Halloween Night! Succession Season 3 Episode 3 “The Disruption” Promo + Synopsis

Succession Season 3 Episode 3
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Kendall (Jeremy Strong) stayed firm in his resolve to make war on his father, Logan (Brian Cox). in the first episode of Season 3 of Succession. In episode 2, Kendall tried to persuade his siblings against his father. Shiv (Sarah Snook), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and even Connor (Alan Ruck) still adore and dread Logan. Then Logan made Shiv the President of Waystar Royco. But no one in the family has been handed the coveted CEO role at Waystar, and it will likely come up again this season. Check out our recap of Succession’s Season 3 Episode 2! Now fans are looking forward to the next one. After watching episode 2. Your Halloween has just gotten a lot creepier. That’s because it’s plagued by the ghosts of disgruntled, critical parents. (www.tvacute.com) Here’s all you need to know about Succession Season 3 Episode 3 “The Disruption” including the trailer, photos, and air date.

Succession Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date

Succession Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers

Now that she’s President, Shiv may retaliate against Kendall and possibly teach her father a lesson. He had previously overlooked her when transferring authority, but not this time. That Shiv would pull off something devious shouldn’t be a surprise. After learning Gerri was the CEO, she immediately set out to connect with Kendall. the synopsis says foreshadows Kendall’s demise. He’s already lost his siblings’ backing and will now stress over the possibility of being set back.

Succession Episode 303 Synopsis: With the DOJ at the door, Logan summons his arsenal, while Tom makes a potential life-changing offer. Kendall becomes obsessed with his own takedown.

Succession Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date

HBO’s Succession Season 3 Episode 3 will release on Halloween Night, Sunday, October 31 at 9 pm ET/PT, (US), and in the UK on Monday, November 1 on Sky Atlantic and NOW. The series will also be available online on HBO Max. You may watch the show online via DirecTV, Xfinity Stream, Hulu, or Youtube TV. Season 3 is also available on Amazon Prime Video. Previous seasons are available on-demand on iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and Microsoft Store.

How many episodes are left in Succession Season 3?

Thinking forwards, this season will consist of nine episodes, which is one less than the previous one. In the schedule below, you can see when all of the episodes will be released:

On Sunday, October 24th, Succession Episode 302 aired ‘Mass in Time of War,’
on Sunday, October 31st, Succession Episode 303 will be ‘The Disruption.’
On Sunday, November 7th, watch Succession Episode 304: ‘Lion in the Meadow.’
On Sunday, November 14th, see Succession Episode 305: ‘Retired Janitors of Idaho.’
On Sunday, November 21st, watch Succession Episode 306: ‘What It Takes.’
On Sunday, November 28th, watch Succession Episode 307: ‘Too Much Birthday.’
On Sunday, December 5th, watch Succession Episode 308: ‘Chiantishire’
on Sunday, December 12th, watch Episode 9: TBA.

Succession Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Kendall’s efforts to establish his group against the family patriarch begin in Episode 2. He convenes a private meeting with Shiv and Roman, who come for their own gain. Shiv is anxious to get to the data Kendall has against Logan, while Roman makes it apparent that he is there to spy on him. For Kendall’s pitch, Connor joins them, and Kendall tells them to establish a front against Logan in order to preserve the company from ruination. When Kendall challenges Roman’s strength, he reminds them of Logan’s, but he and Shiv sense a vision in their brother’s words and begin to consider siding with him. When Kendall pitches himself as the company’s next emperor, the siblings struggle over the job of CEO.

Shiv retorts that the price he’ll have to pay to win her over is the CEO post, which Kendall quickly dismisses. As their ambitions heat up, Logan sends them a box of doughnuts with the message, “Have a great tea party.” The siblings are taken aback and declare their allegiance to Logan over Kendall. Roman informs Logan, who is overjoyed at his victory over Kendall. Shiv (Sarah Snook) was promoted to ‘President’ at Waystar at the end of the episode, although it is still unknown what her function will be and how this will affect Logan’s relationship with Gerri (J.Smith-Cameron). Shiv smiles gently, and her father returns the smile.

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