Is it true that Madelyn Stillwell injected Compound V into her son? Is His Father a Supe, or Is He a Supe?

The-Boys-Season-3 finale

The Boys has returned for the third season and The show which was made by Eric Kripke and based on a comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson starts a year after the explosive events of season 2, and its cast is better and bigger than ever.

The second season of The Boys ended with the characters in dangerous situations, even though things seemed to be getting better. Ryan got rid of Stormfront with his powers, so she was no longer a threat. Butcher joined Grace Mallory’s task force, and Hughie joined forces with Congresswoman Victoria Neuman to stop Supes through the law. In season 3 of The Boys, the main characters go their separate ways for a while, but then things start to change again, and they have to get back together as Homelander gets more dangerous. Along this fans were surprised to see Teddy Stillwell return. But, more crucially, people want to know who the father of the child is.

Is there a parent for Teddy Stillwell from ‘The Boys’?

To summarise, Teddy Stillwell is the son of Madelyn Stillwell, a Vought employee with whom Homelander had a problematic Oedipal complex. After realizing that Madelyn lied to him about Becca Butcher’s Supe kid, Ryan, who was born after Homelander attacked her, Homelander kills her. Ryan is of particular interest to Vought because the showrunners of The Boys essentially verified that he is naturally more powerful than Homelander, who is widely recognized as the world’s most powerful sentient entity.

Many people are inquiring about Teddy’s paternity as a result of this. Homelander was able to fly away with Madelyn’s infant after Billy blew up her house and used his laser vision to burn holes in her head, saving the baby’s life.

People had a lot of hypotheses about Teddy Stillwell’s paternity before the Season 3 premiere. Homelander is Teddy’s father, who is aging slowly because he is a Supe, and Ryan is merely another Compound V experiment created. Teddy is supposed to be Homelander’s “genuine Uber Mensch” creation, except he has a real mother to raise him, unlike Homelander, who has no idea of humanity.

Hughie, on the other hand, discovers another epiphany – one that has significance but isn’t immediately apparent to him. Teddy Stillwell is not only alive, but he also possesses teleportation abilities and appears to be a bright youngster. Viewers were left wondering who the child’s father is, considering Madelyn was clearly not a Supe.

Madelyn’s child could have been injected with Compound V, Vought’s “Supe” serum, despite the fact that he didn’t have a Supe father. The relationship between Homelander and the child is tough to define. He’s clearly envious of the kid, and he’s shown he has no qualms about watching children die or killing them himself.

While we don’t yet know what Teddy’s role in the series is, this “Easter egg” is unlikely to be just that. Perhaps the creators of the show have something huge in store for the tiny guy in the future.

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