PLL Original Sin: Who Is Archie Waters? Is ‘A’ alive or dead?

PLL Original Sin: Who Is Archie Waters? Is 'A' alive or dead?

A spin-off of “Pretty Little Liars” is the slasher horror series “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.” It centers on a brand-new group of Little Liars  Imogen (Bailee Madison), Tabby (Chandler Kinney), Faran (Zaria), Mouse (Malia Pyles), and Noa (Maia Reficco) , who are held captive in a mind game by the enigmatic stalker A. The girls discover that A is after them for wrongdoing that their moms may have allegedly committed in the past. The gang concludes that A is related to the passing of their mother’s classmate Angela Waters. However, Archie Waters is introduced in the season 1 finale, further confounding the situation. Here (tvacute) are all the answers to your questions regarding Archie Waters and his fate in “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.” 

Who Is Archie Waters?

In the tenth and last episode of the first season of “PLL: Original Sin,” titled “Chapter Ten: Final Girls,” Archie Waters is first mentioned. However, the season’s first half is marked by the character’s appearance. The season reveals to viewers that Angela Waters was a classmate of the moms of the Little Liars. She committed suicide because Thomas Beasley, who later became the sheriff of Millwood, had sexually assaulted her. The legendary serial murderer ‘A’ wants to bring those responsible for Angela’s killing to justice because they are still at large.

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As a result, the unexpected ending of the first season finale, which revealed that ‘A’ is really Archie Waters, does justice to this plot strand. Angela Waters’ twin brother or sister is named Archie. The kids were born to Rose Waters and Millwood High Principal Marshall Clanton. The Clantons, however, refused to admit that Rose’s pregnancy had contributed to the children’s fatherless upbringing. Archie’s mother kept him inside because of his disfigured face and other factors. Later, Archie collaborates with his father, Principal Clanton, to exact revenge for the death of his sister.

Is Archie Waters alive or dead?

The serial killer A, who has been going after the girls from the first episode, is revealed to be Archie Waters. Clanton gives Archie the order to kill Imogen’s child in the epilogue. Imogen runs away from the high school and toward her childhood home as Archie chases after her. Archie, though, keeps following Imogen and eventually makes it to the Adams family home. Imogen hides in the restroom, but Archie quickly locates her there. Imogen is attacked by Archie with a knife, and he attempts to kill her child. Imogen, though, strikes back, and the two start to fight. Imogen ultimately stabs Archie, killing him ostensibly. The episode’s last scenes suggest Archie is alive. The killer in a mask is back, as seen in the climactic moments. A also ends his ruse by killing Chip and Sheriff Beasley.

The conclusion gives strong hints that ‘A’, also known as Archie Waters, managed to survive Imogen’s stab wounds. The conclusion of the season finale confirms that A is still active but does not indicate whether Archie is wearing a mask or not. Clanton and Archie’s fate is never made known after the Little Liars put an end to their ruse. Even though it is mentioned that the police detained Clanton, nothing about them finding Archie’s body is mentioned. Given that Imogen stabbed Archie in the neck directly, it is doubtful that he survived. As a result, it’s likely that someone besides Archie is using the alias A. However, the Little Lairs would be in serious jeopardy if Archie Waters did survive the dramatic events of the climax. Additionally, little is known about A’s past, his physical flaws, and his life after Angela passed away. Consequently, there is undoubtedly more to the character’s story to be told.

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