The Challenge: USA Episode 8 Recap: ‘Independence Day’ Who got eliminated?

The Challenge: USA Episode Recap

A stunning bombshell was dropped on Wednesday’s episode 8 of The Challenge: USA: it’s now an individual game. The algorithm is over. No longer a teammate. Every man and woman is out for themselves. . Let’s find out Who got eliminated? brings you the short recap of The Challenge: USA Episode 8 titled ‘Independence Day’

Ben encourages Danny to stay “Survivor strong,” but Danny gives away that he has other plans. He is prepared to step up, take out the easiest target in his coalition, and grab that money if it is on the table. Sarah worries that she doesn’t have enough money to get to the final, so she must either win a daily or make some decisions, even if they are foolish. Later, more on that!  Players in “Having a Blast” will leap onto soaped-up runways being towed by a tugboat while riding on the back of a Zodiac. In order to return the four keys to the key station without falling into the water, they must descend quickly. The person who completes it the quickest wins. Oh, and while they’re trying to finish, two more players will be spraying them with water. Additionally, as it is a men’s elimination week, the women are currently safe.

Ben starts the game off strong and quickly establishes himself as the opponent to defeat. When Cayla quickly consumes it, Sarah has the advantage and can go for the victory. Although Tyson and Danny work hard as well, it’s doubtful if they’ll be able to defeat Ben. Sarah apparently begged Ben and Dom to send her in instead earlier, but they didn’t even give it a thought. Sarah is given some fantastic shade by Angela when she suggests that Sarah concentrate on winning competitions. It is obvious that these two women are not in love.

T.J. informs the group that Enzo was the slowest and would be entering the Arena right away when the results are read (with some stitches, to boot). Sarah and Angela were the top two female competitors, but Angela ultimately took first place. Ben and Leo are the top two men, with Ben winning the prize. Given that it is the anniversary of the passing of his friend Blake, Ben has been having some difficulty. Together, the two veterans served in the Iraq War. At one point, the entire group clinks glasses in Blake’s honor.

Angela offers Ben protection in exchange for the Survivor males not attacking her or Alyssa. However, this puts Desi and Sarah on the outs, which is bad for whoever wins Survivor. Now that he has the necessary funds, he is committed to the plan but must persuade the others to join him. Enzo Palumbo is looking defeated in the bar. It makes sense that he is worried about his stitches. Then Sarah decides it would be a fantastic idea to enter elimination herself on a male week, breaking with tradition on The Challenge.  She can’t even take enough money from Enzo to go into the finals?

Hall Brawl is an elimination challenge. This is the ultimate headbanger if you’re fresh to The Challenge universe. It’s a standard elimination where competitors sprint toward one another down a hallway, and the victor is the one who exits first. There will undoubtedly be collisions, and things may turn violent. And this may potentially finish very fast given Leo’s obvious size disadvantage compared to Enzo Palumbo. Leo will face Enzo in the Hall Brawl, which could be advantageous for Enzo in terms of size. This choice was made by Angela and Ben.   The men fought fiercely against one another in the opening round. Leo puts up a respectable fight, but it’s obvious that Enzo is crushing him and wins the round. It’s even more difficult to watch the second round because Enzo smacks Leo so hard. When Leo stumbles backward and hits the ground, Enzo drives through him to ring the bell and score his second point, giving him the victory.

Now that Enzo has stolen Leo’s money and has advanced to the final, someone ought to see if Leo has suffered a concussion. Cayla sobs as she watches from the sidelines because she understands how much Leo wanted to be there and believes he deserves to be there above some of the other guys who haven’t yet participated in an elimination.  Leo is getting so worked up behind the arena that he doesn’t even want to return for his exit and farewell. Challenger of the Week: Angela for once again demonstrating that she is the best female competitor in this competition (sorry, Sarah) and for once again exhibiting her strategic political acumen. She truly embodies the entire Challenge.

The Challenge: USA airs on CBS every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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