The Rookie Season 5 Episode 7: Nolan worries about how to make Bailey feel better after the proposal.

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 7 will release on SUNDAY, November 6, 2022, on ABC.  Nolan wonders how he might help Bailey feel better at home following the proposal. Case of the Week:  Nolan and Celina investigate a gunshot after seeing the victim dead and the team investigates the gang-related murder of a local shopkeeper.

A Halloween-themed episode had some humorous and enjoyable moments, but it also had some tense ones. The majority of the comedy came from the familial vibes that Nolan and Bailey gave off with Celina, who may be thought of as something of an adopted kid, and The Chenford scavenger hunt did have some humorous and heartwarming parts to it. After expressing a desire for Angela and Wesley to have some storylines, we were given what we requested—or were we? (read the recap below) Fans are now eager to discover more about the new episode of The Rookie To more about The Rookie Season 5 Episode 7, all of the information, including the promo and release date, can be found at (

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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 7 Spoilers

“Crossfire” is the title of an upcoming episode directed by ‘This is us’ character,  Miguel  Jon Huertas, and written by Glen Mazzara. it appears to be exciting. For those of you who don’t remember, Jon Huertas has already made an appearance on The Rookie in the role of an actress he had an appearance on The Rookie in October 2019. He portrayed Alejandro Mejia/Cesar Ojeda in Season 2 Episode 3 “The Bet” and reteams with Nathan Fillion and Seamus Dever, two previous Castle co-stars. Now, turning our attention to the plot of “Crossfire.” Based on the synopsis, Officer Nolan and Celina as they witness a shooting, come to the conclusion that the victim was already dead, and continue their investigation. Since Nolan proposed to Bailey, Bailey has been experiencing a sense of disorientation ever since they returned home, prompting him to ponder the various ways in which he may help her feel more at ease. In a separate development, Lopez and Harper ask Lucy for assistance in their investigation into the gang-related killing of a local shopkeeper. You can read the complete plot summary and promo for The Rookie Season 5 Episode 7 down below, along with some further information about what’s to come:

The Rookie Episode 5.07 Synopsis: Officer John Nolan and Celina witness a shooting, realize the victim was already dead, and investigate further. Back at home, Bailey has been feeling off-center ever since the proposal, leaving Nolan to wonder what he can do to make her feel more comfortable. Elsewhere, Lopez and Harper enlist Lucy’s help to investigate the gang-related murder of a local shopkeeper.

Where to Watch The Rookie Season 5 Episode 7 Online?

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 7 will debut on SUNDAY, November 6, 2022, at  10:00-11:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on ABCEpisodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu.  Hard die fans of ‘The Rookie’ can stream the entire season 5:   DirecTV Sling TV | Fubo TV | YouTube TV | Hulu | Vudu

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

When Nolan stops the man, he confesses to carrying a knife in his back pocket and a little knife around his neck. He also claims to have another 15 or so knives in total. Juarez informs him that the trunk has begun to grumble. Wesley is gazing into space when Angela enters the kitchen. Wesley is anxious about his deposition in the Elijah case and finds out that Elijah is being represented by his ex-fiancee. Jackson enters the station with Nyla’s daughter after experiencing a breast milk issue. Celina’s lack of sleep is affecting her performance at work. Thorsen tries to encourage Tim to open up about Ashley and Tim’s breakup, but he almost lets it slip to Lucy. Bailey and Nolan are organizing their nuptials. A bank alerts the authorities to the usage of a case that is under investigation, and the police later discover burned money. When helping a woman load her truck, Tim leaves his radio behind. The woman gives it to Lucy, who finds the whole situation amusing and can’t wait to stick it in Tim’s face. Lucy plays a practical joke on Tim by sending him on a search for his radio.

In this case of burned money, they collaborate with a DEA agent. There is a dead body there. Identify Winslow’s location. Tim understands Lucy is the one who actually possesses his radio. During the deposition, Wesley’s ex-girlfriend Monica makes him uncomfortable. Harper now understands that the friend of her daughter can’t visit because of her prejudiced parents. Wesley meets Monica for cocktails while attempting to warn her about Elijah. When Angela arrives, Monica departs. Wesley reveals to Angela the identity of Monica and the fact that they were engaged prior to his affair. When Celina arrives at Nolan’s house, she nods off while he and Bailey argue over how to get her to sleep. She crashes in their house and, when they assist her in interpreting her dream, it provides her with a lead. Del Monte admits they don’t have a good enough case against Elijah and drops it, promising to reconsider their position about Wesley’s employment. Tim tells Lucy about Ashley breaking up with him and how much he enjoyed the joke when Lucy returns his radio to him. Wesley is a menace to Elijah. Wesley encounters Elijah in the dark on the street, and he informs him that he should have known because he is practically untouchable.

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