When will The Boys Season 3 Episodes be available on Prime Video? what is the Time Schedule??

THE BOYS – Season 3

After a year and a half away, The Boys have returned to town. The brutal series follows the titular protagonists on their goal to eliminate The Seven, an elite team of superhumans controlled by Vought. The Boys returns for season 3 with new characters and much more violence after an explosive season 2 conclusion where people’s brains practically exploded. The third season of The Boys is set to premiere this week. However, with its return to Amazon Prime Video, there are bound to be questioned. so when is the third season of The Boys set to premiere? That one is a little more difficult to answer because it is all based on time zones. For that, we’ve got all the answers for you down here.

The Boys is back with bringing three episodes. The Boys season 3 releases episodes differently than Netflix and Disney Plus. Episodes 1-3 also premiere this week. So join us as tvacut.com go over everything you need to know about The Boys season 3, from the first episode’s release date and broadcast time to when the next episodes will air and even how many episodes there will be.

When will the first episode of The Boys season 3 be available on Prime Video?

The Boys season 3 episode 1 will be available on Amazon Prime Video on June 3rd. To see the episode, you must be an Amazon Prime member, as the name says. On the same day, the second and third episodes will be released.

What is the release time of The Boys Season 3 on Prime Video?

The Boys season 3 premieres on Prime Video on Friday, June 3 at 12:00 a.m. GMT, which is 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT the previous day on June 2. Most other streaming services, such as Netflix, post new episodes at midnight PT. However, because of Prime Video’s release method, viewers in North America can watch The Boys ahead of time. Of course, viewers in different time zones will be able to watch at different times.

How many episodes are there in The Boys season 3?

Season 3 of The Boys has eight episodes. On June 3rd, three new episodes will be released. The rest of the episodes will air weekly on Fridays, with the finale on July 8. So you have a schedule, here’s what that looks like.

The Boys season 3 Episode Guide

 The Boys Season 3 (episodes 1-3) – June 3rd
First three episode titles are Payback ,The Only Man in the Sky and Barbary Coast. Respectiviely
The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Glorious Five Year Plan  is set to air on June 10th.
The BoysSeason 3 Episode 5 The Last Time to Look on this World of Lies  is set to air on June 17th.
The BoysSeason 3 Episode 6 Herogasm is set to air on June 24th.
The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed  air on June 31.
The Boys Season 3 Episode 8 The Instant White-Hot Wild is set to air on July 8th

What  to Expect in The Boys Season 3

THE BOYS – Season 3

The Boys Season 3 promises a thrilling adventure full of action and Butcher’s curses.  Season 3 picks up a year after the events of Season 2, and Butcher and Hughie are now working for the government. The quiet before the storm, on the other hand, can only endure so long. When rumors of a weapon capable of bringing down Supes reach Butcher, Hughie, and the rest of The Boys, they jump at the chance to find it, putting them in direct conflict with The Seven and a resurrected Supe known as Soldier Boy, whose aggressive and deranged behavior may match that of Homelander.

Amazon has greenlit two spin-off projects based on The Boys, including an animated anthology series called The Boys Presents: Diabolical and a live-action comedy set in a superhero college.

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