The Boys Season 3 Finale: Who died ??

The-Boys-Season-3 finale

Recently released on Prime Video, The Boys Season 3 Episode 8 is one of the best episodes of the entire series. The third season of The Boys ends with a huge showdown. Starlight, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), and Homelander (Antony Starr) are all given new assignments towards the conclusion. Butcher and Homelander have been at odds for the entirety of the season. The conflict was worsened by the return of Soldier Boy, America’s first invincible super-soldier (Jensen Ackles). Butcher, Homelander, and Soldier Boy face their ultimate fight with some aid from some pals.

[Finale] The Boys Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: The Instant White-Hot Wild

Homelander is still processing the call from Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3 Finale titled “The Instant White-Hot Wild,” which revealed that the super-soldier was the genetic donor Vought used to make Homelander, effectively making Soldier Boy Homelander’s “papa.” The information that Homelander has a “dad” is significant since he has long harbored profound concerns about his family and sense of belonging. Noir comes to the tower in the hopes that he might help Homelander battle Soldier Boy. When Homelander finally asks The Seven’s one real buddy, Black Noir, about his relationship with Soldier Boy in the past, his joy swiftly transforms into homicidal mayhem.

When Homelander learns the shocking information and changes his mind, Black Noir is still fixated on the scheme to kill his former squad leader Soldier Boy. Noir won’t veer off track because he is aware of how terrible Soldier Boy is and that they urgently require his execution. The insane superman is further pushed over the edge when Black Noir tells Homelander that he has known all along that Soldier Boy is his “dad.” Homelander pulls Black Noir’s insides out in a moment and leaves him to suffer on the floor while saying, “You should’ve told me.”

Instead, Homelander murders him for having kept the information hidden for so long.  It came as a tremendous surprise and a big fakeout when Black Noir passed away. The Boys gave Black Noir a lot of screen time in the last episode as they really explored who the man was inside the mask and took us inside his mind. Almost, Noir appeared to be moving toward longer narratives; lately, not so much. The other major surprise is that Black Noir is the only significant member of the cast of The Boys to perish in the climax, despite multiple extremely severe fights, insane devastation, one large explosion, and a few more death fakeouts.

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