The season 4 finale of Mayans MC begins with Coco’s burial.

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Mayans MC Season 4 finale; Coco’s farewell (Richard Cabral):  We expected the Mayans MC season 4 finale to be emotional, but we weren’t expecting it to hit us square in the feels straight soon. This is exactly what we got in this finale, which took us through Coco’s ultimate farewell, which took the shape of a solemn memorial service. All of the other club members were present to say their goodbyes to Coco.

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Aside from viewing Coco’s burial in the finale’s episode, there’s another standout moment: Leticia’s address to everyone in present was really emotional, especially when she granted everyone true peace of mind. Angel, on the other hand, maintains his distance, most likely because he is still humiliated by sleeping with Coco’s daughter, Letty, after his death. Letty finally lashes out at the Mayans. She’ll never forgive the gang for what occurred to Coco, and it’s yet more reminder of how difficult life can be. Of course, there were also all other problems this individual had to deal with.

The fact that we’re only now getting the total indicates that the program is cramming a lot more stories into this season in a relatively short amount of time. Weeks for us are days for these folks, who are dealing with every environment and situation that does not appear to be getting any better. The conflict with the Sons of Anarchy has been ongoing virtually since the beginning of the season, and with EZ becoming increasingly merciless, we can’t assume that anyone is about to achieve some greater degree of peace.

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