The Challenge USA Episode 7: Who Goes Home? Did Kyra and Kyland get eliminated?

The Challenge USA Episode 7: Who Goes Home? Did Kyra and Kyland get eliminated?

The Challenge USA episode 7 began with, of course, new partners, but there was also a major uncertainty: Was Leo going to depart? In fact, his enterprises were struggling without him there, but in the end, everything turned out to be a false alarm, and he stayed. The fact that the first time someone took that risk against one of the biggest threats, it actually paid off meant it not only shook up the game but also made for a delightfully thrilling episode.

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In The Challenge USA episode 7, the teams are Leo Temory & Alyssa Lopez, Tyson & Sarah (fantastic comedy), Kyland Young & Kyra Green, Desi & Ben, Angela & Enzo, David & Cashay, Justin & Danny, and Cayla & Domenick. Although Sarah and Tyson had a chat to reaffirm their trust in one another, the reality is that they will rescue one another at the earliest opportunity. Simply said, not this week.

Main Challenge – Since this practically resembled those vintage Mario Kart Battle Arenas where you had to pop balloons on the back, it was undoubtedly enjoyable to complete. Leo & Alyssa were unfortunate to find themselves nearly immediately coming to the arena. Is this the time for Leo to make his last appearance because he had already planned to leave earlier in the episode? Following a fierce argument with his girlfriend, Leo decides to leave immediately. He gathers his belongings and makes a beeline for the door, but Alyssa stops him. She persuades him to stay for the time being in order to save her season.

The one piece of very good news for him is that Cayla made this choice, and we’ve seen all season that she had his back. Domenick was determined to attempt and divide the Tyson-Angela-Kyland group at this point. Tyson and Sarah were not appropriate because they are powerful; instead, it should have been Angela and Enzo or Kyland and Kyra. Kyland never spoke to Cayla while he conversed with everyone else, therefore she was truly the driving force behind the action!

Battle: Ball and Chain

Ball and Chain is an elimination challenge. Players must find and unlock the heavy medicine ball chained with the correct answer to a trivia question that is high up on a wall, then lift the medicine ball up and over the wall. The winning team is the first to successfully answer each of the six questions while placing the appropriate medicine balls on the wall.

Kyland thinks he has a good chance of winning because he is tall and knows a lot of trivia, but he and Kyra have trouble raising the first medicine ball. On the other hand, Leo and Alyssa weren’t as physically fit and weren’t as tall, which was important in this situation. But this was a trivia task that also required teamwork. Leo and Alyssa have no trouble at all.

It literally comes down to the last response, and both teams are in their repeated attempts at new responses. Leo and Alyssa, on the other hand, get theirs correct first and send Kyland and Kyra home. What a shocker! I must admit that I did not anticipate this result. With the money they stole, Alyssa and Leo have now both earned spots in the championship round, and Kyland has been eliminated as a major threat.

Leo and Alyssa deserve a tonne of praise for their cooperation and unwavering resolve in this situation. Here, everyone genuinely supported one another! Additionally, they revealed as if they had just won the Super Bowl. In light of this, we recognised Kyland & Kyra’s journey as coming to an end. Because Kyland poses such a serious threat, Kyra was forced into this situation, which makes us feel very horrible for her.

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