”   The two guys meet in the living room beside the piano, put on suits, and exchange rings. After that, they sit down to eat. After that, Bill brings out a fresh bottle of wine and two glasses. He pours the tablets into one glass, stirs them together, and delivers them to Frank, who doubts that the amount will be sufficient. Bill murmurs, “Yeah,” and Frank guzzles it down. Bill does the same thing, and that’s when Frank realizes… “Did the bottle come with pills?” With “enough to kill a horse,” Bill looks him in the eye as he responds. Bill elaborates as Frank struggles to take it all in. He laments, “You were my purpose, and now I’m old and tired.” Frank, for the record, opposes the choice but agrees that it is quite romantic. As they head to bed for the last time, they do so in a state of happiness.

“The Last of Us” S01E03 Recap: Ending Explained!

Joel and Ellie eventually make it to Bill and Frank’s hometown. The flowers are wilting, the door is open, and the couple’s last dinner is sitting there, forgotten in the dust. While Joel is checking things out, Ellie discovers a letter from Bill with a car key on top. The envelope reads “To Whom It May Concern, Possibly Joel.” After reading the note, Ellie knows that whoever finds it should not enter the bedroom. Even though Bill never liked Joel, he still treated him with respect and wrote that they could take everything they needed. Bill elaborates that he formerly despised humanity and celebrated its annihilation, but that he now realizes he was mistaken and that there is at least one individual worth fighting for. And that’s what he did, he rescued him, he guarded him. That is why he and Joel are here; they have work to accomplish, and may God punish any motherfuckers who stand in their way. Bill also confirms in his letter that Joel is free to keep all of his firearms…. and then Ellie stops reading. Joel reads on in the letter, which instructs him to use the weapons to safeguard Tess.

Saddened by his inability to save Tess, Joel crumples up the message and walks out of the house, eventually coming across Bill’s truck in the garage. Even though there isn’t a battery in the vehicle, Joel is able to construct one using food from the fridge.  Once back at the house, Joel checks on Ellie by asking them to inspect her arm. Joel agrees and says he’s recharging the battery before setting off to find his troubled brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna) in Wyoming. If you ask around, Tommy might know where to take Ellie from his time as a Firefly. According to Joel, Ellie has several responsibilities if he decides to take her with him, including not discussing Tess or their shared past, not disclosing her “condition,” and following Joel’s orders without question. The things that Joel says are final, according to Ellie. They take what they can carry, and despite the abundance of firearms around them, Joel refuses Ellie’s plea for a pistol.

Alone in the house, Ellie searches and finds a second gun, which she secretly packs away. Ellie’s first experience with a motor vehicle is in Bill’s truck after she and Bill have showered and packed. After leaving Bill and Frank’s village, Ellie discovers a Linda Ronstadt cassette in the car’s glove box. Then, as they drive away, she inserts a cassette tape and plays “Long, Long Time.” We watch the truck drive out of view from the bedroom window as Bill and Frank embrace goodbye in preparation for their trip to Wyoming, where they will spend the rest of their lives together.

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