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House of the Dragon Episode 8 Recap: The story then takes the next startling leap forward in time, this time moving forward six years which means that those bickering Targaryen children are at least somewhat older. This time, the royals in Kings Landing, Driftmark, and other places are dealing with a succession crisis within the Velaryon dynasty. This results in a memorable argument in front of the Iron Throne as well as a contentious family supper that is dominated by King Viserys who is becoming progressively ill. Paddy Considine makes the most of the closing days of this troubled ruler. King Viserys Targaryen’s last Super. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in House of the Dragon Episode 8 Recap continue reading at

House of the Dragon Episode 8 Cast – Meet New Cast

House of the Dragon Episode 8 Recap

After another significant time jump that required a fresh group of performers, we picked up after at least six years had elapsed. This is based on what we were told about how long the Sea Snake has been missing. Corlys hasn’t been seen by Rhaenys in six years, so she asks a maester how she is doing. The time seems right to check in! The man claims that the Sea Snake led his soldiers into an ambush, was wounded horribly in the neck, and then collapsed into the water while losing a lot of blood. The maester Gerardys (Phil Daniels) continues that Corlys is scheduled to return home in three days. By the time his ship arrives at his home port, Vaemond’s brother may have passed away, and he asks, “And who will assume the Driftwood throne?” Despite the fact that Rahenys has been in charge while her husband is away, she reminds Vaemond that Lucerys Velaryon will take the throne as Corlys had promised when Rhaenyra and Laenor were married. Vaemond snaps, pleading with her for assistance in staking his claim to Driftood’s position of authority.

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Daemon descends into Syrax’s cave in Dragonstone and collects three eggs, giving them to the dragon keepers. They hand him a letter that his daughter Baela recently brought back from Driftmark. Rhaenyra, who is once more expecting, visits Jacaerys inside the home as he is taking a High Valyrian lesson. Daemon interrupts to explain what he discovered from the letter: Vaemond will challenge the legality of Rhaenyra’s children, and they must travel to King’s Landing to handle it. When they go there, they can actually see that Viserys is, in spite of being old, bedridden, and in an incredibly bad state, still alive. The princess and her companion head straight to her father’s quarters and don’t waste any time getting down to business. ..Daemon leans over the bed to speak loudly enough for Viserys to hear him and says, “Brother, listen to me: You are to affirm your position for Lucerys to be Corlys Velaryon’s successor.”.  Aegon and Viserys are brought in after Rhaenyra makes the announcement that they wish to introduce Viserys to someone.

A knight who informs Alicent of trouble in Prince Aegon’s apartments causes her to be delayed in attending to her visitors. We hear that Aegon sexually assaulted the serving girl as she listens to her sob stories about bringing wine to the prince’s apartments. Alicent hugs the girl and tells her that while she believes her, others probably won’t. After a few more subtle threats, she hands the serving girl a bag of cash, forces some moon tea down her throat, and then marches to Aegon’s chamber to yell at him about how shameful he is. The prince, of course, expresses no remorse; nonetheless, as Alicent scolds him for humiliating them and his wife, he rises up, bare-assed, and sobs somewhat before declaring that he will never be good enough for either her or Viserys.

They accuse Alicent of using milk of the poppy to keep Viserys unconscious so that she and her father can govern the realm when she eventually makes her way to say hello to Rhaeynra and Daemon. She responds that the old man’s pain when he is untreated is unimaginable and that she and Otto are only carrying out the king’s instructions. Oh, and there’s a delightful new twist: the merged Hightowers will make the decision about Lucerys’ claim to Driftmark the following day. Jace and Luce travel to the training yard where they witness a young man with platinum hair defeat Ser Criston Cole. When the blonde turns around, they see that it is actually Aemon, who has replaced the peeper he lost in the previous episode with an ugly eye patch.

Rhaenyra meets Rhaenys in the weirwood, and the two engage in a semantics game.  She then offers to support Luke’s claim and wed Laena’s children to her own. Rhaenyra predicts that Balea will rule the Seven Kingdoms and that her sons will succeed to the throne. Rhaenys informs Rhaenyra that the Hightowers would strike first the following day. Rhaenyra seemed to be genuinely concerned as she warns. Rhaenyra bemoans the weight of leadership and how she needs her father’s support to succeed as she sits by her father’s bedside that evening, shedding a few tears. She sobs even more because of his coughing, mumbling, and other imperfections.

