The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Who Killed Supersonic? Is a Homelander Killing Alex [Supersonic] Why??

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 explores Homenalder’s (Anthony Starr) hunger for power and control over Vought International. He enlists his public nemesis, Victoria Neuman, to plot against Stan Edgar and remove him from the board of directors. The episode also highlights Butcher’s brutality towards his teammates, which may cause several to abandon the team. Annie a.k.a Starlight (Erin Moriarty) is currently in the most difficult situation. She’d wanted to leave the Seven, but Hughie advised her to stay and do whatever it takes. Alex, a.k.a Supersonic, is the only solace she has left on the Supe team. At the end of the episode, she discovers that Supersonic is no longer alive. Finally, we see the modern-day Soldier Boy.

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Why did Homelander murder Supersonic?

Homelander is the most strong Supe on the planet, but he does not believe he is a most powerful person on the planet. There is someone in charge above him pulling his strings and forcing him to do whatever they want. That’s why Homelander is constantly coming up with fresh ways. Homelander’s popularity is dwindling in the third season, following the Stormfront fiasco, and his position in the Seven is becoming a farce. Stan Edgar continues to embarrass him. In Season 3, Episode 4 of “The Boys,” Homelander went on the Coleman talk show. He hinted that he would name the powerful men in management who had been pulling the strings the whole time. It was a direct attack on Stan Edgar. Soon after, he told Victoria Neuman and his adopted daughter, to fine Homelander to put him in his place.

Homelander is already being blackmailed over a video showing him abandoning a jet full of passengers to perish. Starlight (Erin Moriarty) takes advantage of every opportunity to keep her grip on him. He resolves to teach her a lesson after she becomes co-captain and begins making decisions without regard for his authority. Since Edgar made her co-captain, Homelander has tortured Starlight.  First, he informs her that if she exposes the video, he will have nothing to lose, making it easier for him to destroy the planet. He tries more deliberate steps to degrade her now that her leverage is gone. He pulls the Deep back into the Seven, knowing how terrible the decision has been for her. He then introduces Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva ) to the Seven, despite the fact that he is Starlight’s ex-boyfriend and his presence on the squad may make her uncomfortable. Then he announces to the world that he and Starlight are in love.

She wanted to leave the team right away, but Hughie asked her to stay and buy them time while he found a superweapon,  that could kill Homelander and end all their troubles with a single hit. While Hughie and “The Boys” searched for the weapon, Starlight thought of organizing a resistance team to distract Homelander so Butcher could take a clean shot if he discovered it. Queen Maeve told Butcher about the ultimate supergun, Starlight discovered.  Meanwhile, she believes it is in their best interests to extend their team and recruit as many Supes as possible to combat Homelander. She asks Supersonic for help because of their good relationship. He agrees without hesitation and actively seeks out additional Supes to join the cause. However, because he is unaware of the Seven’s history and politics, he makes a poor judgment.  Bloodshed could have been avoided if Supersonic had kept the truth a secret, but when he saw A-Train and Deep arguing in the lobby, he felt A-Train, whom Homelander no longer supports, could join the rebellion. He didn’t know A-train and Deep would betray anyone to be in The Seven.

But then the Stan Edgar debacle occurs, This time, Homelander was in charge, so A-train ratted out Starlight and Supersonic. As result,  A-Train informs on Supersonic, and Homelander finds another cause to demonstrate to Annie that she is unable to stop him.  Homelander killed Supersonic on the terrace to stop the rebellion and warned Starlight that Hughie would be next if she didn’t stop plotting against him. Of course, he won’t kill her unless he has no choice. In terms of public perception, she is quite valuable to him, and he still needs to work on restoring his image. In the meantime, she has a lot of people she loves who he will continue to injure if she doesn’t keep her head down and do as he says. Given the outcome of the Boys’ mission in Russia, Annie may have no choice but to listen to Homelander.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Ending

Butcher told Hughie he injected himself with Temp V or Compound 24 for 24 hours of superpowers. Hughie was eager to try the new serum because he had felt incompetent since the series began. First Supersonic hit on his super girlfriend, then Homelander called Starlight his girlfriend for PR. Hughie tried to act tough, but to Homelander, he was nothing.

Butcher negotiated with Frenchie’s ex-boss Little Nina to secure the ultimate weapon. Cherie stole 11 kilos of narcotics from Nina in Episode 3 and fled with Frenchie’s bogus passports. Nina invited Frenchie to her bakery to threaten him. Butcher planned to exploit Frenchie’s Russian connection to travel to the nation and find out what happened to the 1984 Soldier Boy kidnapping.

Nina wanted more than money for a vacation to Russia. Butcher promised to do dirty business for her in Russia and told Kimiko to kill a crime boss. Nina told them where the Russians stored the secret weapon B.C.L. R.E.D. when the task was done. Butcher and his team found a supe-hamster in a glass vessel, proving that the Russians had been testing with Compound V to produce their own superheroes against the U.S.A. Homelander and other supes were regarded as tyrants in Russia, as their graffiti showed.

Before “The Boys” could find the weapon they were seeking for, Russian soldiers heard Frenchie’s hamster-triggered warning. When Russian forces began firing on the crew, Butcher showed his temporarily superpowers to defend his friends. Hughie was excited and used his temporary superpowers to prove he’d taken Compound V24. After the Russians were dealing with, Butcher entered a shielded room and saw Soldier Boy with a beard and breathing mask. The Russians’ superweapon either didn’t kill Soldier Boy or that wasn’t its goal. They planned to abduct America’s favourite hero to experiment on him in their homeland. They may have retrieved the chemical from Soldier Boy’s body or stolen Compound V from Vought’s lab to manufacture supes. The imprisoned hamster suggests their experiment was still in progress. Or maybe they’ve constructed a Red-Supe we’ll see in future episodes.

Soldier Boy attacked Frenchie and Kimiko as soon as he was freed. Soldier Boy fired an energy blast to melt everything in front of him, and Kimiko pushed Frenchie away to spare her from a devastating attack. Soldier Boy escaped while “The Boys” treated Kimiko. Kimiko wasn’t recovering from Soldier Boy’s attack, so Frenchie rushed her to the hospital to save her life. We didn’t know if she would live.

Powered by Kimiko wants to leave the team because she was done killing people for Butcher. She wanted to live in Marseilles with Frenchie, but he wasn’t ready to ditch the squad again after killing Grace Mallory’s family. Frenchie changed his mind when Butcher mistreated Kimiko and forced him to take him to his ex-Russian boss. If Kimiko survives this attack, Frenchie will likely leave the team. Butcher quietly told Marvin to take care of the squad once he’s gone, indicating he’ll sacrifice himself to get revenge on Homelander. Butcher’s blind quest of revenge brings anger upon his own squad, and Marvin believes there won’t be a team left because of him.

Soldier Boy may arrive in America, threatening Homelaner’s kingdom. Stanford Edgar, who worked with Soldier Boy during “Operation Charly,” has significant ties to the supe and can become his potential partner against Homelander, therefore we can expect a final showdown between Butcher, Homelander, and Soldier Boy in the forthcoming episodes.

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