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The Blacklist -Season 9- Episode 16
James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16 will release on NBC on April 15, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. The episode was directed by John Terlesky and written by Daniel Cerone.

In The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 15, tensions were high. The Blacklist takes us deeper into the conspiracy surrounding Liz’s death. That’s when we thought it was over. Red’s (James Spader) quest for vengeance eventually leads him to Andrew Kenison (Joe Carroll). With the big reveal at last, Liz’s killer and Cooper’s blackmailer were close to being caught. But then they raised the stakes by killing the man and his lawyer – who knew everything. continue reading the episode 15 recap below. Fans are now eager to discover more about the latest episode of The Blacklist. Check out the promo, exclusive photos, and synopsis of The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16 to get a better idea of the episode at Also provides all the information you need about The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16‘s guest cast and photos.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 17 Recap

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16 Recap

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16 Spoilers

In the last episode, Red and the task force were very close to solving this. They find Andrew Kenison, who is probably innocent, and he names a blackmailer who will reveal who is behind it. But no one The two men who gave the information were brutally killed on the street, so we’re back again in search of Liz’s killer. Now it looks like the episodes will go back to the blacklister of the week’s structure, with little news stories about Liz’s killer.

“Helen Maghi” is the title of the sixteenth episode. There will be a new lead in this episode, The titular Blacklister, Helen Maghi. This lead will be important because she may have information about both Liz’s death and Cooper’s blackmailing. So, we’ll see Red try to follow this lead. On the other hand, Task Force matters will heat up at some point. Because as per the summary the police come to nab one of the members of the task force! Apart from this, we will see Cooper’s wife Charlene Cooper. She once had an affair with his neighbor. After Elizabeth Keen’s death, she and Harold took their daughter Agnes to live with them at Liz’s request, where she lived for 2 years; Liz’s daughter Agnes Keen will also appear in the episode. For Red’s sake, we just want to know the truth about Liz. It seems Red’s spiral into darkness and misery will reach a point of no return with each episode, and there will be no Liz to save him. We know season 10 is on the way, and we might not have all of our questions answered yet.

The Blacklist Episode 9.16 Synopsis: Red chases a lead that could shed light on both Liz’s death and Cooper’s blackmailing; the task force experiences a major shake-up when one of their own is taken into custody.

The Task Force of the Blacklist will facing an unexpected leadership transition. The Task Force is thrown into disarray when one of their own is arrested. Cooper is arrested. He Surprises Aram With Unexpected Task Force Promotion on The Blacklist season 9 episode 16. It’s going to be a bumpy voyage. This new job would have serious aspects, as well as far-reaching implications for the character and the team.

Cooper (Harry Lennix) pleads not guilty to the allegations levelled against him in ET’s exclusive sneak peek. However, the prosecution claims he is a flight risk, prompting the judge to set bail at $300,000 and set the trial for six weeks. Cooper will be transported to a holding cell, which is not great. But before he leaves, Cooper informs Aram (Amir Arison) that he would have to assume temporary command of the Task Force while he is unable to complete his duties. Aram is taken aback by the news. Aram, on the other hand, is unsure how to handle unexpected promotions. He also finds out why he was chosen.

For the future, we had told you that the 20th episode of The Blacklist Season 9 will be very special. We have got some information about this, which we want to share with you seven. The episode “Caelum Bank,” written by Sean Hennen, is the 20th episode of Season 9. Plot details were not disclosed. We will get a lot of stunts in this episode. The episode was shot at Nickerson Beach Park in Lido Beach, involving two cars crashing and a stunt involving smoke coming out of one car. Emmy nominated stunt coordinator Cort Hessler made a special contribution.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16 Release Date

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16 will air on NBC on April 15, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. The season is scheduled to contain 22 episodes, each lasting around 60 minutes. Season 9 of The Blacklist is presently scheduled to premiere on Netflix in September 2022.  This Season 9 is gripping audiences also on Sky Max.

