The Rookie Season 4 Episode 22 Recap

In The Rookie Season 4 Finale, Most of the episode focused on Nolan on his separate quest. We meet his -half-brother. The season 4 finale of The Rookie would have a Chenford surprise, but we didn’t expect it to be this big. They were both still thinking about it. the end of the finale didn’t address where the two would go from here, we’ll have to wait until the autumn for additional answers. Let’s Read the full recap of The Rookie Season 4 Episode 22 Recap Here.

Nolan is forced to spend a week in solitary confinement with young police who requires training in a small border town. He and Bailey arrive at a motel where Ellroy and Nel have already checked in. When Navar arrives, she is assigned to patrol with Nolan.

ABC Confirms The Rookie: Feds Starring Niecy Nash-Betts

When Chen checks up past owners of her adoptive daughter’s new automobile, which was discovered with narcotics in it, the name Jake Butler comes up. They look at his mug shot, and he looks exactly like Bradford. Chen and Bradford set out to find the man, and when they do, their reactions are startling.

Nolan is on patrol with Gabby Navar of the Frontera police force, and they are getting to know each other in the automobile. She informs him that she has done some research on him and that he has worked on some interesting situations. They arrive at what appears to be a diner-style station. Navar gets a call, and they both have to attend to a bar fight.

Chen can’t stop giggling when she tells Bradford that he and Jake were separated at infancy. They meet with Jake in an interrogation room, where Tim informs him about the drugs and threatens to send him back to prison if he does not cooperate. He claims that he was meant to hand the narcotics over to Roy Hajek. Chen adores it, and Hajek has never met Jake, so Bradford could pose as him.

The family reunion Nolan’s half-brother Pete

When Nolan and Navar arrive at the pub, she notices the Benedict brothers fighting and tells them to stop. Doug needs surgery due to a shard of glass lodged in his face. They then pull off to the side of the road to an automobile that has broken down. Pete appears and flees, while Chastity is dating his half-brother. Pete claims that he has come because Nolan invited him.

Bradford is operating undercover, driving a car loaded with drugs to a meeting location with the buyer. While Chen is walking the steps up the building with another backup to monitor Bradford who is meeting with the customer, one of the guys takes the car and drives away. The buyer gives him another job the next day, and he will triple his debt. He also urges him to bring his old lady because he has heard she is quick.

Another vehicle is stopped by Nolan and Navar, this one with a suspicious character inside who apologizes for driving like a bat out of hell. He claims he was mugged at a gas station 40 miles away and does not have identification. When Nolan sees a gun and doesn’t like how Nava handles it, he tells her she put her life and his on the line. Nolan throws the man in jail who claims his name is John Smith at the station. Navar will spend the night there, while Nolan will leave for the night.

They pick up Jake’s girlfriend Juicy, who looks a lot like Chen; Tim says her name is Juicy, and guess who’s going undercover.

The women are in a sort of hot tub that is supposed to be a swimming pool at the motel.

Did Chen and Bradford kiss In the Finale?

Chen and Bradford meet to discuss the case and ensure that they are on the same page before going undercover together. They resolve to kiss so that it will not be their first time doing so incognito. He kisses her, and she says that’s all there is to it. She then grabs him and kisses him on the lips.


Nolan wakes up from his nap and informs Bailey that he is going to relieve his rookie. Bradford informs Chen the next day that they need to practice their history more because they’re going undercover.

Harper informs Wade Grey that she will be on maternity leave, but that when she returns, she wishes to work with the detectives, particularly Lope.

It turns out that John Smith is Blair Darvill, the most wanted man on the planet for weapons trafficking and murder. Darvill informs him that his men are searching for him and that they should let him go before they arrive. A man enters and offers Nolan a bribe; he declines, and the man draws his gun, followed by additional men with larger firearms. The stranger informs Nolan he has one last chance, and he immediately responds. The mangoes outside and calls his people, telling them that they are going to battle and that they must destroy the building. Bailey phones Nolan, who instructs her to leave town; she informs him that the cell tower is being decommissioned, and they are cut off.

The guys outside start shooting, and everyone inside falls to the ground. Bailey arrives at the motel, hurries out, and calls Pete to wake him up, but he doesn’t answer. At the motel, a truck arrives with two people and more ammunition. Meanwhile, Nolan is doing his best to keep the men in front of the station at bay, but he’s having trouble figuring out what they’re up to. One of the men makes it inside and leaps over Nolan.

When she claims the people coming with weapons at the motel, Bailey tries to get on and battles him for his pistol, while Pete is happily sleeping and listening to music. She manages to knock the man unconscious, but there is also a lady present, who opens fire on Bailey. This woman is a little more difficult for Bailey to defeat. They end up in the pool, where the woman attempts to suffocate Bailey, who takes command and beats her butt. Pete is just in time to observe the aftermath when he wakes up. Nolan, Navar, and Ellroy manage to shoot everyone in the station while keeping their man in custody.

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