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Will Trent is a highly anticipated procedural on ABC that is based on Karin Slaughter’s 10-book Will Trent series. The series is about an Atlanta-based special agent named Will Trent who has a highly successful clearance rate but a challenging personality. Day Break (2006) star Ramón Rodrguez plays the role of the titular character in the series. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in Will Trent, Episode 1 Recap continue reading at tvacute.com.

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[ABC] Will Trent Season 1 Cast: Meet the Cast

[ABC] Will Trent Episode 1 Recap

Will is highly dyslexic and has physical scars from his horrific upbringing in foster care, yet he modestly boasts that he is “a fairly perceptive man” when it comes to reading crime scenes like Atlanta’s Sherlock Holmes. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent is despised by the neighbourhood police officers for having exposed corruption inside the force. Not that his three-piece suits get ruffled. When it comes to his adopted Chihuahua named Betty and his colleague detective and group-home survivor, the even tougher-skinned Angie, Will is a likeable character who lifts his somewhat overheated namesake crime thriller with sarcastic humour and sympathy.

Beginning with Abigail on the phone with Paul, played by the legendary Mark-Paul Gosselaar,  also features the wonderful Jennifer Morrison. Given that he cheated on her with their trainer, she is naturally outraged. However, Abigail notices broken glass as she enters their home and assumes that someone has broken in. She goes inside the house despite Paul’s warnings to check on their 16-year-old daughter Emma. Abigail enters and discovers a man covered in blood standing over what seems to be Emma’s dead body. Abigail gains the upper hand as they falter down the steps. She uses her tennis racquet to choke the unidentified man to death.

The following scenario depicts Will Trent attempting to deliver Betty, an abandoned chihuahua belonging to his deceased neighbour, to an animal shelter after just taking out a group of dishonest police officers. Will, though, keeps Betty after learning it’s not a no-kill situation. Viewers can see that someone wrote the words “rat,” “snitch,” and “traitor” on his car as they leave. Deputy Director Amanda Wagner, who is Will’s boss, picks him up and drives him to the reported crime site. Will begins to read the crime scene there and finds he is familiar with the victim’s father. When Paul comes, he recognises Kayla, not Emma, as the deceased woman.

Will concludes that Emma was taken by Kayla’s killer, who also stabbed the guy Abigail subsequently killed. Adam Humphrey, a first-year student at a nearby college, is identified by the authorities as the deceased. Then we see Detective Angie Polaski, who is reportedly in recovery from drug addiction and is currently working undercover. She does, however, use narcotics while attempting to catch a dealer. Will investigates the situation and finds that whoever abducted Emma also took her car. As she waits to expose the supplier, Angie locates the car and phones Will to let him know where it is. It is obvious that they have a shared past. But we suppose that’s a tale for another time.

Arriving at the killing scene, Detective Michael Ormewood is plainly unhappy over the GBI removing him from his homicide investigation to seek a “trust fund runaway.” And it’s clear that he despises Will. But when Ormewood approaches, Will departs with Detective Faith Mitchell, his brand-new partner, to examine the automobile. They discover blood in the trunk as well as a camera from a recording studio directed straight at the location of the car. Will and Faith are let to view the videotapes by a dyslexic employee of the studio. They demonstrate how the suspect changed cars, and a second kidnapper took off with Emma. Adam was pals with Emma, not Kayla, as Ormewood discovers after doing more research on his life. Adam’s roommate is being questioned by force, while Kenny, his boyfriend, has a stroke.

While stuck in traffic, Will and Faith have an argument. And Will discovers that Faith’s mom was one of the dishonest police officers he exposed. When Will claims that Paul was having a sexual relationship with Kayla, Will and Paul engage in a physical altercation at the GBI headquarters. He also mentions that they both grew up in the same foster family. The presence of the cops causes the agreement with Angie’s supplier to be postponed. But in the Will Trent premiere, she still manages to get one of his thugs imprisoned. In order to remove her from the vice section, the police chief later appoints her to be Ormewood’s partner in homicide.

Will Trent Episode 1 Recap! Ending Explained! Who is the murderer in the first episode of “Will Trent”?

Adam’s roommate discloses to Will and Faith that Adam had been sleeping with Emma towards to the end of the Will Trent episode 1. And someone made threatening letters that Adam’s roommate showed Will and Faith, warning him to keep away from Emma. The message reveals the offender has dyslexia, which directs the partners to Warren, the man who works at the recording studio. Warren is high on drugs and imprisoned in the recording studio when Will and Faith arrive to the location. He admits to killing Kayla and claims that his boyfriend told him to commit suicide. Warren accidentally kills himself with a gun, leaving the detectives without any leads. But Will and Faith resolve to work together again and make amends.

Will discovers Angie at his house sitting on his couch with a key in her hand. Angie was at the group home alongside Will and Paul, the show shows. When they begin kissing, it is clear that Will and Angie have shared a romantic past. Will’s chest and back have scars that are noticeable when she slips his shirt off. Will has dyslexia, we learn later when the police bring him some of Emma’s school records. Paul also appears at Will’s door wearing a bloody shirt. He says he shot the person who kidnapped Emma.

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