[Season Finale] FBI: International Season 1 Episode 21 Recap

[Season Finale] FBI: International Season 1 Episode 21 Recap

In FBI: International Season 1 Finale titled called “Crestfallen”, After bringing down Smit, Jaeger was promoted. She has finally secured a position in an office. She has the option of replacing her. Making her next case with Forrester’s squad her final case. A private airliner was brought down with a rocket launcher. The entire crew perished. Another passenger was supposed to fly on the aircraft, so authorities were left wondering why he didn’t. However, due to the victim, this case was referred to the FBI. Hutchinson, as in the Hutchinson in Hutchinson file, was the owner of the jet, which Forrester was supposed to take for his mother. He didn’t do it. He was afraid of betraying his country.

Instead, Forrester told his employers about the encounter. To find his mother, they set up a sting operation. As a result, Special Agent Scott Forrester never got close enough to the actual file to see what it had to say about Hutchinson. He had no notion what Hutchinson had done for the US or why he was so influential. His plane was shot down, he was just told. Forrester intended to examine this as he would any other case, but instead, he found himself with requests for reports from both the US government and his mother. After months of silence, he received a call from his mother. Forrester had warned her not to show herself because he had been followed the previous time they saw each other.

Scott Forrester, on the other hand, suddenly has doubts. He was curious about Hutchinson’s significance. His mother and his family wouldn’t offer him an answer. Instead, they were thinking about who else was meant to fly on that particular aircraft. The fortunate one. Paul Novikoff is a writer who specializes in science fiction and fantasy. All spy efforts in Russia were overseen by Novikoff. He was even the name of the man who allegedly converted Forrester’s mother against the Americans and assisted her in betraying them. After failing to make the flight, Novikoff disappeared. He knelt because assassins could be following him, and if they were, it was because he was considering defecting from Russia.

That is, according to Forrester’s mother. Angela asserts that she was never a traitor. She claimed that she was still employed by the Americans and that Novikoff was eager to join them. First and foremost, he needed guarantee of safety. Forrester opted to trust this story since it was told by his mother, and thus he deviated from the script. In Budapest, he abandoned his group. He kept his whereabouts a secret from them. He merely stated that he was pursuing Novikoff and that he was looking for information. His superiors were furious, believing Forrester was committing treason by conversing with his mother. As a result, he was pursued by a CIA colleague.

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