The Flash Season 9 Episode 5 Recap: “The Mask of the Red Death, Part 2

The Mask of the Red Death, Part Two” of the final season of The Flash, revolved around Ryan Wilder’s doppelgänger and her evil backup plan since the cosmic treadmill has been destroyed. She decides to mete out justice on this Earth by stationing psychically created avatars of herself all over the world. Flash and Red Death sped all around town, trading punches and lightning and whatnot.  Before bidding on Team Flash at STAR Lab’s adieu, Ryan invited Iris to meet up sometime for mimosas, with her, Alex, Kara, and Nia — three characters from the sister series Supergirl. The absence of the name Sophie from that invite, as in the Crows commander Ryan was dating when Batwoman ended, should not concern any ‘shippers, however. ( Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of The Flash Season 9 Episode 5, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 6 Preview

The Flash Season 9 Episode 5 Recap

Kramer receives a report from the CCPD that the red lightning storm that is raging above Central City is getting stronger, while the cops are at a standstill in their response. As she enters her office, though, she finds Murmur already there. Kramer tries to utilize her abilities to defend herself from Red Death and her Rogues, but Red Death is faster and binds Kramer’s wrists with metal cuffs. A self-assured Red Death promises to show Kramer the meaning of justice by letting her get away with anything.
Allegra is disappointed Mark was abandoned at STAR, but the Rogue Team is defending themselves. They are now aware that Red Death is coming for them next. But, Barry isn’t quite as fast as usual, and they lack a solid strategy. After getting to know Ryan better, Iris devised a strategy to uncover his emotions. Cecile begins to actively seek out hostility, and by extension, Ryan. She tracks down Ryan, but he can also pick up on Cecile and Mark’s presence. He is still alive and imprisoned in the lair of the Red Death. Barry wants Mark to be taken care of by the Rogue Squad, but the Rogues have little interest in doing so. They hope to catch Red Death off guard and exploit that to their advantage. Khione claims that she will pursue Mark herself despite her lack of abilities if they refuse to do so. The Rogue Assassination Team will be persuaded.
Cecile claims she can sense her abilities expanding, although she is not in the best physical form. Rest, Joe advises. Despite her request for food, she senses that he is emotionally struggling and instructs him to get her some. The bad Rogues are hacking the satellite at CCPD so that Red Death can level up. Red Death is overjoyed at the prospect of playing judge, jury, and execution as she dispatches her puppets into the city to establish what amounts to her own twisted police state.
In order to discover the source of Red Death’s power, Chester travels to investigate. Barry tries to dissuade Khione from joining him and the Rogue Squad in their mission to rescue Mark, but ultimately decides to go it alone along with Allegra and the others. Mark’s heartbeat is picked up by Hartley, and he and the team discover he is in critical condition. As it turns out, this is all a trap. While her guards keep an eye out for him, Red Death appears to drain him of his remaining speed. She informs Barry that everything is his fault because his biggest mistake was the catalyst for her success and then she brings him back to that time. This is Grodd. Grodd and his people were wiped off by the Crisis, and the Gorillas lost their intelligence with it. Hence, he accepted Ryan’s invitation to work with her.
There was a debriefing at STAR between Barry and the Rogue Squad. As opposed to trying to vanquish Red Death, Hartley would rather focus on staying alive. The lack of a coherent strategy persists. Barry insists they find another approach, but the Rogues, sensing defeat, leave. As they believe death is imminent, they hope to make atonement elsewhere. Khione is feeling hopeless, but Iris encourages her, telling her that she is needed and that she will discover her place. Ultimately, it is her kiss on Mark that brings him back to consciousness.
Joe shows up to have a chat with Barry. Joe has come to the conclusion that he is no longer needed by the squad and that he is no longer required to act as a protector. Nevertheless, according to Barry, such is not the case. Joe’s talent is inspiring others, and he informs Barry that he, too, possesses this ability; nevertheless, Joe insists that Barry must have faith that the seedlings he has sown in others will bear fruit. Barry sets out in search of Grodd. He makes an appeal to Grodd and his knowledge, pleading with him to help him preserve the planet. Interestingly, it does have an effect. In order to aid Flash, Grodd abandons his previous ally, Red Death.
Flash’s speed has returned, and he’s ready to resume his battle with Red Death. Flash’s speed was restored by Grodd. Both the Flash and the Red Death are racing across Central City, engaging in a battle. But, just as she seems to be gaining the upper hand, the Rogue Squad appears to attack her as well, and as they begin to struggle, the actual Ryan Wilder, aka Batwoman, appears, and the two of them square off. Red Death is knocked out of the fight when Flash steals her armor. Victory. They joke that things never calm down in Central City.
While Chester is busy giggling over Batwoman at STAR, Argus has taken Red Death into prison. The method by which Barry regained his speed is described. Now that he has found his humanity again, Grodd is assisting STAR in their search for his people. Ryan re-locates to the Gotham City area. Joe and Cecile have a heart-to-heart, and throughout their conversation, Joe recognizes that being a parent has been the most significant role he has ever played. For the sake of spending a more precious long break from the madness in the city, he and Jenna opt to relocate while Cecile remains in Central City and only visits on the weekends. She has found success with this strategy.
Ceremony of farewell at the West residence. Joe delivers a heartfelt address. Mark goes to have some quiet time by himself, and Barry visits with him, assuring him of his place in the family. Attempting to converse with Chester, Allegra tells him that their kiss was the nicest one she’s ever had, prompting him to kiss her again while onlookers gawk. They have finally made it public. Iris faints and sits down, baffled as to why; Khione then surprises both her and everyone else by announcing that she is pregnant.

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