The Flash Season 9 Episode 2 [Hear No Evil] Preview

It’s safe to say that The Flash season 9 debut did not disappoint in terms of action and drama in Central City. In the first episode of the final season,  Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and West-Allen (Candice Patton) were nearing the end of a staycation that had started out as a dream but had quickly turned into a nightmare after they became trapped in an endless time loop. In the end, they were able to save the day and end the time loop by having to spend the day together and continuing to work through their marriage problems, and they emerged from the experience as a stronger couple, prepared to take on whatever the future may hold. On that time-traveling trip, they met a new Captain Boomerang and faced both exciting new possibilities and some trepidation about the future. And the premiere’s stinger scene hinted at a new foe for Team Flash by way of a red lightning bat symbol. How did it all turn out? Read the recap below. Now, fans are curious to know what will happen next. has everything you need to know before you start The Flash Season 9 Episode 2 to get mentally prepared for the upcoming episode of The Flash.

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The Flash Season 9 Episode 2 Spoilers

The other big mystery that the season finale introduced. The question, “What role(s) does Danielle Panabaker (who was formerly on the show) currently play?” The episode entitled “Hear No Evil” will deal with this issue. The episode, in which the Red Death looms over Central City and insists that there are no failures, promises to flesh out the mysterious speedster we encountered at the end of the pilot. Is the villainous speedster headed for a showdown with Captain Boomerang, or is another unfortunate soul going to get struck by a crimson lightning bolt? Chillbaine will try to set things right with a proposal that raises more than a few eyebrows on Team Flash, while Barry will be struggling with guilt about his recent actions with Caitlin. In other news, Joe and Cecile will have a talk that, based on the events of the most recent episode, may be crucial to the plot. It looks like the final season of The Flash will live up to the promise of the opener. If you can’t wait for the next episode of any of the Arrowverse shows, you’ll be pleased to know that The CW has just published a brand new trailer for the next episode. Check it out down below:

[Final Season] The Flash S9E2 Promo

The Flash Episode 9.02 Synopsis: – NEW KID IN TOWN – Barry (Grant Gustin) feels guilty for what happened to Caitlin and Mark (Jon Cor) comes up with a plan which makes everyone skeptical. Meanwhile, Red Death looms in Central City and commands that failure is not an option. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) asks Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) to make a choice which leads Cecile to think about the greater good. Allegra (Kayla Compton) and Chester (Brandon McKnight) take a step in a new direction. Lastly, old friends pay an unexpected visit to S.T.A.R. Labs. Eric Wallace directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler & Kristen Kim (902).

Where to Watch The Flash Season 9 Episode 2

The Flash Season 9 Episode 2 will release on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, from 8/7con The CW.  You can watch the same episode the following day online on The CW app. If watching “The Flash” Season 8 live on The CW isn’t an option, there are various applications that will stream episodes. The CW is available on Hulu With Live TV, Fubo TV YouTube TV, and AT&T TV. Also available on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes The Flash season 8 will be available on Netflix.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 1 Recap

“Wednesday Ever After” begins with Team Flash fighting Tar Pit in Central City. Frost and the Team work well together, and Barry realizes this is a nightmare. Frost says Barry couldn’t defend her, and Allegra and Chester say he can’t help them. Everyone screams in anguish and falls, including Iris, who informs Barry he can not save her. Barry awakens in his own bed. He and Iris wake up the next morning. Iris returns to work a week after the Season 8 finale. Barry encourages her to “just answer yes” before running off. Joe is helping Cecil improve her telekinetic powers at STAR Labs, but it’s not going well. Joe’s worried. Allegra informs Iris that Cat Grant has offered to buy the Citizen at work. Iris merely had to “say yes”. Allegra is eager about starting her media empire, but Iris isn’t. Apologizes. Barry meets Captain Kramer at the police station. He runs for CSI director, which was her question. Barry does seem to know her thoughts and future. He tells her he can handle stardom and being The Flash. The Flash leaves after hearing about a downtown transport attack.

New Captain Boomerang/Owen Mercer is attacking. After losing, Mercer teleports away. Barry doesn’t care. He leaves for supper with Iris. The apparatus Mercer fiddled with crackles with weird lightning. Barry shows Iris his Map Book at home that night. He’s recorded their future. He has compiled a list of occurrences between time travel and Gideon’s reports. He tells Iris about his nightmare. He also discloses that Iris will be expecting in 3 months and receive two Pulitzers. Barry is delighted about knowing and reacting to destiny, but Iris is uneasy, so they go to bed and leave the discussion for another day. As they sleep, strange energy seeps out around them, and when they wake up, it’s Wednesday, February 1st again—though Barry and Iris take a long to realize it. Barry fights Captain Boomerang again and “dies,” but he and Iris wake up at home on February 1st. Time loop. Barry and Iris explain the time loop to the team at STAR Labs and try to break it. They discover that Mercer maybe after a portable Roemer Accelerator. They assume Barry-Mercer’s fighting caused the issue. Barry takes an accelerator component to explore and stop things. Barry advises Iris to continue her day. Iris ignores the CatCo question. Barry and Chester blow up the lab and start afresh. The amusing cycle repeats endlessly. Iris quits and begins day drinking. Barry believes they’re caught in the time loop because Map Book shows CCCM grows into two sites and Iris didn’t accept CatCo’s offer. Iris refuses to follow the book’s directions. She prefers looping. Barry thinks the book guarantees safety and happiness. They debate. Iris wants to determine her future.

Barry exits and learns from Joe, and we learn that Barry and Iris will move into the West house. Joe reminds out that the text just describes what happened, not why or how individuals feel. Create the future. Barry visits Iris. Barry decides to enjoy their lives even if it means being in a time loop forever. Burning the Map Book. They spend February 1st together. Iris expands CCCMedia her way this time. She borrows from Sue Dearborn to acquire the Coast City Gazette and join CCCM. Iris and Barry rest in the pool after handling things. Iris promises to balance Barry’s work with The Flash, and they go to Kramer and Mercer together. Iris stops Mercer this time, but he escapes after detonating a nuclear bomb. Barry phases the explosion as they can’t change the accelerator. He disperses the accelerator blast by touching it. Central City passes it harmlessly. Allegra and Chester kiss, thrilled to survive. After 58 rounds, they reach Thursday, February 2nd. Sharing the day was the key. Mercer stole the batteries and has a companion, so he’s still a threat. Barry and Iris plan a baby moon and self-care. Cecile controls telekinesis. Joe recommends leaving Central City. Caitlin alerts Barry to enter the STAR Labs lounge. The woman who welcomes him is neither Caitlin nor Frost. It’s another. She apologizes but promises to explain. Mercer delivers the batteries to his mystery buddy in the end. They give him more boomerangs and inform him their next victim is Red Death before the lightning forms a Bat symbol.

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