What happened to Julia in the sixth season of Animal Kingdom? How did Julia Died? Explained!

What happened to Julia in the sixth season of Animal Kingdom? How did Julia Died? Explained!

Animal Kingdom season 6 debuted on June 19 on TNT, and there was much we were able to cover in these two episodes. Each Cody family member does something different to improve their life. Craig (Ben Robson) is now having trouble staying sober and wants to open a gym. On the other hand, J (Finn Cole) is now working in finance, and Deran (Jake Weary) is busy running a bar restaurant in the area. Apart from this, in particular, gave us a terrific opportunity to go back in time to see what was going on with a few key personalities. Julia’s death in the pilot is by far the best insight we’ve ever received into the character. We already know she becomes a drug addict, and you saw the roots of that in the first episode. Is it possible that Smurf killed Julia’s ambitions for her own self-benefit? What happened to Julia in the sixth season of Animal Kingdom?


During the premiere of Animal Kingdom Final season 6, we learned, how Smurf refused to let her children thrive and be happy in their own space. Pope was a wonderful skateboarder, but Smurf’s attitude toward them caused him to shatter and burn his skateboard, giving up something he loved. Out of spite and anger, We also found out that she paid judges at surf competitions not to allow Deran to win, even when he did.

we learn more about Julia through flashbacks. On the other hand, she is the protagonist of the flashbacks. Unfortunately, by the age of 16, she’s already a shell of herself, well on her way to addiction and escape. It’s a stark contrast to the little girl they first introduced us to, and it’s clear that Smurf has taken away her shine. Julia had always felt stuck within the family, crushed by Smurf’s dominance and machinations. Julia’s demise, on the other hand, was truly tragic. She took an overdose and died, leaving J to join Smurf and the rest of the family. J has been thinking a lot about Julia on a few occasions throughout the premiere.

Smurf is about as evil a person as you’ll ever meet. This is a manipulative woman who wants to keep her family under her control in any way she can. Smurf ruined Julia’s excellent academic career. She even goes so far as to deceive her daughter about her academic standing. She informs her that she has been exiled in order to prevent her from progressing beyond the family; she also degrades her beauty and makes her feel insignificant. The mother and daughter’s enmity was so thick that it could be sliced with a knife.

Smurf’s feelings of envy, disgust, and menace toward her daughter were bizarre. She never held the boys responsible for anything, instead of blaming Julia. She couldn’t let Julia be herself, and she was continuously punishing her for seeing through her nonsense and refusing to be persuaded like the others.

What happened to Julia in the sixth season of Animal Kingdom? How did Julia Died? Explained!

The flashbacks with Julia (Jasper Polish) and Baz explain how their relationship blossomed. It was horrible of Smurf to punish Julia by telling her she was expelled since she saw her happy with Baz. Smurf willingly damaged her daughter’s life and destiny. She also got a kick out of injuring Julia and making her unhappy. There was not having a serious love affair It’s just sexual and attractive. Julia’s most passionate love affair was with Andrew. Andrew was on the verge of catching a case because he couldn’t let Julia get in trouble following the computer robbery. Julia, on the other hand, always saw him for who he was, fought for him, and tried to protect him from Smurf.

Julia never sought Smurf’s favor or attention, and she never impressed him, which Smurf despised. With all of this in mind, and knowing Julia’s fate, every second they showed her with a drink or drugs crushed your heart. For the first time on this show, the extended Smurf flashbacks feel legitimate, and a part of that is because this feels a little closer to the reality we have now — everything is becoming more evident, both the good and the evil, as a result. This is an awful family for Julia to be a part of, and we’re left wondering more than ever how things could have turned out differently for her.

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