Get ready for The Flash Season 8 Episode 19 [Two-Part Finale] Will Iris’ time-sickness be cured? 

The Flash Season 8 Episode 20 recap

The release date for The CW’s superhero series The Flash season 8, episode 19 is on  June 22, 2022.  The Flash Season 8 is about to end, with only two episodes left. So will we find answers to the questions we still have? Will Iris be back? Will Iris’ time-sickness be cured?  Along with this, it hasn’t been made obvious until now who The Flash season 8’s latest villain is.

In the Flash season 8, episode 18, Barry Allen focused on training Fast Track, aka Meena Dhawan. While Matt Letscher’s Reverse-Flash was featured in the episode, Eobard Thawne’s homecoming had a twist. Despite the fact that he is the original Thawne, this Eobard has no recollection of his time as an evil speedster or of his conflict with The Flash. However, based on the conclusion suggests that Eobard may not be that serene for much longer. Read the recap below.  Do you want to know what happened on The Flash this week?   What you need to know before starting The Flash Season 8 Episode 19 is all about In order to mentally prepare for the upcoming episode of the flash.

The Flash Season 8 Episode 20 [Season Finale] Who will die in the finale?

The Flash Season 8 Episode 19 Recap

The Flash Season 8 Episode 19 Spoilers

The upcoming episode titled “Negative, Part One,” sets up another two-part season finale. It appears that Barry and his allies are in for a wild ride. As the Arrowverse drama enters its two-part season finale, there will be a return of a crucial character.  Iris West-time-sickness is one of the remaining unanswered storylines on the show. she has been missing since the end of episode 14 when Iris’ condition caused her to vanish once more. Iris has gone missing previously, but this is the longest time.  Not only will Iris’ time-sickness be cured, but The Flash’s current enemy and their relationship with her will also be investigated, according to showrunner Eric Wallace. While it has been revealed that Iris’ time-sickness will be cured in the season 8 finale of The Flash, there is still a lot we don’t know. It will be interesting to see how they explain Iris’ condition, particularly how she got it, given how long The Flash has had it as a storyline, even with a massive two-part finale planned.

The Flash Season 8 Episode 19 Promo

The Flash season 8, episode 19 trailers shows, not just one, but both Eobards, with Tom Cavanagh’s version looking powerful. The most important takeaway is the first glimpse of Iris’ homecoming, but it’s unclear where the Scarlet Speedster’s wife is now. According to the promo video for The Flash season 8, episode 19, Deon may be the new villain. it also shows Meena getting her Fast Track costume. Take a look at the trailer below.

The Flash Episode 8.19 Synopsis: TEAM FLASH BANDS TOGETHER – The Flash (Grant Gustin) and the team are in for the fight of their lives, meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) discovers the cause of her time sickness. The series also stars Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker, Danielle Nicolet, Kayla Compton and Brandon McKnight. Jeff Byrd directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza (819).

Where to Watch The Flash Season 8 Episode 19

 The Flash season 9 will be delayed.  It premieres in 2023, and it’s unknown if it will be the last.  The Flash Season 8 Episode 19 will release on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, from 8/7con The CW.  You can watch the same episode the following day online on The CW app. If watching “The Flash” Season 8 live on The CW isn’t an option, there are various applications that will stream episodes. The CW is available on Hulu With Live TV, Fubo TV YouTube TV, and AT&T TV. Also available on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes The Flash season 8 will be available on Netflix around 8 days after their season finale airs. The show is still available on Netflix in the United States.

The Flash Season 8 Episode 18 Recap

Meena Dhawan, a brilliant physicist, joined Team Flash unexpectedly. Meena achieved super-speed by her own experiments and sought Barry Allen’s help to use it for good. As Team Flash discovers more about Meena’s power source, an old antagonist returns with a twist. Barry instructs Meena as they race thru a forest at super-speed, and Meena unintentionally strikes Barry with fake lightning when she loses control. Cecile Horton is at a bank in Central City when it’s robbed. her abilities are enhanced and she prevents a bank heist and mugging. Barry meets Meena at Fast Track Labs to learn about the experimental oscillator boosting her speed. Barry is surprised to find that Eobard Thawne, before stealing Harrison Wells’ appearance and developing amnesia, built the gadget. Barry visits the powerless Thawne in Lian Yu; he has no clue what Barry is speaking about but recognizes the oscillator as a way to tap into the Negative Speed Force. Barry discovers that Thawne’s amnesia is from a different reality and races back to City to warn Meena.

After Barry leaves, John Diggle visits Thawne in prison to open the mystery box that crash-landed him as he left Star City. Thawne helps Diggle unlock the container in return for seeing what’s within. He believes Diggle isn’t prepared for the power inside. Diggle interacts with the container’s cosmic power and views its possibilities, but he rejects them because he’d have to leave his family forever, much to Thawne’s dismay. Meena is infected by the Negative Speed Force, and consumes power sources to sustain her speed. Barry ultimately acknowledges he is not the wicked Reverse-Flash after Thawne professes his love for Meena. The duo works together to purify Meena of the Negative Speed Force as she assaults a hydroelectric dam. Thawne arrives and tells Meena of their love, causing her to regain her senses. As Meena and Thawne work to create an oscillator to counteract the Negative Speed Force, Team Flash gets a video conference from Ray Palmer detailing how this Thawne came to be. Cecile adopts a crimefighting persona to safeguard Central City, while Caitlin and Chillblaine revive Killer Frost. Thawne is visited in his prison by Deon Owens, master of the Still Force, who offers to complete his twisted destiny.

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