The king declares his desire to have a family supper that evening while maesters tend to his sore-covered body the following morning. And despite the fact that he trembles at the smallest motion and appears to be one foot and four toes in the grave, he declines Otto Hightower’s offer of milk of the poppy.  Otto later rule over the requests for Corlys’ seat in the Throne Room. (Remember that the sea snake is still alive.) Rhaenyra becomes agitated as Vaemond mentions his “genuine, unimpeachable blood of House Velaryon.” But Alicent silences her protest. And when it’s time for Rhaenyra to deliver her official speech on behalf of Luke, Viserys enters the room unexpectedly.

The king is greatly relying on his walking stick. He has a golden mask covering half of his face.  However, he rejects practically all assistance and orders Otto to leave the seat of honor because “I will sit the throne today.” As the king hobbles up the stairs to his chair, the king’s crown falls to the floor. Daemon rushes to aid his brother the final few steps, then carefully sets the adornment on his head. Viserys, who resembles eight different forms of fried death, instantly states his opinion: Why are people arguing about a succession that has already been decided? He then invites Rhaenys forward to speak because she is the one who has the most knowledge of her husband’s intentions. When she does, she declares that Corlys supports the present strategy, which calls for Lucerys to ascend to the throne of Driftmark, before announcing Rhaenyra’s intention to marry her sons off to Daemon’s daughters and stating that she approves of it.

When Vaemond learns of this information, his expression is epic. He challenges the king right away, claiming that he would not “let” this breach of protocol. ..He points at Lucerys and shouts,   He continues his tirade, concluding by saying Rhaenyra’s “children are BASTARDS! She is also a whore. The gasp that follows his pronouncement is enormous, despite the fact that the Throne Room’s audience is small. Viserys pulls his dagger and rises shakily.  He is able to control his language, and the prince Daemon ultimately puts an end to them with his sword.   Viserys find the entire scene to be too much and slump back onto the throne while wailing. A knight and a maester then carry Viserys away.

King Viserys Last Supper

Did Viserys get the banquet he desired despite all the bloodshed, strife, and partial beheading? It still takes place. Viserys  remarks, as like a murder had not taken place in front of them all only a few hours earlier, “How lovely it is tonight to see you all together.” He praises the children and their mishandled successes before lamenting how far apart they have all become. At one point, he takes off his mask, showing the vacant right eye socket. Tonight, I want you to see me for who I am—not just a king, but also your father, brother, husband, and grandsire—who, it seems, may not be able to remain among you for very long. He urges them to put their differences aside, but I get so preoccupied by the fact that an ulcer has eaten clean through his cheek that I briefly enter a fugue state. He’s pleading with them to put their complaints aside.

House of the Dragon Episode 8 Recap: Is King Viserys dead?

He slumps into a chair, tired, and Rhaenyra gets up right away to toast Alicent for her steadfastness and devotion to the king. She also expresses regret. The queen, who is obviously moved as she speaks, claims that she and her ex-best friend.  Everyone lifts their goblets in unison, and it appears that we may be on the shaky path to family harmony. After a while, there is music, dancing, smiling, and laughing, and Viserys appears happy as he scans his family seated nearby. But as the roast pig is placed in front of Aemond following the king’s execution, Luke can’t help but snicker. Ol’ Eyepatch gets up and raises a glass to “these three STRONG boys,” Jace, Luke, and Joffrey. It’s a not-so-subtle homage to Ser Harwin Strong, who is actually their real pop. Jace and Luke start fighting right away, but Daemon intervenes to diffuse the situation before it becomes too heated. When Rhaenyra advises the princess’ family to return to Dragonstone, Alicent promptly rushes to her side and laments. The intimacy between these two is something we haven’t seen since before the first time jump, but she swears she’ll ride back on a dragon once she sees the kids safely home. Holding Rhaenyra’s hand, Alicent declares that Viserys and she will both be glad to see her again.

Viserys’ final words

Late that night, Alicent is tending to the king, who is wailing in agony. The queen is perplexed when he begins rambling about Aegon’s dream and the Prince That Was Promised. She does, however, appear to realize something . Viserys then reaches into the shadows in search of something or someone he alone can see. One of his remaining eyes sheds a tear. He appears to be slightly relieved as he takes. Viserys’ final words in House of the Dragon episode 8 are “my love” The King never ceased adoring his first wife after her horrible murder in House of the Dragon episode 1, forcing Viserys to rename Alicent “Aemma.” Viserys’s “my love” means he has died and is reunited with Aemma, no longer suffering from their duty. Alicent feels Viserys’ final words in House of Dragon were different.  as the scene fades to dark, he looks at the dead Queen Aemma and murmurs, “My love.”

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