If you don’t have cable, you can watch the episode on NBC’s official website or app. Season 9 premieres on Peacock a day later. The season premiere will also be available on Fubo TV,  Sling TV, YouTube TV, Xfinity, and DirecTV. The latest episodes of ‘The Blacklist’ are available on Spectrum, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu. Seasons 1-8 of the show are available on Netflix.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16 Cast and Guest Cast

James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington, Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler, Amir Arison as Aram Mojtabai, Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma, Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper, Laura Sohn as Alina Park.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16 Guest Cast List

• Sami Bray as Agnes Keene
• Valarie Pettiford as Charlene Cooper
• Deirdre Lovejoy as Cynthia Panabaker
• Danny Mastrogiorgio as Lew Sloan
• Joseph Melendez as Mateo Desoto
• Diany Rodriguez as Weecha Xiu
• Edward Manley as Agent McCoy
• Beth Malone as Agent Aronson
Anna Khaja as Helen Maghi
• Wayne Stephens as The Real McCoy
• Danish Farooqui as Mehmet Akurek
• Andrew Mauney as Valve Room Guard
• Terrell Wheeler as Mount Bastion Guard
• Darlene Hope as Judge

Who has played the character of Helen Maghi?

The role of Helen Maghi is played by Anna Khaja. She comes from a Pakistani, Irish, and Indian family. On September 29, 1974, she was born. Anna and her husband, screenwriter Chris Rossi, live in Los Angeles. She is most recognized for her roles as ‘Indira’ on AMC’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond and for playing ‘Jaya’ in the 2022 Netflix/Array film Definition Please.


Anna Khaja has won awards for her work as an actress, dramatist, and solo performer. Her play about Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, ‘Shaheed: The Dream and Death of Benazir Bhutto,’ had a successful Off-Broadway run in New York. She is well renowned for her recurrent parts in TV shows such as “Silicon Valley,”True Blood,“Stitchers,” and “Quantico,” as well as her work in films such as “King of California” and “Yes Man.”

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 16 Photos

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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 15 Recap

On a trip to Boston, Weecha (Diany Rodriguez) and Red go to MIT in search of Andrew Kennison. When Red (James Spader) walks into Andrew’s flat, he discovers his roommate Marcus alone. Marcus is amazed by Red, and has no idea where Andrew (Joe Carroll) has been for several weeks. Andrew is then seen in a safe guarded by federal officials. Cooper is seen with Kennison, who had threatened to escape protective custody and return home. The task team is brought up to date by Red, who explains that the tracker in Liz’s stomach was actually a medical device invented by Andrew Kennison. The device was created to assist psychiatric patients with remembering to take their medication. After his wife neglected to take her schizophrenic medicine and killed her own sister and mother, Kennison created the device. She is currently in a psychiatric facility. Red announces that Andrew Kennison is the next name on the blacklist as Cooper sweats bullets. Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) travel to MIT to continue their investigation, but Cooper has a revelation. Those who are blackmailing him are also responsible for Liz’s death. It’s everything intertwined.Cooper has Kennison under witness protection, which Ressler and Dembe soon discover. The task group goes into a tailspin, questioning if Cooper had anything to do with Liz’s death. Aram (Amir Arison) isn’t convinced. Cooper finally tells Red everything, and Red assures him that he will find Kennison with or without his help.

Red follows through on his promise and storms the safe house with Kennison. Kennison admits on his plane that he handed the medical equipment to a detective from New York City whom he met at a business forum while looking for investors. Detective Reginald Cole is his name (Ross Partridge). Aram uses recordings of his phone talks with Cooper to track down the blackmailer’s identity at the Post Office. Cole is a former cop who was indicted on many counts of corruption, according to Aram. In Washington, D.C., he currently works as a private investigator. Meanwhile, Cooper confesses to Panabaker (Deirdre Lovejoy), who orders Ressler to arrest him. Cooper decides to go public with his confession. Panabaker later admits that Cooper’s superiors want him indicted. If they can put charges on Cole, though, they might be able to get Cooper off the hook. It’s a race to find Detective Reginald “Reggie” Cole (Ross Partridge) who sets fire to some paperwork and flees. The FBI manages to apprehend him and take him into custody before Red’s men can. Panabaker advises Ressler that getting Cole to speak is critical. Unfortunately, Cole’s lawyer Tyson LaCroix (Teagle F. Bougere) shows there before he has the chance. LaCroix is obnoxiously competent at what he does, and he can leave with Cole. As the couple walks away, Red prepares his men to swoop in and seize them. However, before he can act, a stranger on a motorcycle passes by and shoots and kills both Cole and LaCroix.

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