House of the Dragon: Which dragon can Rhaena claim to be?

House of the Dragon Rhaena's dragon morning

Rhaena Targaryen (daughter of Daemon) was originally going to claim her mother Laena Velaryon’s dragon in House of the Dragon season 1, episode 7, but now that Vhagar has been stolen by Aemond, Rhaena has access to a number of other dragons. Rhaena longs to claim a dragon for herself because her twin sister Baela has already claimed Moondancer. Rhaena may claim her uncle’s dragon Seasmoke because Laenor Velaryon fled to Essos with Ser Qarl Correy, but there are many more dragons available.  Here are we ( to explain everything. Which dragon can Raina claim to be? House of the Dragon Episode 7 and Fire & Blood spoilers.

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Rhaena has more than one motive to claim a new dragon because she inherited the dragon-riding blood of both her mother Laena and her father Daemon. Baela has already received special treatment from Daemon as a result of her mating with the dragon Moondancer. Rhaena will be particularly eager to get a dragon of her own to win back her father’s favor given the loss of their mother. Rhaena won’t lack for choices because there are 17 dragons in House of the Dragons who have been officially confirmed, with nine of those scheduled to feature in season 1.

The most likely candidate for Rhaena’s new dragon would be Seasmoke, Laenor’s previous ride. In contrast to George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood book, Rhaenyra and Daemon made up Laenor’s passing to give him and Ser Qarl Correy the opportunity to flee to Essos. Due to the possibility that Laenor’s dragon might follow him to Essos, Seasmoke would be left without a rider. Although a rider may only bond with one dragon, a dragon can have a number of riders throughout its lifetime, giving Rhaena in House of the Dragon the chance to claim Seasmoke. However, no dragon has ever been claimed by a new rider while its previous rider is still living. Rhaena is known to claim a different dragon, therefore Rhaena claiming Seasmoke would be a departure from the novel. All of this suggests that Rhaena has a number of choices, including Vermithor, Silverwing, and Morning, among others.

In the Fire & Blood Book, which dragon does Rhaena claim to be?

Young Rhaena Targaryen played by Eva Ossei-Gerning in House of the Dragon
Rhaena claimed the dragon Morning in the Fire & Blood novel. A she-dragon named Morning was born at the Dance of the Dragons. Rhaena transported three dragon eggs from a clutch to the Vale during the Dance of the Dragons.  Eventually, one of these eggs hatched, and Rhaena formed a kinship with the dragon and gave it the name Morning.

Rhaena's dragon morning

Rhaena (Bethany Antonia) was shown clinging to an unhatched dragon egg in the first season of House of the Dragon, but it appears unlikely that it would hatch, suggesting that her relationship with Morning may have survived from the books. Following the birth of Morning, House Hightower and the Greens were terrified because they thought that the general public may perceive the Blacks as the stronger house with a new dragon. Morning ultimately turned out to be of no consequence because the dragon was still too young to be ridden throughout the battle.

Which dragon will Rhaena choose?

Given that there were still dragons around at the time of the Dance of the Dragons civil war that were almost as large as Vhagar, the fact that Aemond stole Vhagar and the fact that Morning only has a minor role presents an intriguing opportunity for the showrunners to further develop the plot from Fire & Blood. Vermithor, the former dragon of King Jaehaerys, might belong to Rhaena. Vermithor, sometimes known as the Bronze Fury, is one of Westeros’ biggest dragons, only being surpassed in size by Vhagar and Balerion. The Silverwing dragon also takes center stage at the Dance of the Dragons. Silverwing, who was about the same age as Vermithor, belonged to King Jaehaerys’ spouse Alysanne Targaryen. Both might be viable choices for Rhaena to select.

There are numerous possibilities available, regardless of the course the showrunners decide to follow with Rhaena’s new dragon. Given the Laenor twist in House of the Dragon, it makes the most sense for her to adopt her uncle’s dragon Seasmoke. Rhaena could claim Morning if they decide to adhere to the plot of the Fire & Blood book. Vermithor, a dragon that rivals the strength of Aemond’s kidnapped mount Vhagar, would be the most alluring option and a compelling departure from the novel if Rhaena chose to claim him.

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