The Orville: New Horizons Episode 1 Release Date: Is The Orville Season 3 on Disney plus?

Seth MacFarlane is finally back in action following a hiatus that began in the spring of 2019. The Orville is influenced by Star Trek and other great sci-fi shows and movies. It has a new title and a new home. The crew, on the other hand, stays intact for the time being, as The Orville and Capt. Ed Mercer (MacFarlane) continues their mission in the aftermath of the battle with the Kaylon. For those who need a reminder, previous seasons are available on Hulu. New Title: The Orville: Next Horizons has been a long three years in the making, and fans are eager to see what the new season has in store. But don’t worry, MacFarlane and his team will give exactly what the fans have come to expect. Where can I watch season 3 of Orville? Everything tv know about The Orville: New Horizons is listed below.

The Orville: New Horizons Finale Release Date

What is the Release Date for The Orville: New Horizons?

The season will consist of 12 episodes, fewer than the previous two seasons, but each episode will run on average 12 to 15 minutes longer. The Orville: New Horizons premieres on Hulu on June 2 in the United States.

Is The Orville New Horizons on Disney plus?

On the streaming service, one episode will be released each week. The series will be available on Disney Plus on June 2nd for UK (as well as Ireland and Canada) consumers, who will be able to watch it on a weekly basis. In Latin America, the series is broadcast on Star Plus.

The Orville: New Horizons Episode 1

“Electric Sheep” is the first episode of The Orville: New Horizons. According to the Synopsis;  As the Orville is refit and repaired following the battle against the Kaylon, most of the crew, including newly assigned Ensign Charly Burke, struggles with the continued presence of Isaac on board.

What is the plot of The Orville: New Horizons?

It’s easy to see how much The Orville: New Horizons is influenced by another science fiction television series, Star Trek (right down to the color-specific uniforms). But, hey, with a number of programs on Paramount Plus, including Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, who says there isn’t enough for more than one space exploration series?

The official synopsis for The Orville: New Horizons may be found here.

“Set 400 years in the future, The Orville: New Horizons finds the crew of the USS Orville continuing their mission of exploration, as they navigate both the mysteries of the universe and the complexities of their own interpersonal relationships.”

The Orville: New Horizons Cast

Seth MacFarlane will play Captain Ed Mercer, Adrianne Palicki will play Mercer’s ex-wife Commander Kelly Grayson, Penny Johnson Jerald will play Dr. Claire Finn, Scott Grimes will play Lr. Gordon Malloy, Peter Macon will play Lt. Cmdr. Bortus, J. Lee will play Lt. Cmdr. John LaMarr, Mark Jackson will play Isaac, Jessica Szohr will play Lt Anne Winters, who will play Ensign Charly Burke, will join the cast.

Sadly, this will be Norm MacDonalds final season. Lt. Yaphit, the gelatinous engineer, was voiced by the renowned comedian. He survived leukaemia in September 2021, despite finishing his voiceover job for season three. The crew and all of the admirers of his brilliant humor will miss him.

The trailer for Orville: New Horizons is here

While MacFarlane is most known for his humorous work on Family Guy and in films like Ted, the trailer for The Orville: New Horizons reveals a different side of the inventor. While there are a few funny moments, this reintroduction to the series pushes the series’ scope and what it has to offer beyond chuckles.

What is the best way to watch The Orville: New Horizons?

The Orville: New Horizons is a Hulu exclusive for US consumers, which means you’ll need a Hulu subscription to see it. The good news is that if you haven’t done so already, you can sign up for Hulu as a solo streaming service (with the option of an ad-supported or ad-free plan), as part of the Disney Bundle, which bundles Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for a single monthly charge, or as part of Hulu with Live TV. Orville’s first two seasons are also available to watch on Hulu.

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