Is Randall Going To Be President in This Is Us Finale?

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Fans of This Is Us were expecting a dramatic plot twist in the series finale but instead got a calm, meticulously produced hour with only one fast flash-forward and no significant plot twists. We know you’ve got questions about the NBC drama’s final episode,

However, the writers of This Is Us clearly planted a lot of seeds in the final chapter of the show that Randall Pearson could one day become President. Although they never said so.

We did have more evidence that he is considering a run near the end of the season finale. At the burial, he told Kevin and Kate that the party wanted him to go to Iowa, which is an important rite of passage for all presidential contenders. If you succeed there, you could be on your way to the White House for a long time.

So, does creator Dan Fogelman see Randall as President of the United States? He appears to have an answer, but he won’t reveal it. Instead, here is what he had to say about it to TVLine:

“Randall’s political journey ahead of him is probably the closest we come in this show to our Sopranos going to black at the end of the episode, and you’re left to choose your own adventure as to what you think happens with him,” Fogelman told reporters, chuckling. “In my mind, I know what happens to Randall and his family, but it’s meant to not be answered… It’s up to the audience to decide what they think happens next with Randall.”

Is There Going To Be A Spinoff?

This Is Us Fans who want to see a spin-off focused on this (like The West Wing, but with a Pearson) will be disappointed to learn that Fogelman isn’t interested. Instead, he prefers to leave the show alone and move on to something else.

“I’m pretty set on this being it,” “Who knows what change of heart my ensuing midlife crisis brings, but I really feel we’ve put these stories to bed now.” say to TVLine:

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