This Is Us Season 6 Episode 18 Recap [Series Finale]

The season finale of the NBC drama provides a peaceful conclusion to the show’s stunning penultimate episode, “The Train,” which saw Pearson matriarch Rebecca die. Without a late, let’s recap the events of “Us.”  The season finale of This Is Us began with Rebecca (Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in bed together, precisely as the penultimate episode ended. Fans quickly learn, however, that this is a flashback scene, and that they are both very much alive.

This Is Us’ final episode starts with Jack and Rebecca waking up in the morning. Rebecca and Jack are in bed when This Is Us Finale Chapter begins, and she says “hello.” He draws his attention to a scar over her eye that he had never noticed before.  She tells him of a park she used to go to with her father when she was younger, where there was one swing that she loved and he would push her on. Going there with him was such a delight for her, and she was always worried about when he would stop pushing her and tell her it was time to go home. She wishes she had spent more time noticing it. He advises her that she should do nothing because they have no plans and a completely free Saturday. Then we show Rebecca and Jack swinging the kids at the park when they were little, Randall and Beth swinging theirs, Kevin’s, and Kate and Toby’s.

During the flashback, Rebecca and Jack had a free Saturday to spend with their children. Rebecca and Kate are sketching on the sidewalk with chalk. When Jack returns with a ball, the boys refuse to play. Kate and Rebecca watch home movies together while Jack demonstrates how to shave Kevin and Randall. Then they play pin the tail on the donkey, with Kate emerging victorious. “I think you’ll have to work very hard to become the person I know you can be, and having to work a little harder for the big successes in life will make them that much more wonderful,” Rebecca says. Young “You always know what to say,” Kevin responds. This is something you’re particularly good at.” Isn’t that the case? Jack is also a natural at being a father. Jack teaches Randall and Kevin how to shave in a special moment between a father and his sons.

In the present day, Kevin wakes up, examines his ties, and ponders which one to wear. He smiles as he examines his beard. Kate as a child examines the family photograph, then Kate as an adult does the same. Jack summons the children for breakfast, and Rebecca announces that they will be alone on Saturday. Kate has various suggestions for them. Randall and Beth are preparing the meal, which will be served in less than two hours. She claims to be merely checking upon him. He claims that he is prepared for his eulogy and that he is looking forward to the next chapter with her and their grandchildren.

Rebecca’s Funeral Brings the Pearson Family Together

The Big Three takes the stage at the funeral to pay tribute to their loving mother. Outside Kevin’s house, Kate observes the young cousins playing Foursquare. Toby locates her and requests permission to cross their ex-husband’s boundaries. Later, at the church, we see Nicky explain to Kevin, in a typical Nicky way, that the instant he arrived at his trailer, he began caring about living again.  the Pearsons prepare for Rebecca’s funeral, where Randall (Sterling K. Brown) delivers the eulogy and Kate (Chrissy Metz) performs a song in memory of her mother. Randall assures Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) that he’s ready for their next chapter before coming up in front of their family and friends. Toby (Chris Sullivan) spoke with Kate, his now-ex-wife, and encouraged her. Even though they’ve since broken up, the former lovers expressed their love for one another. If he could, Toby says he’d go back to that weight-loss support group and reclaim Kate’s attention. Randall is trying to come up with a way to eulogize his mother in only a few minutes in the aftermath of Rebecca’s death. Randall is about to bury his fourth parent, so Beth takes a moment to check upon him.

When it’s all said and done, Randall is the last one left in the chapel. He stands up and walks out with Beth after a brief minute to himself. After the service, Randall’s daughters pay a visit to their father. Randall expresses his dissatisfaction with the situation by saying, “It all feels so useless.” He spent his childhood fearing the loss of his parents, the last decade afraid of death, and now his mother is no longer with him. Nonetheless, life goes on. Deja and Randall are left alone by Annie and Tess. Following the service, Randall is greeted by adult versions of his daughters, and Deja, who is expecting a baby boy, reveals that she is expecting a boy and plans to name him William. This led to another flashback sequence, this time with William talking about becoming a grandfather to Annie and Tess. Deja reminds him that he will soon become a grandfather. Randall recalls a conversation he had with William shortly before they departed for Memphis, in which William discussed the impact of being a grandfather. Deja tells Randall she’s expecting a boy. As Randall sobs, Deja replies, “We’d like to call him William.” Your grandson will be named after someone I’ve never met. But I recognise him because I recognise you. Randall is informed by Deja. That was precisely what Randall required. Randall revels in the fact that he is no longer the family’s sole male member.

The Big Three Futur Plans

The Big Three Make Their Appearance What Will Happen Next? On the steps of the cabin, Kevin and Kate join Randall. Kevin is unsure what they will do next. Kate expresses herself. They all declare their plans at the same time. Randall wished to pursue a political career. His possible trip to Iowa for the Democratic National Convention. Kate says they’ll keep doing what Rebecca wanted them to do, which is to live great, purposeful lives. Kevin stated he would focus on his non-profit while she announced her ambitions to open new music schools for the visually impaired. Kate confesses that she had a nightmare that they would drift away now that their mother is no longer alive. Randall recalls Rebecca grabbing his hand firmly at the conclusion. Rebecca was on the train with Jack. Rebecca reveals to Jack on the train that she is afraid, but he tells her that she shouldn’t be. Rebecca claims she does not want to abandon her children. Rebecca had grasped Jack’s hand on the train when she grabbed Randall’s. The show ends with Jack staring happily at the three beautiful children he and Rebecca had nurtured.

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