Queens Season 1 Episode 11 “I’m A Slave 4 U” Release Date + Photos + Promo

Queens Season 1 Episode 11 BRANDY, NADINE VELAZQUEZ

In Queens Season 1, Episode 10, the remaining Queens decided to start Nasty Girl Records, with Lady Z aka Zadie (Remy Ma) as their first signed client. Valeria approaches Eric in the studio. she tries to kiss him. Eric pulls her aside.  Frank is arrested during the concert on several counts of rape  Read the recap below of episode 10.  Fans are curious about Queens season 1 episode 11  In order for You to psychologically prepare for the following episode. tvacute.com has the trailer and synopsis for Abc’s Queens (2021) episode 11.

Queens Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date

Queens Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

I’m A Slave 4 U”  is the title of tonight’s episode. it was written by Valeska Rodriguez and directed by Menjah Huda. In this episode, we will see Eric and Naomi aren’t sure what’s best for JoJo’s future in the entertainment industry.  Jill seeks to assist a young troubled actor who is suffering against an oppressive parent. Valeria on the other hand is fighting for the opportunity to embrace her Puerto Rican roots.  watch the trailer below.

Queens (2021) Episode 11 Synopsis: Eric and Naomi are conflicted on what is best for JoJo’s future; Jill attempts to help a young troubled actor struggling against an overbearing parent; Valeria fights for an opportunity to lean into her Puerto Rican heritage.

Queens Season 1 Episode 11 Release Date

‘Queens’ Season 1 Episode 11 will release on ABC on  January 18, 2022, at 10:00 p.m. EST Every Tuesday at the same time.  If anything else happens to the schedule, your prior session will keep you informed.

Queens Season 1 Episode 11 Photos

Queens Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

In Queens Season 1, Episode 10, the remaining Queens decided to start Nasty Girl Records, with Lady Z aka Zadie (Remy Ma) as their first signed client. The Queens (Naomi, Valeria, Jill, and Lauren aka Lil Muffin) and Lady Z did a radio advertisement to promote an opening show. When Frank Black appears on the balcony during the first concert, Lady Z becomes nervous. Lauren tells Zadie insensitively that Frank brought her into the game and that she’s never seen anything like what he did to Zadie. Valeria and Thomas agreed to take a quiz in a magazine to help her create a better song about him. They talk about their favorite things, their anxieties, and everything else that comes to mind.

When Thomas inquires about her most prized possession, she reveals a photograph of her mother cradling her as a youngster. Valeria doesn’t respond. Jill is at church. Pastor hits her in the face and insists that she apologize to her father. Frank tells them it’s a good thing they signed Zadie and that he’ll be there for the opening of the Staples Center. Naomi is disgusted that Eric can be so generous to him and refuses to eat. Jill defends herself at lunch with her father against his suspicions that her lifestyle contributed to her husband’s behavior. He tells her that the way she came out hurt their entire family, but he refuses to speak to her about her mother’s burial. Naomi meets with Hood Honey, one of Frank’s past artists. When the woman arrives to talk, she is accompanied by her small kid. she tells invited her into the industry and abuses her, and made her pregnant.

After that, he abandoned her, gave her $2,000 for an abortion, and vanished from her life. Jill, Lauren, and Valeria meet while Naomi is busy working with Zadie and Hood Honey. Muffin accuses Naomi and Zadie of not putting the past behind them at home once more. Valeria complains to the women that things with Thomas aren’t working out. Naomi shows Zadie the proof and tells her about Hood Honey. She persuades her to tell her story to a journalist they can trust in the public. Zadie’s piece is published online the next morning, but it isn’t what they agreed on. Zadie is enraged by the article. Zadie quits Nasty Girl recordings after telling Naomi that she is focused on solving problems that have nothing to do with her. Jill arrives at her father’s hotel room she discovers on the floor. He admits to drinking for the first time in over sixty years because his wife is no longer with him. He tells Jill he loves her and is proud of her.

Valeria approaches Eric in the studio. she tries to kiss him. Eric pulls her aside. Thomas arrives. Muffin finds Zadie later that night and tells her why she’s been so upset. Frank also abused her, and she possesses evidence that could lead to his demise. Lauren begs Zadie not to leave the label and promises that she, too, will stand up and tell her tale. Valeria confronts Thomas about all of her shortcomings and secrets. Thomas argues by saying that he still loves her and they’ll work things out together. Valeria informs Thomas that she loves him. Jill tries to assist her father with a referral to a doctor in her hometown in the morning. Her father refused. Zadie tells Naomi in the morning that she wants to return to the show. Lady Z performs a new song devoted to survivors everywhere at the Staples Center’s opening event. Frank is arrested during the concert on several counts of rape and assault, based on the testimony of Zadie and Lauren, as well as four other women who came forward with their assaults after Lauren and Zadie went public. The women and Eric watch the news of Frank’s arrest together.

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