The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 20 Recap: “Arthur Hudson”

The Blacklist season 10 episode 20 faces a significant threat from Rep. Arthur Hudson and FBI agent Jordan Nixon, who present their findings to Attorney General Stromberg.  Red pays a final visit to Heddie Hawkins in Miami and gives her a bird refuge. It’s a heartfelt moment that says goodbye to a beloved character. A number of key events occur in “The Blacklist” episode “To be Fair,” which serves as a prelude to the forthcoming finale.   ( Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 20.

The Blacklist Season 10: Is the Task Force shut down?

The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 20 Recap

This “The Blacklist” episode, “Arthur Hudson,” features a dramatic and complicated series of developments. When discussing Task Force 836 with Attorney General Stromberg, Rep. Arthur Hudson (Toby Leonard Moore), and FBI agent Jordan Nixon identify Red’s involvement in a security breach at the Capitol. The team’s plans are upset by this news, but they are not aware of the developing circumstances.

Meanwhile, Red pays a visit to Heddie Hawkins in Miami and offers to buy her a bird refuge in Guatemala as a token of his gratitude for her loyalty. Ressler and Siya Malik speculate about Red’s motivations for ending his spy operation back at TFHQ, but Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq) cautions them that it is hard to fully comprehend Red’s motivations. Herbie cuts them off and steers the conversation to topics that are more urgent, like the existence of the Blacklist and the Task Force itself.

Ressler learns of Jonathan Pritchard’s disappearance and troubling conduct from a message from his wife. It becomes apparent that Pritchard has relapsed into addiction as a result of Hudson’s pressure. Red, who has just returned from Miami, sells his bathhouse and has a tender moment with Weecha Xiu (Diany Rodriquez) during which he declares his love and invites her to be with him. Weecha is hesitant because she fears their similarities would cause them to become restless and leave.

Cynthia Panabaker alerts Cooper (Harry Lennix) that they have been called to the attorney general’s office in Washington, D.C., because she expects trouble. Unfazed, Cooper shows up to the meeting where he is startled to hear a recording of himself revealing sensitive information from the previous week. Teddy Brimley is approached by Red for counsel on his interaction with Weecha, but Dembe interrupts with information about Hudson’s espionage and Cooper’s ongoing meeting.

Red places a high value on spending time with his loved ones. He spends the day with Agnes, cherishing their special time together.  In a heartwarming scene, Red orchestrates a delightful gathering with Agnes, portrayed by the talented Sami Bray. Amidst the joyous atmosphere, Red presents Agnes with a significant memento – Elizabeth’s FBI badge. Red also pays a visit to Heddie Hawkins, a devoted friend who has never wavered in her commitment to him.

The discussion gets heated as Red defends the Task Force and Hudson expresses fury. Red gives a stirring speech in which he cites the Task Force’s successes and their decision to cooperate with him. Except for Cooper, everyone is startled when Red suddenly appears on the monitors. Cooper then leaves for TFHQ and gives the crew instructions to assist the FBI agents when they show up to conduct a raid on the Task Force.

The agents question Red in order to learn more about him so they can apprehend him before he leaves the country. Dembe steals an agent’s phone covertly in order to alert Red. Red phones Dembe as the FBI follows his aircraft, and Red agrees to take off right away. Red’s pilot alerts him to the FBI’s approach just in time, causing Red to flee in a car with Weecha.

When the FBI shows up at the airport, the jet is empty. Hudson, who doesn’t know that Red and Weecha have evaded them, suspects foul play and instructs Nixon to locate a body. Red tells Weecha about his plans while making fun of her for being late and expressing his happiness in her presence. Red’s pilot Edward (Andrew Frckin McCarthy), who had jumped from the jet, drives out with them as they depart.

Cooper finds out Red is still on the loose as he returns to TFHQ. While allowing the Task Force to proceed, Stromberg issues a warning that someone will be held accountable. Cooper informs his crew of the information, which makes them fearful for the future. Agent Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) finds numerous frantic voicemails left by Pritchard, but it’s too late—he overdosed and passed away.

Red is waiting for Cooper in his kitchen when he gets home. Red seems unconcerned as they talk about the issue and advises them to have fun before he gets apprehended. The suspense for the finale, which will once more pit the Task Force against Red, finishes the episode.

Dembe’s knowledge of Jimmy Hoffa’s last resting place, Cynthia Panabaker’s frazzled appearance, Red’s brief interaction with Agnes in which he hands her Elizabeth’s FBI badge, Red’s flippant comment regarding prison, and Red’s donning of a Rolex Steel GMT-Master II 40 watch are all additional details.

Additional details include Dembe’s knowledge of Jimmy Hoffa’s burial location, Red giving Agnes Elizabeth’s FBI badge, and Red wearing a Rolex Steel GMT-Master II 40 watch. A Huey Lewis song begins to play as Edward gets in the car as they leave after completing their objective.

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