Queens Season 1 Episode 3 “Who You Calling a Bitch?” Preview

Six months have gone by since the ladies’ BET triumph on Queens (2021) Season 1 Episode 3 . Brianna confesses to having forgiven her husband for infidelity as they stand united under their concert promo billboard. Eric arrives out of nowhere, sweating and bruised. When the girls ask what happened, he has no credible answer. In an instant, a man in a black mask emerges and shoots Eric and the females.  Go to the bottom of the page to read about the episode 2 recap. So that You can mentally prepare for the next episode. The trailer and synopsis for Abc’s Queens called “Who You Calling a Bitch?” are available at tvacute.com.

Queens Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date

Queens Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Queens (2021) Episode 3 Synopsis: After a bad review, the women come to terms with the fact that their old image and music no longer serve them; while Naomi struggles to maintain creative control, Brianna argues for a more collaborative group effort; Eric takes Valeria out to dinner.

Queens Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

‘Queens’ Season 1 Episode 3 will release on ABC on November 2, 2021, at 10:00 p.m.pm ET Every Tuesday at the same time.  If anything else happens to the schedule, your prior session will keep you informed.

Queens Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Six months have gone since the ladies’ BET triumph. Brianna confesses to have forgiven her husband for infidelity as they stand united under their concert promo billboard. Eric arrives out of nowhere, sweating and bruised. When the girls ask what happened, he has no credible answer. In an instant, a man in a black mask emerges and shoots Eric and the females. In 2001, the women are in San Diego with rapper Cam’ron (played by Cam himself). Aside from signing with Roc-A-Fella and filming Paid in Full, Cam was an overnight fashion star for his love of pink. The song is good, and the execution is good until Valeria triggers Naomi. Fans boo the Nasty Bitches when Naomi drops the mic. Aside from the complex love triangle involving Eric, Naomi, and Valeria, all the women except Valeria were broke after selling 40 million records. Rule 4,080, record labels, and certain band members are shady.

The girls signed a horrible agreement organized by their manager and pal, Eric. Then Valeria joined his strategy and began to look out exclusively for herself. Valeria was well aware of the optics when she approached Eric at the club in 1997. She didn’t require talent 20 years ago. “Is our hair not straight enough?” they asked when Eric presented her to the gathering. Are we too dark? Ask Jill! Naomi’s talent inflated her ego, which is a bad thing. During their peak, Naomi vowed to leave and go solo. Her talent drove her to choose her job over love. It takes more than talent to succeed in the profession, 20 years later. When she meets with Cam’ron’s label executives, they surprise her by saying she would be the perfect “authentic” writer for a 21-year-old “exotic” musician. Colorism resurfaces. So Naomi goes to the exec’s house and performs in his front yard, and it works! Then he offers her a record deal with a catch. She has to choose between a solo career or a band.

In Montana, Jill and Tina are having an intimate moment in bed when Jill’s ex-husband Darren interrupts them and proposes going poly with them. She shrugs. Jill’s coming out has made local news, and she is overwhelmed. While Jill deals with the heightened attention surrounding her sexuality, Lil Muffin escapes from a Montana treatment center and ends up at Jill’s. Jill leaves Tina in Montana to meet the girls in Los Angeles, without hesitation. Brianna’s spouse had successful brain surgery and should be cancer-free after chemo in Los Angeles. As if by magic, Jeff has no memory of cheating on his wife. Valeria tries to persuade Brianna over wine. Jill and Muffin crash Brianna and Valeria’s wine night in disguise. Naomi and Eric arrive shortly after. Eric tells the group he’s secured their performance in San Diego. Brianna, the mom, retorts, talking about priorities and how she agreed to only do one show.

So Naomi reminds E-Jones that she isn’t good with what he has done to their relationship. Valeria interrupts his apologies. He tells her he owes the promoter $500K if they don’t sell out. She has that type of cash and pledges to keep her man quiet. Again, the two lovers must hide from the ladies. It sold out in 12 minutes! Lil Muffin tries to flee Brianna’s house but ends up slipping out the window. After the ladies scold her and make fun of her Care Bears clothing, Jill requests to speak alone. She is Lauren’s older sister–mentor. Lauren reminds Jill that no one cares if she’s lesbian in 2021. Lauren tells the girls she’s going back to recovery and begs them to hold her crown. Showtime! The women are in the same room as 20 years ago, but Naomi is absent. The ladies won’t let her down. While Naomi ignores Eric’s call, P-Sex energizes the ladies, reminding them they can still shine, with or without Naomi. The camera shows us their daily life throughout their performance intro. Brianna’s husband returns home from the hospital, reuniting her family. Jill, with Tina on her side, confronts her church. She declares herself a Black LGBT rapper and a woman of God. But Naomi never fails her girls. Despite her paternity difficulties with Cam, she appears onstage ready to fight for her girls.

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