Glorious Movie 2022: Ending Explained! Who Is Ghatanothoa/Ghat?

When it comes to outrageous themes or notions, horror films have no bounds. This fact was fully exploited by director Rebekah McKendry when making her most recent movie, Glorious. Todd Rigney (Headless), Joshua Hull (Chopping Block), and McKendry’s spouse, David Ian McKendry, contributed to the story of Glorious. The streaming of Glorious began on August 18, 2022. The film is only 79 minutes long and is only available on Shudder’s streaming service. This film explores the contrast between a single man’s personal issues and the overall scheme of the cosmos. Wes is immediately drawn into a grim Lovecraftian journey that he must overcome if he ever hopes to avoid another regrettable Glorious hangover. this article will provide you with all the information you require about this Shudder original horror movie.

What happenend in Glorious Movie?

When Wes (Ryan Kwanten) pulls off at a lonely rest area, he is having trouble keeping up with his surroundings. Just recently, his relationship ended. He couldn’t resist calling Brenda’s (Sylvia Grace Crim) number despite being disheveled and appearing to be in tears. With the aid of half a bottle of whiskey, Wes enters the drunken haze after making a few futile attempts to contact Brenda.  . Wes gets intoxicated after calling his ex, Brenda (Sylvia Grace Crim), and burns his possessions, including his clothes, in the parking lot. He vomits the next day. Then he hears a man’s omniscient voice making small chats. He reveals he’s a god named Ghatanothoa (J.K. Simmons) who wants something from Wes through the glory hole.  “Ghatanotoa,” or “Ghat,” tells Wes that he must take part in some sort of rite in order to preserve the cosmos. The voice is played by J.K. Simmons. At first, Wes scoffs and dismisses the entire situation as a twisted joke. But he soon finds himself in the middle of things that are impossible to understand unless one is hallucinating. Wes has no choice but to listen to Ghat’s directions, no matter how absurd they may seem, because the stall door automatically shuts shut.

Ghat seems mind-reading. He can produce hallucinations and retrieve memories. He controls the stall’s physics. His powers are dwindling, and if Wes looks at him directly, he’ll become a humanless shell. Lovecraft and Heald produced Ghatanothoa. Ghat denies Wes’s accusation that he wants to exterminate all life things in the cosmos. Which is interesting for a god meant to annihilate everything. Ghat says he’s connected to humanity. So he hides from his dad. If he becomes corporeal, that won’t be possible. He says Cthulhu is free and looking for him. Once Ghat becomes physical, the universe will end. To stop that, Wes must return Ghat to his ethereal form. Ghat says Wes must “satisfy” feelings while extending a tentacle through the glory hole.

Wes thinks the property manager, Gary (André Lamar), will save him. Gary is even made Ghat’s victim. Wes is the only one who can save the universe, so Ghat grotesquely eats him. Wes puts his “Johnson” through the glory hole to satisfy Ghat’s demands. Ghat is offended and ridicules Wes for thinking it will save the cosmos. He corrects him, saying he needs his liver. Wes doesn’t know how to get it out. Ghat slides a shard of glass, implying that Wes must cut open his belly, reach inside his body, and remove some liver.

Glorious Movie 2022: Ending Explained!

Ghat calls Wes selfish after he declines to donate part of his liver to save the universe. And for all the innocent, kind, self-sacrificing people. Wes says that every act of compassion is done for a selfish cause. No one is unselfish, thus removing his liver is pointless. He tells how his father berated his mother since he was the breadwinner. His father attributed his mother’s suicide on selfishness. Wes sees a rift in the bathroom walls after his rant. In a rage, he calls on Cthulhu to rescue Ghat and end the nightmare standoff. Ghat threatens to destroy Wes’s memories of Brenda.

Wes cuts out his liver after reentering the stall next to Ghat’s. He pleads Ghat to allow him visit Brenda one last time. When Brenda finds the girls’ images in Wes’ red box, their connection begins and ends (something that he burned along with his belongings). Indeed. Serial killer Wes. He fell love Brenda but killed her out of fear of commitment. Ghat reaches into Wes’s abdomen to get his liver in a hypnotically edited sequence, as Wes imagines all the girls he’s slain doing the same to him. Wes falls when Ghat is done. He declares the work complete and returns to his ethereal form. Before returning to reality, we glimpse the horrible tentacled creature.

What is Wes’s Hostory? Is Wed Seriel Killer?

Wes is suggested to be a serial killer/molester in a startling turn of events. He has killed Brenda more than he has broken up with her. Brenda discovered a collection of images of women who had been terrorised and mistreated among Wes’ possessions. Wes had a pained expression on his face as he adjusted his grasp on the kitchen knife he was already holding when he noticed Brenda peering into those pictures.  A hold that is good for stabbing.

In the end, the deity in the stall likewise condemns Wes and informs him that they are both destructive beings. Wes’ own account of his difficult upbringing appears to fit in with the whole serial killer twist. Wes was picked by the god to pay the ultimate payment because of this. Wes decided to pay the price, the liver freshly torn from his stomach, which ultimately led to his demise, in order to save the universe.

Who Is Ghatanothoa/ Ghat?

The first indication of Ghatanothoa’s (or Ghat’s) supernatural or extraterrestrial nature can be found at the parking lot, where a bizarre blossom with a coating of translucent slime is shining. Later, it becomes hazily apparent that this is what is assisting Ghat in erecting a barrier around the bathroom so that nobody can enter or leave until Wes completes his mission. The image on the restroom stall wall where Wes is sitting provides a visual representation of what Ghat appears to be. He possesses a human body. On his chest, though, are three eyes. A bundle of blue and crimson tentacles is present in place of a human head. The teeth on each tentacle are arranged in a circle. There are several eyeballs in the area where the tentacles converge, and there are fangs in the glory hole, which I assume is another mouth. Ghat isn’t particularly well-formed, though, as is later discovered. He has tentacles, spiky flesh, and repulsive eyes. He is a huge mass.

Who Is Ghatanothoa/ Ghat?

It looks that Ghat is also a mind reader. He has the power to penetrate someone’s memories and yank them out. He can also induce hallucinations. Additionally, he has power over the physics in that restroom stall. However, it appears that his abilities are dwindling because if Wes looks at him directly, he will turn into a hollow shell devoid of humanity. The authors H.P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald are responsible for creating the character Ghatanothoa. According to their research, Ghat is Cthulhu’s first child. Ghat depicts what looks to be Cthulhu as a pure energy creature that roams space and has the capacity to give his thoughts corporeal shape in “Glorious.” According to the etchings, this is how Cthulhu produced humanoids. He desired to eliminate them, nonetheless, because he didn’t want them. Cthulhu’s eldest cut him open during the battle, and the blood and intestines that spilled forth became the cosmos, the planets, and all of life. He pleaded with his kids to prevent the formation of any more life. His children concurred, but only if he permitted the current existence to carry on flourishing.

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