The Blacklist Series Finale: Is Raymond Reddington Really Dead?

In “Raymond Reddington: Part 1” the series finale of “The Blacklist,” Red uses a variety of strategies to fool the FBI throughout the episode, including utilizing decoys and a firetruck to avoid capture. Cooper, Ressler, and the rest of the Task Force step up their attempts to apprehend Red.

Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq) is detained in the meantime for his association with Red, but he accepts responsibility to defend the squad. As things get worse, there is a car chase, which ends in an accident and a gunfight.  Red is given a warning by Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq) at the start of the episode. An FBI agent shoots Dembe in the neck, and Red responds by killing the man and hurting Ressler and he then flees from the FBI.

The episode sets up the series’ conclusion, generating excitement and emotional upheaval in both the characters and the audience. What happened to Red?  Is he Really dead?  ( Here is all you need to know about Raymond Reddington’s dead.

Is Raymond Reddington Really dead?

Raymond Reddington dies in “The Blacklist‘s” season finale titled “Raymond Reddington: Good Night”. The Task Force pursues Red in the first hour, but Dembe is detained for helping him. Red, Dembe, Rep. Arthur Hudson (Toby Leonard Moore), and Ressler engage in combat after Red’s men stop the transport during the handover. In response to Hudson shooting Dembe in the neck, Red killed Hudson and injured Ressler.

Red transports Dembe to a nursing home for treatment in the second hour. Red offers to give Dembe a direct blood transfusion in order to save his life. Red’s condition worsens, though, and he starts coughing up blood. He goes to Spain and stays in Villa Lobo. While there, he gives Agnes advice and strolls to a cow ranch. Red is killed by a bull after Ressler hunts him down. Ressler takes Red’s fedora in his hands and waits for help.

Ressler honors Red by putting his hat back (fedora) on his head in a moving gesture. The mysterious criminal mastermind Raymond Reddington is discovered to be dead as the episode comes to a close. The episode ends with Reddington’s apparent death, giving viewers a sense of the passing of an era and the legacy of a complicated and adored character.

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