In Netflix’s Royalteen: Is Margrethe Dead or Alive?

royalteen- Elli Müller Osbourne
Elli Müller Osbourne

On August 17, 2022, Netflix introduced Royalteen. Based on the Arvingen book by Randi Fuglehaug and Anne Gunn Halvorsen. The drama romance film, directed by Per-Olav Srensen and Emilie Beck, follows the lives of the prince Karl Johan, known to his friends as Kalle (Mathias Storhøi), and a newcomer Lena (Ines Høysæter Asserson). She is a new student at their school, and the Norwegian crown prince Karl Johan, also known as Kalle. To the chagrin of Margrethe (Elli Müller Osbourne), Kalle’s sister, Kalle, and Lena eventually begin to harbor affections for one another. The crown princess makes every effort to keep her brother away from a middle-class girl since she doesn’t want him to date one. The Norwegian movie concludes with Kalle and Lena being split apart as a result of Margrethe’s actions. Margrethe abruptly stumbles when she sees the outcome of her deeds, shocking the audience. So does she pass away?

In Netflix’s Royalteen: Is Margrethe Dead or Alive?

Margrethe learns from Guro that Lena is a mother and that she shared a video of Guro having sex with someone in order to get even with her. If she doesn’t want her secrets to ruin her life, she demands that Lena end her relationship with Kalle. Lena considers following Margrethe’s advice at first, but she eventually has the confidence, to tell the truth about Theodor, opening the door for her brief separation from Kalle. Margrethe sees her brother and Lena fall in love, only for her to collapse in agony. Margrethe views this as a failure on her part because Lena wins Kalle despite Margrethe’s best efforts to stop her. Margrethe struggles to deal with her sadness and attempts to find solace in alcohol. She doesn’t get better, though, and shortly passes out. We might already know the outcome even though the movie doesn’t explicitly state whether she passes away.

The first novel in Anne Gunn Halvorsen and Randi Fuglehaug’s “Royalties” which served as the inspiration for the movie, concludes with Margrethe’s unexpected dying away. InPrince Charming,’ Margrethe wakes up in a hospital. According to the film’s original literature, Margrethe survives. Margrethe doesn’t describe what happened in the novel. If Netflix greenlights a sequel to ‘Royalteen’ to adapt ‘Prince Charming,’ Margrethe may try to hide her strange illness. Since her mother has a chronic condition, she may not want to reveal it. Since Kalle chose Lena despite her efforts to discontinue their relationship, she may be emotionally separating from her brother. Margrethe may seek a charming prince to heal her ailing heart and body. Margrethe tries to find love with a prince in the second book. If a sequel is made, she’ll recover from her unusual illness with the help of a prince. With love and healing, she may reunite with Kalle and let Lena join her family. Margrethe may heal after witnessing death up close with the “charming prince’s” love. We hope her disease isn’t as bad as her mother’s.

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