The Rookie Season 5 Episode 2: Is Lucy Leaving UC School?

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Lucy’s departure from The Rookie for at least a brief amount of time, or Will she at the very least leave Los Angeles following the conclusion of the show? What happened to Lucy in The Rookie Season 5 Episode 2? Lucy (Melissa O’Neil) is presented with the opportunity to participate in specialized training in Sacramento as a result of the successful completion of her undercover job. She will need to determine whether or not this is the career path she wishes to pursue. Everything that you need to know about it is included at ( The Rookie Season 5 Episode 2 Spoiler Ahead.

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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 2: Is Lucy Leaving UC School?

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

Is Lucy Leaving UC School or going to accept it?

Is Lucy going to accept it? This is the most important question that has to be answered right now. It would appear that Lucy is on the fence about it for a variety of different reasons, the most important of which is Chris Sanford played by Kanoa Goo, and her remorse over what has recently taken place to him. Because of what went place, she does not want him to leave her, and we believe that she feels a great deal of remorse over what almost took place between her and Tim after the assignment. She does not want him to leave him.

We have a strong feeling that Lucy will end up winning in the end, and her chat with Tim in the final few minutes is a solid indication. When Lucy finally makes it over to see Nyla, she tells her that she has been given the opportunity to attend UC School. Assistant District Attorney, Chris is with Lucy, and he cautions her not to forgo her education in the United States because of him. When Tim pulls up to see Lucy, he invites her to step outside so that they may have their conversation there. He informs her that Chris called him because she was unsure whether or not to attend the University of California. He tells her to leave, that it is time to move on, that it is a wonderful chance, and that she should try to make use of it.

After everything that has happened, you are probably thinking that the possibility of Tim and Lucy getting together in the near future has decreased as a result of all of this. We continue to believe that there is a possibility. The fact that they did not fully act on those feelings does not mean that those feelings have disappeared. We have a hunch that they will be there for a little while longer, which will force both of them to carefully analyze the point in their lives at which they are currently situated.

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