The Green Council: House of the Dragon Episode 9 [Penultimate Episode] sets up Dance of the Dragons civil war

In House of the Dragon Episode 8, Mysaria, also known as the White Worm, makes a comeback and reveals that the Targaryens’ secrets are leaking outside the Red Keep. The Lord of the Tides, a powerful seafarer who has spent the last six years fighting in the Stepstones, is missing from episode 8 due to blood fever. Vaemond started accusing Rhaenyra’s children of being bastards and named the princess a whore in court. Daemon defends his wife’s dignity and Cuts off Vaemond’s head with the sword.  In the final scene of HOTD episode 8, when Alicent enters Viserys’ room to bring him tea, the King confuses her for Rhaenyra. he accidentally shares Aegon’s dream with Alicent.  Viserys finally passed away after nearly twenty years of leprosy as a result of the ailment that Considine had previously revealed to be episode 8. His death sets the stage for the remainder of the season and the rest of the series.  It ends with a few surprises that signal the start of the Targaryen civil war. ( Here is all the information you need to know about House of the Dragon Episode 9, including the title, spoiler, promo, and release date.

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 House of the Dragon Episode 9: What to Expect

The first season of House of the Dragon is about to conclude, and The Dance of the Dragons War will begin in earnest with Episodes 9 and 10. Alicent, Otto, and the other greens must determine what to do now that King Viserys is dead, and it appears that the entire episode will take place at King’s Landing. The Green Council, the penultimate episode of Season One of House of the Dragon, depicts the beginnings of the earthquake that follows the succession dispute. Corlys Velaryon will join his spouse and grandkids in endorsing Rhaenyra Targaryen’s claim to the Iron Throne after Viserys Targaryen’s passing in episode eight. It was written by executive producer Sara Hess (who also wrote episode six, “The Princess and the Queen”) and directed by Clare Kilner (who previously directed episodes four, “King of the Narrow Sea,” and five, “We Light the Way”).

Is there a promo for House of the Dragon: Episode 9? 

The ninth episode of House of the Dragon preview from HBO focuses on the fallout from King Viserys’ death at the hands of his festering sickness. According to the House of the Dragon episode 9 trailer, Rhaenyra, who has taken over as queen since her father’s passing, is the only one capable of protecting herself and her family from harm. The Dance of the Dragons, the civil war between Aegon and his half-sister Princess Rhaenyra over the Iron Throne, is set up in House of the Dragon episode 9, “The Green Council,” which serves as a precursor.

The chaos in the streets is then shown in the House of the Dragon episode 9 trailer as residents dressed in black and green cloaks get ready for battle. Rhaenyra, the Princess of Dragonstone, is represented by the black dress, and Alicent’s supporters are represented by the green attire. As he enlists an unnamed knight for a covert expedition, Otto Hightower declares, “The door remains locked until we conclude our business.” Alicent inquires, “What about Rhaenyra,” as we are shown a picture of a child who appears to be in custody.

Princess Rhaenyra is imprisoned in her apartments, and a number of Red Keep staff are led down to the cells, including royal family servant Talya (Alexis Raben), who spied for Lady Mysaria in the previous episode. Lord Beesbury’s (Bill Paterson) demonstration shows the Green Council isn’t peaceful. The Master of the Coin exclaims “Seize her, it’s treason at the least!” and we later see Queen Alicent’s sworn defender Ser Criston Cole pull his blade on what may be City Watch Commander Ser Harrold Westerling (Graham McTavish).  Rhaenys Targaryen’s (Eve Best) narration concludes the House of the Dragon episode 9 trailer as the crown is set on a kelly green cushion. Have you ever thought about sitting on the Iron Throne? she mutters. Watch House of the Dragon Episode 9 Below

Who is the young child with the blonde Targaryen hair in the Cell? 

HOTD Season 1 Episode 9 Preview

I have found out something you should know, the cunning Ser Larys Strong tells Alicent,  a kid being detained in a jail cell. It’s possible that this person is one of Rhaenyra and Daemon’s children because they have the distinctive white hair of the Targaryens. Does it have anything to do with the kid, Princess Rhaenyra, or another subject?

House of the Dragon Episode 9 Synopsis

HOTD Episode 9 Synopsis: While Alicent enlists Cole and Aemond to track down Aegon, Otto gathers the great houses of Westeros to affirm their allegiance.

House of the Dragon Episode 9 Release Date

The first season of House of the Dragon will consist of 10 episodes. There will be one episode left in Season 1 after the release of Episode 9. On Sunday, October 16 House of the Dragon’s eighth episode will premiere. As the current HBO  flagship program, viewers can anticipate that the series will always air on Sunday nights, just like Game of Thrones did during its first season.

6 p.m. Pacific Time Zone
8 p.m. Central Daylight Time
9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time
2 a.m. American Eastern Time (Monday)
3 a.m. Eastern Central Standard Time (Monday)
6:30 a.m. Standard Time in India (Monday)

Where can I see The House of the Dragon Episode 9?

Both HBO and the network’s streaming service HBO Max require a membership in order to access House Of The Dragon Episode 9. The current price for the HBO Max ad-supported subscription plan is $9.99 per month. The monthly cost of the ad-free edition is $14.99.

When will the ninth episode of The House of the Dragon air?

House of the Dragon Episode 9 will air at 9:00 p.m. ET, according to the official HBO schedule. Regardless of their time zone, viewers in the US can anticipate the new episode to be broadcast simultaneously on HBO Max. The length of the Episode is 54 minutes according to the HBO website.

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