The Rookie Season 5 Episode 1 Recap “Double Down” Is Chris dead? 

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 1 Recap “Double Down”

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 1 has the proper amount of momentum thanks to Rosalind’s escape. She still poses a serious threat for the remainder of the season and could show up at any time. The recipe, which is uniquely theirs because to the casual incorporation of humor, some drama, shocking moments, and some delectable ship tease, is back, along with the Rookie. The hour primarily dealt with certain issues left over from The Rookie Season 4 Episode 22 and set the stage for the season. provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

Officer Nolan of the LAPD received the chance of a lifetime. He had the option of working anyplace in the division. He received the “golden ticket,” as the police described it. Everyone wanted him to treat this ticket seriously, including his employer and his boss’s boss. They advised him to pursue the more lucrative LAPD positions. Nolan questioned why he couldn’t utilise his ticket to start working as a training officer right away after they advised him to do so and said the police would pay for his training in any position he desired. To successfully complete the work, he had to have a college degree. Sadly, life kept getting in the way when he returned to school, but the golden ticket was still there.

When his entire unit was asked to provide protection, Nolan was examining all of his choices. Rosalind, an old friend of Nolan’s, was, it turned out, still active. The serial killer was required to appear in court. Rosalind, on the other hand, always manages to irritate Nolan. Years ago, they crossed paths while working on a case, and Roslind warmed to him. The oldest rookie police officer in LA history was Nolan. He was renowned for making friends with everyone, and regrettably, occasionally even murderers succumbed to his allure. Rosalind had a distinct reputation. She thought of him as both a friend and a foe. She also enjoys picking on him.

The plan was to cut off Rosalind’s access to the outer world. She was subject to several restrictions as a result of helping some of her followers apply her ways to become serial killers themselves. Rosalind nevertheless managed to access social media despite it. Rosalind stalked Nolan and his buddies online. She even follows Bailey, his girlfriend, on social media. She mentioned a cake that Bailey had baked for Nolan and cynically said that he had missed the opportunity to try it that morning. Rosalind enjoys making Nolan uncomfortable. She previously did it with his mentor as well.

The mentor was then imprisoned for being a corrupt police officer. Rosalind was at a loss for choices when she zeroed in on Nolan, and she now lives to enrage him. Nolan never loses patience with her or when she tries to make him uncomfortable. He respects how she is treated. He refuses to be duped by her tricks. Rosalind defeated him tonight despite his efforts to look at the wider perspective. Rosalind and her attorney prepared their escape. The deputy sheriff protecting Rosalind was killed by the attorney. The deputy’s clothing was taken by the lawyer. Rosalind obtained the attorney’s attire. Rosalind managed to get away from the mayhem invisibly.

Everyone was on edge after Rosalind’s escape. Officer Lucy Chen had been working undercover with Sergeant Tim Bradford when she should have been in the city. They were intended to buy some drugs from some dealers. They boarded a plane and headed who knows where. Tim encountered the incorrect guy when they landed in Las Vegas. Tim came across the present girlfriend of his identical twin. When the girlfriend last saw him three weeks ago, she was puzzled as to how he had dropped weight so quickly. As a result of her suspicions that he was cheating on her, she also inquired about his girlfriend. Lucy then used threats to scare the woman away in an effort to defuse the situation.

Which, for a while, worked. However, the drug dealers that the undercover cops were riding with had grown interested. He located the young woman who accosted Tim. She answered his questions, revealing that the person posing as Jake was actually someone else. He was identified as a cop by the narcotics dealers. They made an attempt to hold Tim and Lucy as hostages. Tim was apprehended. However, Lucy fought back and defeated the entire team by herself. When the job was finished, Lucy and Tim didn’t wait to head home right away. Rosalind continued to worry Lucy. With Rosalind free, she had been unable to concentrate on the case. Returning home was sufficient for her to change how she perceived Tim.

Is Chris dead in The Rookie Season 5 Episode 1?

In an effort to convince drug dealers of their fictitious relationship, Tim and Lucy had practiced kissing. The kiss meant more to Lucy and Tim, though, than either would ever want to acknowledge. Chris and Lucy were dating. Tim and Ashley were dating. If they went one step further, it was going to get complicated. Only Lucy and Tim made it back to Los Angeles, and as they both entered her apartment, they saw Lucy’s boyfriend lying unconscious, they appeared to be trying to work out their relationship. Rosalind apparently intended to annoy Lucy one final time. Chris’ wrists were severed, and she left him for Lucy to find. Rosalind made a call to Nolan as well before leaving the country on a plane. She informed him that she would miss him and had left Lucy with a “present.”

Did Rosalind run away?

Rosalind Dyer, a serial killer, not only made her getaway, but she also killed her most recent victim along the way: ADA Chris Sanford, who had been Lucy’s most recent love interest. Even though he wasn’t already dead when the episode ended, things don’t seem to be going well. Rosalind was furious with Lucy for skipping court and not participating in the game… She used that as a method to avenge Lucy. It was also a rather severe barrier to place in Chenford’s path. To be clear, Lucy discovered Chris’ body shortly after inviting Bradford inside.

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