Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 [Exodus] Future plans for Cody Boys

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 will air on TNT on Sunday, Aug 21. Only two episodes are left in the series finale. the departure of Cody boys. Pope offers cold case info for prison transfer. Deran leaves the pub. Craig picks Renn and Nick. J and Penny discuss their options and come up with a plan.

In Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 11, Scott Speedman, is back in action. In the particularly flashback-heavy, we watched Andrew and Baz bank rob. the guys spent a large portion of the hour trying to organize their lives and futures.  Billy’s return for J and his feud with J is just as outrageous as his hatred of Pope. His affection for his son, however, is as evident as ever.  Billy responded to Deran’s call for a contact within the prison after some delay. What happened next? Read the recap below. Watch ‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 5  episode 12 new promo at, So that you can prepare yourself for the upcoming new episode.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 Recap [Exodus]

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13 [Series Finale] Andrew’s Past Reveals

  Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 Spoilers

In the upcoming episode of Animal Kingdom from season 6, we will, without a doubt, be arriving at a pivotal juncture in the narrative. Not only is “Exodus” the penultimate episode of this season, but it is also the penultimate episode of the series as a whole. Whatever occurs in this chapter will undoubtedly be carried over until the conclusion of the series.  According to the synopsis, In exchange for a prison transfer, Pope is willing to provide information regarding a cold case.

It appears that Pope is coming to the conclusion that he does not have to spend the rest of his life withering away in jail. After being under Smurf’s command for such a long period of time, he finally has the opportunity to live his life on his own terms and discover a sense of inner calm.  We know the Cody Boys’ objective is to break Pope out of prison to secure his future and then leave to secure their own. They know they can’t stay in Oceanside while police follow them. In the flashback, Smurf discovers that Julia has been dishonest all along. Take a look at the summary and the promo for Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 12 that has been provided below to learn a few more specifics about what you can anticipate:

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 Promo

‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 6 Episode 12 Synopsis“Pope offers information on a cold case in exchange for a prison transfer; Deran says goodbye to the bar; J makes plans with Penny and Craig chooses Renn and Nick; Smurf learns Julia has been dishonest.”

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12: Scott Speedman Returns

Do you guys feel the same way about Baz as we do? Who among you is looking forward to seeing Baz once more?! Scott Speedman will be making his return on Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12. Then you are NOT going to want to miss the episode that airs on Sunday.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 Release Time

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 will air on TNT on Sunday, Aug 21 at 9:00 p.m. ET. If you need to catch up on prior episodes, Prime Video is currently broadcasting the first five seasons.

Animal Kingdom Series Finale Episode

Episode 13 titled “Fuber” of Season 6 of Animal Kingdom is the series finale that will air on August 28, 2022, As per its synopsis; The Cody boys embark on their most dangerous job yet; Andrew commits the original sin that destroyed the family.

Where can I Watch Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 12 Online?

If you have a cable subscription, you can watch new Animal Kingdom episodes live on the TNT website or the Watch TNT app if you have a valid cable login. With an active subscription to YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, or DIRECTV STREAM, you may also watch the series live. A TNT live stream is available on all of the aforementioned streaming sites. For qualifying subscribers, YouTube TV offers a free trial. On the TNT app and website, episodes will be available for viewing the next day. Animal Kingdom’s first five seasons are presently available to watch for free on Amazon Prime Video. Season 6 episodes should be available for purchase at first, with the final season eventually becoming accessible for Prime Video customers to stream for free.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

A flashback occurs Andrew and Baz scout out a bank to rob. Pope is told by Baz to leave Cath alone and to stop sending her flowers and acting strangely around her since it is upsetting her. They are on their way to rob a bank. Pope countered by saying that Cath deserved so much better than a cheater like Baz. Then, as the robbery itself progressed, Baz was forced to flee alone, leaving Pope to be apprehended and sent up the river. Baz at least felt guilty about it. He showed no guilt at all for getting busted by Julia while banging another female in the 1990s flashback of the week. Baz is caught having sex with someone when Julia, Deran, and Craig arrive at his home. She hits him twice during their disagreement, and he nearly hits her back. They go away. Smurf’s only daughter confessed to her twin brother after becoming unhappy. When Julia tells Pope what happened with Baz, he tells her that she deserves more and makes an attempt at a kiss. He claims that he is having a problem. Andrew broke down and sobbed, saying, “There is, but I know mom doesn’t think there is anything wrong with him.

Then, as the hour’s end drew near, Pope was joined in his room by a mage of Baz, who wouldn’t let him bear the blame for killing Catherine. That murder had been committed by Smurf, just like Baz’s and Julia’s had, albeit Julia’s had taken longer. ” As Baz informs Smurf he doesn’t belong there and has already paid for his mistakes, they place the responsibility on him. Baz was Pope’s singular vision. Baz got Pope off the hook for Cath’s murder by blaming Smurf.  Pope came to the conclusion that Smurf was to blame for everyone’s deaths and that she is the reason he is the way he is through a hallucination of Baz. Once Baz was gone, Pope reportedly felt inspired and asked to make a call. Deran bought information and contact to assist get Pope out of jail from dad Billy (Denis Leary). Deran set off for Indonesia while Craig prepared to move to Singapore. Deran had the sweet intention of taking Pope with him, at least until he made up his mind about where he wanted to be. After letting her husband Noah know about J, Penny essentially consented to be his kept woman. The guys discuss their ideas, and J goes over how the funds will be distributed. Deran inquires about cutting and running as that has been his long-term strategy, but J responds that he is working for Pope rather than running. While they reminisce, Craig tells J that he was mistaken about him and how much he values him today.

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