Queens Season 1 Episode 10 – “Nasty Girl Records” Release Date + Photos + Promo

After the exciting midseason debut, the girls assemble at a grave that turns out to be Brianna’s on Queens Season 1 Episode 9. She was killed by Jill’s ex-husband Darren. The girls agree that they can’t travel without Brianna, and they all part ways.  Read the recap below of episode 9.  After the fall finale episode, fans are naturally curious about Queens season 1 episode 10 return date on ABC. When is it? First, Good news: There will be a new episode tonight.  In order for You to psychologically prepare for the following episode titled “Nasty Girl Records”. tvacute.com has the trailer and synopsis for Abc’s Queens (2021) episode 10.

Queens Season 1 Episode 11 Release Date

Queens Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Queens (2021) Episode 10 Synopsis: Putting old rivalries aside, the ladies embark on a new career venture with Zadie, aka “Lady Z.” Meanwhile, Jill faces her past while standing up to her disapproving father and Naomi encourages Zadie to demand justice.

“Nasty Girl Records” was written by Kyra Jones and directed by Sidney Siddell. Musical performances include “Lady Z Strikes Back” performed by Remy Ma featuring Brandy and “Best of Me” performed by Brandy, Naturi Naughton, Nadine Velazquez, Pepi Sonuga and Remy Ma. Guest starring is Remy Ma as Zadie aka “Lady Z” and Gaius Charles as Thomas.

Queens Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date

‘Queens’ Season 1 Episode 10 will release on ABC on  January 11, 2022, at 10:00 p.m. EST Every Tuesday at the same time.  If anything else happens to the schedule, your prior session will keep you informed.

Queens Season 1 Episode 10 Photos

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Queens Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

After the exciting midseason debut, the girls assemble at a grave that turns out to be Brianna’s on Queens Season 1 Episode 9. She was killed by Jill’s ex-husband Darren. The girls agree that they can’t travel without Brianna, and they all part ways. Naomi, Eric, and Jojo go into Brianna’s old house three months later, and Eric asks Naomi what they are. She claims they’re housemates who live in the same house with their daughter. As Muffin walks downstairs, he tells her they’re family.

Valeria goes hard in the studio, rapping about the lessons she learned from the Queens and the Nasty Girls on her new tune. Thomas, her producer, seldom speaks to her, but when she presses him on it, he invites her out to dine. They flirt a lot while they’re out, and he’s very physical with her. Naomi loads groceries into the car as Muffin informs her that she has been studying for the bar exam. Naomi is surprised to see a woman named Zadie grab her cart because she used to be a big-time MC.

Valeria tells Thomas about Bri’s death at a late-night pub, and they talk about wanting children and eventually meeting the right person. Thomas and Valeria kiss in the early morning at a diner after closing down a restaurant and bar. They then go to a chapel to get married.  Zadie meets up at Naomi’s studio that night and they record together. Zadie still does not want to return to the industry, but they agree to go out for drinks.

Jill has flashbacks of Darren shooting and assaulting her in the chapel at night. Her assistant advises her to contact her pals since whatever is going on with her should not be dealt with alone. Jill dials a number, but we don’t know who it is.  Naomi informs her that she has come to listen, and Zadie informs her that she was fired from the company for assaulting Frank Black, but that it was he who attempted to sexually assault her.

Jill buys cocaine from her former dealer, whom she called from her trailer, in a parking lot. Jill drives home with the narcotics in her hand but throws them out the window before she arrives, remembering the Queens.

A police officer stops her before she gets far. Thankfully, he simply checks for her license and registration and informs her that the sticker on her registration is expired, but another cop approaches Jill and asks whether she owns the bag of [email protected]  Jojo shows Muffin the Cash Mermaid diss video, and the girl shouts the N-word. Muffin storms into the studio, enraged, and effortlessly destroys Cash Mermaid.

Jill ultimately dials Naomi’s number, who connects her to Valeria, Eric, and Muffin. She informs them that she is in jail, and they all rush to fetch her up. Jill explains to the women that she’s been preoccupied with acting and hasn’t gotten much sleep, and she even tells them about the dr#gs.

The women decide to start Nasty Girl Records, a full-service management company that will promote musicians rather than exploits them. They’ll all be releasing solo material, and they’d like to sign Zadie as their first customer. She agrees, and the women join Eric in celebrating. They raise a glass, to be honest with themselves, and Valeria tells Thomas about her mother and how she lies when she is terrified. After toasting, the girl’s phone Brianna, who is on a beach with her kids someplace in paradise…

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