[Series Finale] Succession Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Who Won??

As the Memorial Day holiday approaches, one of HBO‘s most talked-about shows Succession is set to bid farewell. The time has come to finally determine who will take over the throne left behind by Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox). However, it seems that the victory may come at a great cost for the victorious sibling. Will there be an empire left to inherit?  In the penultimate episode,  the family prepares for a heart-wrenching funeral, Kendall faces a tense situation with Rava Roy (Natalie Gold) and receives untimely news from Jess. As Shiv Roy (played by Sarah Snook)  navigates a fresh political terrain, Kendall  (Jeremy Strong)  rallies his supporters to his cause. As the future of Waystar Royco hangs in the balance, the question on everyone’s mind is: who will take the reins as the next CEO?  Here (tvacute.com) is the conclusion of the Succession series finale titled “With Open Eyes,” in case you were curious.

Are Shiv and Tom back together in the Succession Series Finale?

[Series Finale] Succession Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

The highly anticipated finale of Sunday’s episode leaves viewers on the edge of their seats as the fate of the Waystar GoJo deal is uncertain. With a crucial board vote scheduled for the following day, the tension is palpable. In this episode, Kendall faces disappointment as he learns that Stewy won’t be joining the team.

The episode opens with a vote on the Waystar GoJo deal from the board of directors. Despite learning that they lack Stewy’s support, Kendall remains optimistic in his ability to win over voters. Shiv is assured as well by the company she keeps, which includes Stewy and Sandi, and Sandy. Caroline, Shiv’s mother, calls her and tells her that one of her brothers is with her; however, it is not Kendall. Shiv thinks it could be Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin), so he plans to drop by and say hello.

Succession Series Finale: Is Kendall Roy Dead or Alive? What happened to him?

Kendall, meantime, dials Stewy but is told by Hugo Baker (Fisher Stevens) that Roman is with Caroline. Kendall gets in touch with Caroline, who informs her that Roman is sick and might not make it to the vote. Kendall, worried, arranges a private trip to the Caribbean. Shiv gets there first and discovers that Roman was hurt during a clash with protesters. In the end, Kendall wins over Stewy and has him join his cause. After speaking with Lawrence Yee, though, Matsson confronts Roman about his vote’s significance.

After failing to win over Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) in New York, Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) tells Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun) that he, too, will be dismissed if Matsson decides to let him go. Kendall tells Shiv that he has Stewy’s backing, but it doesn’t sway her opinion. Kendall spills the beans and says that Lawrence Yee is also a player. Shiv suggests recreating The Hundred, and Roman agrees to team up with Kendall. All of them agree that Kendall should be CEO, but they debate whether or not to kill him. After forcing Kendall to consume an odd smoothie, they ceremonially anoint his head with the remaining liquid.

As the board meeting approaches, they fly back to New York to form coalitions and arrange votes. After learning some unflattering details from Greg, Shiv informs Tom that the business with Matsson is off. Shiv gets upset when he finds out that Tom is Matsson’s choice for CEO. To Tom’s face, she snarls, “Empty suit,” and then bids him well. After hearing that Tom has been chosen, Shiv runs to tell her brothers so that they can cast their ballots. Kendall, Roman, and Shiv submit their plan before the board, but Shiv demurs and leaves the room when it comes time to vote. She hints to Kendall that she may have changed her mind and casts doubt on his capacity to lead the company.

The remaining directors show there, and the affirmative and negative votes begin to pile up. When it comes time for Shiv to cast her vote, however, she abruptly exits the room. Upon being confronted by Kendall and Roman, she explains, “I don’t think you’d be good at this.” When he doesn’t get it, Kendall starts pleading with her, telling her, “I might die.” You can’t be CEO,” Shiv subsequently tells him. You murdered somebody.  The young caterer who was killed by Kendall during Shiv’s wedding in the season one finale has made a return appearance. He told Shiv and Roman about the crime in the season three finale, and Shiv is now using that confession against him. The young caterer who was killed by Kendall during Shiv’s wedding in the season one finale has made a return appearance. He told Shiv and Roman about the crime in the season three finale, and Shiv is now using that confession against him.

An argument escalates as Roman mocks Kendall for not knowing who the biological father of his children is.  he yells at Shiv and physically attacks him, and the entire board can hear every word from the adjoining conference room. Even though Kendall tries to sway another vote, Roman gives up since he sees no use in supporting Waystar. Kendall, realizing he’s lost, returns to the room to request an adjournment of the vote, but it’s already over.

The GoJo deal passes with a 7-6 vote, Tom becomes CEO, and The GoJo deal is unanimously approved, and Kendall storms off in disbelief. He is demoted to almost nothing before he is forced to leave the building. Board members congratulate Tom while posing for photos with Matsson, and he even extends a final employment offer to Greg despite the latter’s prior betrayal. 

 Roman is grudgingly in Matsson’s photo. While Shiv and Tom slowly reconcile on the journey home. Tom offers Shiv his hand in the car on the way back to the house, and she reluctantly accepts it, suggesting a hint of hope (or resignation).  Kendall walks Battery Park with his father’s bodyguard, Colin, close behind. In the final moments of the show, Kendall can be seen staring out over the lake before the screen goes black.

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The finale episode revolves around the Waystar GoJo deal and the impending board vote. Kendall, Shiv, and Roman are all vying for control of the company and attempting to secure the necessary votes. The episode features various twists and turns as alliances shift and secrets are revealed. Throughout the episode, there are power dynamics at play, with characters maneuvering and strategizing to secure their positions. Tom’s interactions with Matsson reveal a surprising turn of events as he is considered for the CEO role. The siblings eventually unite, albeit reluctantly, to support Kendall as the potential CEO. However, as the crucial board meeting takes place, Shiv’s hesitation and subsequent refusal to support Kendall’s bid for CEO ultimately result in the approval of the GoJo deal. Kendall is left devastated and defeated, while Tom emerges as the unexpected victor.

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