[Season Finale] Succession Season 3 Episode 9: “All The Bells Say” Release Date – Preview

[Season Finale] Succession Season 3 Episode 9:

Succession Season 1 began on HBO in June 2018 and has already captivated audiences. The third season of the sitcom is drawing to a close, and the viewer is left wondering what the future holds for the Roy family. The final episode of Succession Season 3 will air tonight.  Check out our Succession Season 3 Episode 9 recap! The upcoming installment is eagerly anticipated by fans. The trailer for Succession Season 3 Episode 9 “All The Bells Say” can be found below (tvacute.com), along with the air date. Every type of dispute imaginable — husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, mother-daughter, father-son, slimy puppy-Gerri – has built up to an explosive conclusion next week.

The penultimate episode finished with a despondent Kendall sitting on a pool float, clutching a beer bottle, waving goodbye to his kids. DID WE JUST SEE KENDALL... It would be a startling twist to murder off the show’s main character so early in the season. But Kendall’s recently hit rock bottom: He had a catastrophic birthday party last week and ended up sobbing in his girlfriend’s arms — and this week, when he sought to leave the company with a large payoff and let his father win, Logan wouldn’t even allow him. Kendall is a past drug addict, and the pressures of this season may have re-addicted him.

Succession Season 3 Episode 9 Spoilers

Succession season 3 episode 9 finale will continue where the previous episode ended. It will follow the Roy family’s efforts to consummate a deal with computer mogul Lukas Matsson. Additionally, the episode will feature him disclosing some hard facts and realities about the family, and the trailer emphasizes the sentence, “All will be exposed,” leaving fans to speculate on what is at risk for the high-profile family. Shiv and Roman partner together to manage the potential repercussions after finding Matsson has his own vision for the future GoJo-Waystar relationship, while Logan discreetly examines his choices. Later, Connor responds to the siblings’ “intervention” by reminding them of his family’s standing, while Greg continues his attempts to climb the dating ladder with a contessa. Remember that Shiv basically pushed Tom deeper into an emotional abyss in episode 8? Kendall’s brother-in-law has plenty of reasons to turn on his own wife, let alone the firm.

Succession Episode 309 Synopsis: Matsson’s vision for the GoJo-Waystar relationship leads Shiv and Roman to manage the fallout; Logan weighs his options.

Succession Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date

HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 9 will release on Sunday, December 12 at 9 pm ET/PT, (US), and in the UK on December, December 13 on Sky Atlantic and NOW. . The episode is scheduled to last between 50 and 65 minutes. The series will also be available online on HBO Max. You may watch the show online via DirecTV, Xfinity Stream, Hulu, or Youtube TV. Season 3 is also available on Amazon Prime Video. Previous seasons are available on-demand on iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and Microsoft Store.

How many episodes are left in Succession Season 3?

Thinking forwards, this season will consist of nine episodes, which is one less than the previous one. In the schedule below, you can see when all of the episodes will be released:

On Sunday, October 24th, Succession Episode 302 aired ‘Mass in Time of War,’
on Sunday, October 31st, Succession Episode 303 will be ‘The Disruption.’
On Sunday, November 7th, watch Succession Episode 304: ‘Lion in the Meadow.’
On Sunday, November 14th, see Succession Episode 305: ‘Retired Janitors of Idaho.’
On Sunday, November 21st, watch Succession Episode 306: ‘What It Takes.’
On Sunday, November 28th, watch Succession Episode 307: ‘Too Much Birthday.’
On Sunday, December 5th, watch Succession Episode 308: ‘Chiantishire’
on Sunday, December 12th, watch Episode 9: “All The Bells Say”

Succession Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Sandi is surprised when Roman tells her about the GoJo agreement at a Waystar board meeting. But Stewy isn’t giving up. While the investigation is addressed, Shiv and Kendall call in. But Roman’s oats are rumbling: Aboard a flight to Italy for his mother Caroline’s wedding, he brags that Shiv and Tom aren’t truly involved in the GoJo business. “Have you just returned from the front?” Kendall asks. Caroline wonders, and he snubs her request to miss some of Logan’s festivities. Roman criticises Caroline’s new boyfriend as “another in the line of post-Dad posh English phonies,” advising her to arrange a pre-nup. But she dismisses it as “unromantic.” When Shiv and Tom push Greg to use Comfry as a “date ladder,” he sets his sights on an Italian princess. Oh, and Comfry tells Kendall he’s been asked to interview for a podcast about “the curse of the Roys” and the mystery surrounding Shiv’s caterer’s death.

In the end, they’re all panicked when Matsson tweets cryptic messages about “feeling lucky” and “crossed fingers.” Is he boosting his stock price before the deal? To avoid becoming the “Pan American Waystar Blockbuster Video Dial-Up Corporation,” Roman promises everyone he can handle it. Meanwhile, Connor decides to end the Willa saga by proposing: “Will you make me the world’s happiest man/most bulletproof candidate?” – she says yes for now, but she needs to “think” about it. Kendall also demands a one-on-one meeting with Logan during dinner. While Shiv spends time with her mother on an all-ladies outing , Kendall and Logan eat. Logan is so paranoid that he has Kendall’s son test his food for poison. “Do you think I want you dead?” Kenton asks. Shiv says after a night out. She’s ready to fight for CEO… and she’s on. He likes it at the time, but the next day he finds it amusing. “I may not love you, but I do love you,” she says, laughing off the incident as “dirty fun.” Roman meets Matsson at a magnificent lakeside villa as GoJo’s stock rises. Matsson dismisses the criticisms of his tweets and says he still wants to execute the deal, but on equal terms. Matsson wants “a merger of equals,” not an acquisition, Roman has to tell Logan. And Logan’s family equity stake would be decreased. Shiv is surprised when Logan agrees, and Roman convinces him.

And from across the table, Gerri texts Roman “well done”. Roman responds with a dick image… but he sends it to Logan! (Logan’s and Roman’s faces are priceless.) Shiv informs Logan that Roman has felt “weird about Gerri” for a while. He dismisses her, yelling for Roman. The episode finished with a despondent Kendall sitting on a pool float, clutching a beer bottle, waving goodbye to his kids. We watched the beer bottle bounce in the water as Kendall’s face slowly dipped beneath the water, sending air bubbles to the surface. Is Roy’s former golden boy doomed? 

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