Who burned the warehouse? The Mayans MC season 4 finale leaves us with a Cliffhanger

Mayans MC Season 3 Episode 9 Photos of JD Pardo as EZ Reyes

Mayans MC’s season 4 finale ended with a bang. At the end of tonight’s huge FX episode, someone in a hoodie set fire to the warehouse. This is the same warehouse where EZ kept the drugs that he said would be the club’s future.

At the temple, the Santo Padre Mayans state that they still want revenge, while Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) wants peace, claiming that the Sons of Anarchy had agreed to a ceasefire. Isaac’s attack is called a rogue who killed Manny. EZ (JD Pardo) demands capitulation and activates the kill switch, which lets a charter remove a president by majority consent. the club chooses to fire Alvarez, opting for war over peace.

EZ appointed himself as President, assigned Alvarez as Vice President, and then picked Bishop as his right-hand man. The new president then takes the throne in Santo Padre and says that their first job is to work with Galindo and Soledad. they will soon be in charge of California. Angel then talks to his brother about what he’s done and what he’s become. EZ, on the other hand, tells Angel to leave if he isn’t all-in, which Angel Reyes takes as a threat.

As Season 4 comes to a close, Mayans M.C. switches to EZ in bed with Sofia, looking pleased with himself. However, while he is sleeping, an unknown guy sets fire to Galindo and Soledad’s warehouse, destroying all of the heroin. The Mayans MC season 4 finale leaves us with a Cliffhanger; Who set fire to the warehouse?

What do we think will happen next? You could say that more than one person could have done this, and Alvarez is one of them who makes a lot of sense. Even though the Mayans had a history of violence, he may have been someone who fought for peace at the same time. Angel, EZ’s brother, is also a possibility. Based on the scene EZ had with his brother, we think this is the best choice. We know that he didn’t like everything about how EZ ran his business.

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