The Flash Season 9 Episode 12 Recap [A New World, Part Three]

On, “A New World: Part Three,” the second half of the series’ dramatic four-part conclusion, premieres with the return of Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne and Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West-Allen. Team Flash carefully considers who to trust as they plot Barry’s (Grant Gustin) defense. And it’s all building up to the big showdown at the end!  ( Here is a rundown of how  The Flash Season 9 Episode 13  comes to an end.

The Flash Season 9 Episode 13 [Series Finale] Get Ready for a Epic Battle!

The Flash Season 9 Episode 12 Recap

In “A New World, Part Three,” the penultimate episode of The Flash, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Eddie Thawne (who was previously thought to be dead) meet again in the year 2049. Dr. Malcolm Gilmore (now Eddie) comes to terms with the fact that he is, in fact, the reborn Eddie Thawne. While the CCPD commander is debating his next move, a singularity suddenly appears in the sky and whisks him away.

Eddie visits STAR Labs in search of The Flash’s advice. Eddie may have sacrificed himself to stop his descendent, but the Reverse-Flash is still alive and well, as he learns at the Flash Museum. Eddie is almost fooled by a blond-haired version of Nora who appears to be his own daughter. Eddie is taken away by the genuine Nora. With Barry off in space, Nora, the future Allegra, Chester, and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet)  are at a loss for what to do with Eddie.  Using the time vault, Nora communicates with Barry in the year 2049, but she soon falls under the spell of the cobalt crystal. She then brings Eddie to Mercury Labs, where she manipulates him into completing his “purpose” by bringing up the significance of the other Thawnes. Eddie is offered a second opportunity by Nora, but he refuses.

Eddie leaves, and Barry appears in 2049, having been dragged through time by some mysterious force. Nora assaults Barry with the cobalt crystal as he tries to hug her. Eddie steps in just in time to prevent Nora from delivering the knockout blow. Barry breaks away and takes Eddie back to Malcolm Gilmore’s West house. According to Barry, the Negative Speed Force has manufactured an alternate universe in an attempt to seduce Eddie after his resurrection. After Eddie starts having problems and is teased by the Negative Speed Force, he becomes angry with Barry and blames him for taking away his life and future bride.

Eddie goes to see Iris in the year 2049 since Barry has to go downtown to deal with the possessed Nora. Iris recognizes him as her Eddie right away, and the two embrace. Eddie tells that he has to visit Iris one final time before making a big decision. Eddie claims he has good intentions but is unsure of how to proceed due to the interference of a nagging inner voice. Eddie resolves to stay in West Allen after seeing a portrait of the family that now includes him, Iris, and Blonde Nora.

Iris expresses her dedication to Barry and the life they’ve created together. Eddie hisses at her, “You’ll come to regret that decision,” and then heads back to his lab, where the Negative Speed Force finally manages to convince him to accept the cobalt crystal’s power. Zoom, Reverse-Flash, Savitar, and Godspeed are waiting for him inside the crystal, imploring him to put an end to Barry Allen’s legacy once and for all. Nora, under the influence of the Negative Speed Force, battles Barry around the city until Cecile, in her guise as “Virtue,” from the year 2049 steps in. Chester (Brandon McKnight) adds that the red energy-filled sky is a sign of the chronology breaking at a rapid pace as they return to STAR Labs.

A number of questions, including whether or not she is happy, cross Barry’s mind during his brief exchange with Iris from 2049. Iris tells him they’ve never been happier, and her love for him grows daily. But the evil force pulls Barry away once more. Eddie, meanwhile, is moping around his laboratory. After being brought back, he starts wrecking stuff and wondering what he did wrong. The crystal appears in its case once he answers the summons of the voice. If he accepts the crystal’s power, he will be shown everything he currently lacks and told that everything is waiting for him. All the rogue speedster assassins are locked inside the crystal. A whirlwind forms at his fingertips.

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The Flash Season 9 Episode 13 Recap

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